Amita Ka Amit 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 26th August 2013 Written Update

Sid has begun with the dance practice. Amu comes to the rehearsal hall looking lost. Sid jokes that she is 5minutes early today. Amu doesn’t reply. She merely hands Neeraj something which she brought for everyone and quietly leaves for the changing room. Sid notices her upset mood. She sits in the changing room with tears flowing down her cheeks. She gets a call from Jigna who excitedly asks if yester evening went well. At first she tries to sound cheerful but then breaks into tears. She tells everything to Jigna. You always used to say no one can be upset with me for long. I can make anyone smile easily….be it Preeti, Atul, Baa and everyone. Jigna affirms….as you are so cute. Amu rues the one who I am trying so hard to make happy is not even tlaking to me. He has changed a lot.

You know what happened yesterday. Flashbacks are shown. Sid is shown listening from outside. Amu disconnects the call and cries harder.

Amit is driving having flashbacks of how Amu tried so much to lighten his mood or bring a smile on his face. He stops midway realising how hard she tried. You tried so much I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t understand you. He apologizes to her loudly and turns his car around.

Everyone begins practising. Sid tells everyone to follow Amu’s steps and expressions. She dances all lost. She recalls the various incidents as to how badly Amit behaved with her. Sid calls out to her. She asks for one more try but he just tells her to leave for the day (in a better way). We will do the rest later. Your mind is anyways not here today. She leaves quietly after apologizing to him. Sid is frustrated.

Amit reaches the rehearsal hall. He asks about Amu from Neeraj. Sid tells him he sent her home. Amit looks at him confused. Why was the rehearsal cancelled? Sid replies it was only for the sake of it. We are only wasting time since last 4 days on rehearsals the whole credit of which goes to you. You are responsible for it. Amit doesn’t understand it. Sid affirms his statement. I don’t have any interest in what’s happening between you and your wife. I don’t want to know even. But if that is interfering in my show then I would definitely speak in between. I wont let my show go down the drain. Amit wants him to clarify. How am I responsible for it? Sid says you think it is a small thing to be a Radha? Every girl aims for it and Amu has got a chance. You should be supporting her but rather you are coming in between her growth. Because of you she is unable to concentrate in the rehearsals. She is even scared to come to the rehearsal hall without your permission. Amit warns him he is speaking more than required. If you don’t know the truth then you shouldn’t be giving me any opinion. He turns to go but Sid doesn’t relent. I am not your wife whom you can scare easily. If you cannot praise her then be it but at least don’t humiliate her this way. A few days ago she was the perfect Radha but isn’t today. She is all broken…all thanks to you. Amit shouts back at him. How dare you talk like this? What do you even know what’s happening? And who are you to speak in between a husband and a wife? Sid replies he is her teacher, friend. A glance at you both and one can easily understand what is up between you two. I am not saying you don’t want to see her wife happy, you do but not more than you. Till the time her identity is Mrs. Amit Shah its ok but the moment she thinks of creating her own identity then you cannot take it. Till the time she stays at home like a furniture it is ok but the moment she tries to think or spread her wings then you cannot take it anymore. Every time you make her feel she is doing something wrong. I am trying to boost her confidence since last four days but you have decided upon breaking it. I cannot believe people like you still exist. One cannot become modern by wearing modern clothes. If she would have been my wife (Amit makes a fist) then I would every day make her realise how special she is. Both glare at each other. Sid leaves calling him a loser. Amit is all heartbroken thinking of Sid’s words. He leaves from there hurt.

Amu is still at the hall waiting for Amit. Neeraj notices her. She tells him she is waiting for Amit as every day it was she who used to wait for her but today she will wait for him. Neeraj starts to say something but she gets excited thinking Amit came. She hurries out only to find driver waiting for her. She is taken aback / disappointed.


Amu enters Shah House trying to call Amit. Tina surprises her with AMit’s favourite mango squash. Amu tells her he dint come to pick her today. Tina wonders why not today as every day he comes to pick her up. Amu replies he must be having some important work at hand. Tina very sweetly does her work. He must have got something more important than coming over to pick you up that is why he sent his driver. Amu takes Amit’s side. He is busy yet he dint forget to send the driver so that I come back home safely. Tina nods. He is your husband after all where will he go. Amu excuses herself citing she is tired. Tina smilingly reminds her to tell Amit how she made his favourite squash. Amu nods.

Tina comes to Fallu who is busy deciding on the jewellery and saree for the function. She asks Tina to help her with this. Tina teases her saying if she will look so lovely then who will look at Radha. Fallu smiles. I have to look good as after all I am the mother-in-law of Radha. Plus I have called so many of our acquaintances. These things don’t happen every day. Tina diverts the topic to AA. Wish Amit too was in such high spirits. Fallu says he is. Tina points out they look so distant since last few days. Fallu smiles relieved. A few problems keep happening between a husband and a wife. Plus what you are thinking has been solved long ago. Tina wishes that should be the case only but….a husband and a wife are like 2 tyres of a car that move together always. But if one doesn’t know of the where about of the other then the car will automatically fall apart. They always know everything about each other. But that isn’t the case between AA. Anyways it is new times maybe this is what happens. I will get tea for you. She gets up to go but turns to look at Fallu once more who is thinking about what Tina just said to her.

Fallu comes to Amu who is trying to ring up Amit but he isn’t picking his phone. She asks about Amit. Amu gives confusing answers. Maybe he is still in office only. Fallu raises doubt if she doesn’t know in real where he is actually. A wife’s first duty is to take care of her husband. I know you do but hope you don’t forget it in between all your Gokulashtami preps. Amu smilingly assures her she wouldn’t do anything like that. You know he would be sitting amongst his files right now. He loves his work so much. I think I will go to his office only. He will automatically forget his work after looking at me. Fallu likes the idea. Everything is fine between you two right? Amu assures her.

Amit is busy working in his office. He gets a call from Batuk. He happily talks with him about Batuk’s sister-in-law’s pregnancy. Amu walks in the office. He notices her and disconnects the call with Batuk. He asks her what she is doing in his office. She replies if you wont pick my call then what am I supposed to do? I will have to come. I tried calling you so many times but you dint pick any. She asks him as to why he dint pick her call. He could talk to Batuk but not her. He offers to tell Batuk not to talk with him anymore. She is confused. Why are you taking the other way round of everything which I say? You dint wish me in the morning plus you sent the driver to pick me up? Work can be done from home as well. You know everyone at home is worried about you so much. Do you know what I am going through because of your this behaviour? I cannot concentrate on anything…not even my rehearsals. If this is the case then Sid Sir will throw me out. He loses his cool. Sid Sir, Sid Sir! If you think because of me or my attitude will hurt / bother you, your friends, your Sid Sir then leave me on my own. If you want me to show in front of everyone that we are happy together then ok I will do that. I have already done that before. But leave me on my own for now please. Peon walks in asking if she wants something. Amit suggests coffee (special) but she declines. Give it to your boss only. She leaves from there. Amit sits there trying to compose himself.

Precap: It was my dream to become Radha but Amit is my reality. Nothing is more important for me than my husband neither my dream nor myself. So you and your show can go to hell. I will not become Radha in this Gokulashtami. Sid looks at her unbelievingly.


Update Credit to: pooja

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