Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Kokila asks Radha how did she get the necklace. Radha says it must be done by Samar/Sahir as they did a lot of mischeives before. She tells they were removed from boarding school once. Kokila gets flashbacks. Radha says kids exchanged her with Gopi during her marriage with Ahem. Just then Hetal scolds Radha and asks her to stop. Rashi calls her kaaki. Kokila asks her why is she calling her kaaki instead of Koki. Rashi says she told it by mistake. Kokila gets headache and sits on sofa holding her head. Hetal, Rashi, and Gopi ask her not to stress herself. Kokila says she gets visual hallucinations. Gauri says Kokila she wants to tell her something. Kokila asks what. Gauri says she has made a veil for god as they got back the necklace and she wants to pray for Kokila’s health. Jokila agrees and goes with Gauri to pray god. Rashi scolds Radha for discussing old issues to Kokila. Kokila drapes veil on god and says she is feeling good now.

Kids say Radha is very smart that she always does mischieves and gets us caught instead. Vidya says it is good god made her caught with neklace, now she will not trouble Gauri.

Gopi gives medicine to Kokila. Kokila asks what was Mani/Radha talking about, she was getting flashbacks. Gopi says she wants to say something and says Bharath thinks you as his mother. Kokila says she is not that old and is just 4-5 years elder to Gopi. Kokila says Bharath is not a good guy. Ahem hears their conversation. He asks Gopi to come with her. Kokila says him that his wife always appreciates him, but always scolds her. She says Gopi is your wife and not servant and asks him to behave well with Gopi. He says okay and goes. Kokila says Gopi that she always listens to Ahem/Bharath, so he tries to overpower her. She asks her to overpower him.

Samar/Sahair and Vidya asks Gauri to play with them. Gauri asks them to go and she will join them later. Gopi sees that and asks Gauri why did not she go to play. She asks her not to be upset with yesterday’s issues and asks her to get out of it and move forward. Ahem listens to Gopi’s conversation and asks her not to brainwashing kid. Ahem says Gauri that Radha is Gopi’s sister and Gopi is also like Radha. He asks her to discuss her problems with him. Gauri says she likes both him and Gopi and asks him to speak with Gopi. Gopi asks Ahem not to show his anger in front of kid. Ahem says he is not angry and asks who is she that he is angry on her. Gauri says you both are fighting again. Gopi and Ahem say they are not fighting. Gauri asks them to promise not to fight again. Gopi promises that she will not fight with Ahem again. Ahem does not promise. Gauri asks him to promise. He hesistantly promises that he will not fight with Gopi again. He asks Gauri if she remembers who was following her. Gauri says she does not remember the face, but it was an woman in white saree. Radha hears that and gets tensed. Ahem says whoever she is, he will not leave her as she tried to kill his mom. He asks Gauri to inform him if anybody troubles her.

RAdha calls Tripthi and says Ahem will kill us. Tripthi asks if she is alright. Radha says Meera told about her white saree to Ahem, maybe she will remember her face soon. Tripthi says she is not the only woman who wears white saree and Gauri did not see her. She says they have to remove Gauri out of the house. Inspector comes and asks Radha if Ahem is in the house. He then meets Ahem and says he is handling the case. He says he spoke to the temple priest and came to know that there were 2 women in temple that day.

Precap: Radha calls Tripthi and says everything will happen according to her plan. She tries to open the main door, but stops seeing Gopi.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. My god whn will koki will gain her memory bck man this serial not goin no where it just gettin really boring ahem dosnt give no love to gopi it came bck to squire 1 from that first day gopi got married to ahem

  2. time over for this serial

  3. it is boring

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