Pavitra Rishta 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 23rd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Soham checking Shashank’s clothes for money. He gets 500 rs and goes out of the house. Gaurav spits on Prashanth’s leg while washing his face. They both start fighting. Sachin comes and says Gaurav not to fight with Prashanth as he is like a brother to you. Gaurav says a chawl guy cant’t be my brother. Soham sees Sachin and remembers his old days. Sachin asks Gaurav to appologize Prashanth. Gaurav says he won’t. Manav sees Soham watching the fight from the corner and calls him thinking him as somebody else. Soham gets tensed hearing his voice. Sulochana comes out to stop the fight and falls. Her family goes and picks her up. Soham thinks of going to help, but thinks his family may arrest them. Soham cries for not being able to help his aaji.


meets Ankita in a cafe and apologizes for coming late. Ankita says it is ok, even she came just now and was finishing her work. They both start discussion about their project. Ankita gets Naren’s phone. Naren says mark on his hand got cleared. Ankita says she will come back and give one more mark. He asks about Pari and asks her to continue the meeting. He then asks if the cactus is with her. She says it is with her. Pari asks if the cactus is hers, she thought it is cafe shop’s cactus pot. Ankita says Naren gave it to her so that she should not miss her. People give flowers and chocolates, but he gave cactus. Pari goes into flashback where she give cactus to Aman/Naren and says everyone gives flowers and chocolates, but she wanted to give different thing. She says it expresses her gratitute torward the companionship. Naren accepts the cactus and says he will keep it with him always. She starts crying. Ankita asks here why is she crying and asks her to tell her problem with her as Achana believes her as her daughter and she is like her sister. She insists Pari to tell her problem. Pari says she does not share her personal life with anyone, but she feels she should tell it to her. She says she has her memories which she wants to forget, but they haunt her often. Ankita asks whose memories? Pari says a guy who promised to love me and showed me dreams of future, but he left her by ditching her.

Manav asks doctor if sulochana’s injury is serious. Doctor says injury is not serious, but she seems to be having internal bleeding. Her MRI scan and brain mapping has to be done to get a conclusion. Sulcohana says she is fine. Manav says we will get her tests done. Sulcohana says she is fine. Archana says whatever doctor says, we will do as she gets tensed if something happens to her. Sulochana agrees to get the tests done. Neena says Sulcohana that she will take her to Canada for treatment. Savita says we will get the treatment done in India as we have specialists here. Neena thinks one more problem started, until this old woman gets well, we cannot discuss about the property “will”.

Sulochana says Archana that she wants to talk about Pari as she thinks that Pari is getting away from them. She says has a guy in mind for Pari. Ankita asks who? She says Shekhar Gupta and says Pari brought him home, usually she does not bring anyone home. She says Shekhar is a good guy, Naren and Ankita’s friend, so we should try to talk Pari about the marriage. She says she wants to see Pari’s marriage before she dies. Archana says not to tell like that. Sulochana asks Archana to talk to Pari about this proposal then.

Archana sees Pari working on laptop and asks her to go and sleep. She then says she wants to talk to her and says Purvi is not here and she thinks Pari needs a friend and she wants to become her friend. She says she does not know why she is sad, there is something which is haunting her and asks her to share her problem with it as she wants her to see happy and mingle with people. She says even I went through this age and she knows one needs a person who loves her a lot. She wants a guy to be in her life who will love her, but for that she has to open her heart out. She asks her to find a guy for her, she will get her married. Pari says she is not ready for marriage yet and does not have any place for love and marriage in her life and says as a friend not to discuss about it. She goes from there. Archana thinks she has a solution for her problem, but does not know how she will make her understand.

Precap: Naren asks Ankita to stay away from Pari as she is very workoholic and will make her the same.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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