The Buddy Project 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 23rd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts from yesterday’s scene ranveer blurts out that he delayed licence of vaani’s cafe..Kd says so you called police..He asks ranveer, tell me clearly what you have done..Ranveer says i did that and i m not wrong because you are busy in cafe’s work..”flashback scene how ranveer called kd and he doesnt respond he took this step to stop vaani’s work’ ..Vaani also angry on ranveer..Ranveer says its ridiculous..I was feeling insecure thats why i did this.. you are not paying attention on our business. Kd says, your justification doesnt make any sense its totally wrong. I did not expect this from you..He denies to work with ranveer…He wishes him all the best n says i hope you will get best business partner..kd goes from there ..Vaani asks him to stop, not to leave alone his friend..Kd says i have some important work and goes..

Ranveer thinks kd also left me..vaani comes n says its all because of you..Ranveer says you did what you wanted ..Do you came here to heal my wounds..Vaani says him , i dont like you but also does not think wrong about you. She explains him how was she before but after getting touch with buddies ,she realize what is friendship..She says you hurted a lot your buddies..Kd was handling my cafe and your business together and you always taunts him only …She asks him to think, your friends dont left you..its you who left them..She asks him to patch up with his friends…She says i know this business is important for you but your friendship is also important..She goes..

Ranveer is regretting what he had done ..He remembers instant spent with kd..he thinks i want to save our friendship..but everything spoiled. A boy gives bracelet to ranveer. he tells him to give it to KD..Ranveer remembers that he made it for me.

Vaani is sitting outside..Piddi and kd come there..kd gives him her licence of cafe..He says you are owner n CEO of this vafe. you can start this from now. He says this was late because of me so i get this..Vaani thanks him..Piddi says, actually kd bhai did this for me as i m also partner of this cafe…

Night scene maya n jetli come at cafe..Vaani hugs maya n tells them about licence..Jetli asks what happens .Is there any problem..Ranveer comes n gives coffee all of them , made by him..Ranveeer takes kd aside.. Ranveer says sorry to kd from heart..i dont know what i was doing. please forgive me. He says i will not repeat this mistake again…you have to slap me but you broke my friendship..Kd says we are friends and will remains also but i cant work in partnership..Ranveer shows him bracelet n says to forgive him…finally kd forgives him n hugs…

Kd says i will kill you if you did this again..Vaani n piddi also come there.Ranveer thanks vaani to realize him his mistakes.. He tells kd that i dont have much sense..Vaani makes me realize..Kd ,pidddi and ranveer hug..Vaani is happy to see them together..

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Update Credit to: Priya

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