Nadaan Parindey 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Nadaan Parindey 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Nadaan Parindey 23rd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Meher thinking about Mangal’s words and his request. She looks at the dress and her bag and is upset. Minty comes and asks her to get ready soon. Meher smiles. Minty asks are you happy with this marriage. Meher says yes, I m happy. She says she can do anything for her dad, and she has changed her dreams. Minty hugs her and says no, tell them no, don’t agree for this marriage. Meher says I will go to Canada, you also come, we will have fun. I will be very happy. She says let me get ready now. Minty smiles. The guy Ranveer and his family come to see Meher. Nimmi irritated the guy. Both the families have a talk. Nimmi says Meher came.

Everyone look at Meher. She wears a yellow suit and looks pretty. They like Meher. Ranveer says can I talk to her in private. Nimmi says yes. Mangal says no, this is not Canada. Ranveer’s mum says fix the wedding date. Sameer hears this. Mangal asks Meher does she like this guy. Meher says yes. Sameer is shocked. Everyone are happy. Ranveer hugs Mangal. Nimmi asks him to give shagun to Ranveer. Meher greets Ranveer’s family. They give sweets to Meher and makes her give it to Ranveer. Ranveer makes her eat too. He holds her hand and Sameer looks on. Meher smiles. She sees Sameer. Sameer gives a smile and waves. He asks her to smile.

Meher smiles. Ranveer says I had sweet today, I have to jog 10 kms now. Balli jokes. Nimmi says he is Meher’s younger brother. Balli says only my friends call me Balli, for you Balveer. Nimmi says we want the marriage to be in one week. Ranveer’s dad says how can it be so soon, shall we postpone. Purab’s mum says no, I will do the arrangements, lets keep it on Sunday. Sameer comes and says don’t worry. I m there, I will do everything. Ranveer asks who is he. Purab’s mum says my nephew, he is very good. Sameer says they can stay in our house.

Sameer says I think Nimmi won’t agree, I will leave. Purab’s mum covers the matter and says we will keep the engagement tomorrow. Nimmi agrees. Mangal says will your relatives come so soon. Ranveer’s mum says no relatives in India. Ranveer and his family leave. Mangal asks Sameer to leave and he should not be in the marriage. Sameer says I will do everything, shall I not come Meher. Meher says what are you saying. Nimmi says he will not come in marriage, we can’t trust him, he can do anything. Nimmi says Bebe will also not come in marriage. Meher is shocked and asks Mangal to call Bebe. Mangal says its panchayat’s decision, I can’t change it.

Sameer says Meher will go in some days and don’t know will come again or not. Nimmi asks him to leave and not come again. Meher gets sad. Sameer looks at her. Meher comes in her marriage and says Bebe and Sameer won’t come, then how can I marry. Minty and Balli asks Meher to refuse for the marriage. Meher gets angry and says how can I marry without Bebe. Minty says everything is decided now. She says I have promised dad and I will keep it. She smiles and jokes.

Sameer comes home and says Meher is getting married and will go to Canada. Nimmi comes to Bebe. Bebe asks what did Sameer do. Purab’s mum says he has saved us today. Bebe asks what did he do. She says Meher will be getting married on Sunday and tomorrow is engagement. Bebe is shocked. She says so soon? Purab’s mum says Sameer is managing everything. She says he is serving the guy’s family, he is happy in others happiness. Bebe asks her why is she happy for Meher. She says I m happy for Nimmi. Nimmi taunts Bebe. They leave. Bebe is hurt.

Bebe thinks about Meher’s marriage. Sameer comes and asks Bebe what happened to her. He says Meher is happy. Bebe says really? She was leaving the house is morning. He says she agreed happily. Bebe gets happy. She asks how is the guy. Sameer says he is good. Ranveer’s mum hides the fact that they driver taxis in Canada. She says Ranveer is a divorcee. Sameer says he is responsible for everything. Bebe says I don’t know why they are making you work.

Ranveer’s mum says Meher will be a maid for them. Bebe asks Sameer not to go in Meher’s marriage. Sameer requests her that Meher’s heart will break. Bebe thinks of the panchayat. She says fine, you will not do everything outside, you will not go inside. Bebe scolds him and leaves. Sameer says he has to go in Meher’s marriage.

Malik is informed about Sameer’s kidnap. Sameer dances in the band. Meher goes to the washroom and runs from there. Minty is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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