Sadda Haq 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Sanyukta follows Parth and tries to stop him. She asks him why he stopped and didn’t play the guitar. Parth keeps ignoring her and continues walking. Sanyukta says she knows he couldn’t repair gear because his concentration is on guitar. She asks why he is not playing it. She reminds him his own words that you don’t run away from your problems, but face them. He says he won’t ever play the guitar and walks off. Sanyukta says, you can’t fix gear until you play the guitar, but he has left already.

Sanyukta’s dad talks on the phone with someone. Sanyukta’s mum questions him, but he replies rudely saying he is doing this for Sanyukta’s good. It’s not only her who can think about her daughter.

Randhir has a guitar in his hand and he pulls off the strings. He says, Sanyukta is too smart, she wanted to solve Parth’s issue, but I have a better solution. Parth is not able to concentrate because of this guitar, so this guitar shouldn’t be here. Parth, in his room, searches for the guitar. He calls Jiggy and he says he saw it in the room last time. Parth asks YoYo about Randhir. YoYo says he saw a guitar in a classroom. Parth runs there. He finds his guitar and hugs it. Randhir is not there anymore. Parth attaches the string back and sits down with the guitar. He recalls Sanyukta’s words that he was only saying not to run away from the problem and instead face it. He starts playing it. Sanyukta hears it and comes to the classroom. She smiles seeing him playing the guitar. Randhir also looks in from the window. He hopes Parth manages to fix the gear box by evening. Sanyukta also looks at the time. Parth is lost in playing guitar and he’s also smiling, feeling relieved. He then gets up and runs to work on the gear. Sanyukta and Randhir are impatiently looking at time. All are in the classroom and 10 minutes are still left. Vardhan comes back and Sanyukta tells him that they completed their task. Vardhan tries, but the bike doesn’t start. He asks them if they even checked if bike works. He’s disappointed and fails all of them for professor PK’s class. Randhir requests him to give him a chance. Vardhan gives 3 minutes and leaves. Randhir goes behind him. Sanyukta checks the bike and finds out that acceleration wire got loose. Randhir is requesting Vardhan for more time as 3 minutes are not enough. Vardhan says, 2 minutes now. Randhir asks how he could give such an important part to Sanyukta. Just then Sanyukta and the team come there with the working bike. Sanyukta says 10 seconds are still left. Vardhan says, interesting and leaves. Randhir looks at Sanyukta and then leaves. All praise Sanyukta and then leave. Parth congratulates Sanyukta. Sanyukta says she will only accept that once he tells her the truth. Parth tells her, Arpita’s family sent that guitar to him. She has arranged gifts to get them sent to him on his birthdays or her birthdays. She used to love seeing him playing the guitar and he used to play for her for hours on her birthday. She asks why he stopped. He says he was playing it for Arpita, but now.. She says, you still didn’t get it, you got this guitar because she wants you to play it. He says, he was playing for her smile. She asks if she won’t smile now? Her smile doesn’t matter to him anymore just because he can’t see it? Parth understands her and thanks her for the support. Randhir hears it and is surprised to know about Parth’s girlfriend. He regrets for what he did with the guitar.

Sanyukta’s dad tells her mum that he wants Sanyukta at home tomorrow. She asks him what’s the matter. He gets mad at her and says her and her daughter have given him many problems already. He refuses to share anything. She keeps asking and in end he tells her (not revealed to us yet) after warning not to tell Sanyukta about it.

Randhir comes to Parth and tells him that he didn’t know about his past, and it was him who put that guitar in the classroom. He asks him to go ahead and take out his anger at him as he understands Parth must be very angry. Parth is indeed angry and he controls himself. He gets up and smiles at Randhir. Randhir is shocked. Parth says it’s okay.

Kastuki says it was amazing to see Sanyukta riding the bike. Sanyukta says she was afraid a bit, but she’s glad that it worked. She believes if any girl knows how to ride the bike, then she should know how to fix as well. Kastuki says, you must be tired and asks her to sleep.

Sanyukta receives a call from Ankit. He asks her to come home as soon as possible as some problem has come up. She asks him if everyone is okay and what problem, but he doesn’t tell her. Ankit smiles and says in his mind, dad told her not to scare her, but this was required. Sanyukta’s dad disconnects all the phones and mobiles. Sanyukta is getting worried.

Precap: Parth and Sanyukta are in a bus. Some men try to touch Sanyukta, but Parth beats them up. Randhir is outside with his bike. He says she always took his help, and in this serious matter, he doesn’t know where she is. He hopes that she’s safe.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. Luv u Randhir…….

  2. randhir u r superb

  3. tina updts d episode soo fast….itz gud..;)… precap wz intresting…waitin fr 2morow…dnt knw wtz gonna happen at sanyu’s house…mayb her father nd bro wbts her 2 get married..dont knw js guesin it…..:)

  4. luv the precap
    so randhir is concerned 4 sanyu
    wen will dis gut realise hi feelngs 4 her

  5. amazing precap…randhir cmon understand ur feelingssss…parth is juz cuteeee…gotta see him in action now

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