Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankit informing everyone that Bhoomi didn’t want him to marry Bharti. Ramila asks why? Ankit says he don’t know the reason but when he turned down her request, She is taking revenge on him. He says Kishan knows about it. He asks Ansubaa that you always said that no one will suffer for anyone’s deeds. Ankit says why I am getting punished for other’s doings. Hasmukh asks him to stop. Ankit says he will not tolerate anymore now and says he will leave this house now. Everyone is shocked. He says he can work and take care of himself. Ankit is about to leave but Ramila stops him. Bharti smirks evilly.

Ramila says you will not leave this house. She holds his hand and takes him to Kishan. She asks Kishan, why you didn’t ask him

to stay back. Kishan says Bhoomi told him about Ankit’s hand in Avni sufferings. Ramila asks is Bhoomi God or what? Parul is shocked. She tells Bhoomi that you didn’t think about anything else before pointing finger on ankit. Hasmukh asks her to shut up. Ramila says let her speak her heart out. She says she always felt she had three sons, but it was just a perception. Parul says may be Bhoomi was wrong.

Ramila says Bhoomi is surely wrong and everyone saw what Ankit did for Avni. Ramila cries and speaks blah blah infavour of her son. Dilip asks Ramila not to drag the issue further. Ketki says but Bhoomi shouldn’t have take Ankit’s name. Ramila says she will not let anything happen with Ankit, what was already happened with Dilip and Hasmukh. Ansubaa asks her to stop and says her bahu rani can’t be wrong. She will not say false. Ansubaa says truth will come out soon. Ramila says you still trusts Bhoomi? She says everything is for Kishan and Bhoomi and slap for my kids. She says I can’t tolerate anymore and you have to take one decision. She says I want my share in this property and haveli. she says she wants the partition. Ansubaa is shocked beyond disbelief. Everyone else is shocked too.

She folds her hands and asks for the batwara. Ansubaa says you are asking for your share because of the small issue. Ramila says she came to knew what is her position in the house. Parul says it is not like that. Ramila says Ankit is not clever like Kishan but why he should face the insult. She says she has calculated all the insults which they have suffered because of them. Ansubaa is about to fall and feels unconscious. Kishan tells Ramila to give him punishment and not speak about the division. She says you have changed and your wife too. She tells Bhoomi that one needs to be responsible towards the family. She taunts Bhoomi and kishan.

Ramila tells Parul that you always united this family. I never asked you anything. Ketki didn’t get her rights of being the elder bahu. She says it is injustice that Bhoomi is not getting any punishment. she tells Karsan that she saw with her own eyes, how Dilip took tea and biscuits in the office. She tells that Kishan had booked the car for himself worth 10 lakhs. Everyone is shocked and Kishan too.

Ramila says nobody knows that he kept that car in the mill godown. Karsan asks Kishan whether it is truth. Kishan says it is true but he didn’t brought that car for himself but for mota bhai Dilip. He says he thought to give him surprise on his birthday tomorrow. Ramila says she doesn’t believe Kishan. Dilip says he has full faith on Kishan. Ramila says this partition will happen and you can’t stop it. Sanskaar song plays in the BG. The episode ends.

Ramila tells Kishan that Ansubaa gave you the authority to make the decision and now your decision will show that whether he will take decision in his favour or his family’s.


Update Credit to: H_Hasam

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