The Buddy Project 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Avi calls outs Ranveer and asks him where he disappeared after the Race.Ranveer tells that he have to go and Avi tells that he is happy that someone is with them indicating Ranveer.RV replies that he really likes Avi and also became his friend but he does not believe in Gang or Rivalry.RV is about to leave but Avi asks then what abt him and KD.RV replies that there is an enmity between them and he will fight with him on his own.Avi replies that he understands what he is telling and also promises that no one will come between their fight and RV can defeat KD alone.Avi asks how come he got bored of them so soon and to think.Just then a ball comes there way.It is Omi who threw at them.

Omi asks them to give the ball and Avi comes towards Omi.Avi tells that he will defeat him in basketball today and in football by tomorrow.Omi asks for the ball but Avi throws it at the basketball hoop.The Chillars laugh as the ball did not went through the hoop.Omi tells that he missed (I guess I meant lost) like yesterday.Avi tells Omi that if the race got over yesterday he would have not be speaking cheap talks here.Omi asks him talk about challenge and it would have been known who actually lost.Omi asks whether he got worried.Avi looks at Ranveer, RV tells that he has a class and he has to go.Omi taunts RV and tells him bye bye micky mouse .RV sees KD coming and tells Omi to not worry about them but to worry about their Hero.

Omi tells him that he is right and KD is the real hero.Avi comments that we saw his herogiri yesterday, someone else only rescued him.Omi asks him why you are talking about yesterday and is her ready to accept the challenge today.

Panchi comes to KD & Ranveer and tells him there is a problem and asks them to come with her.KD asks why Dean called Kiya & Piddi.Panchi asks whether it is for yesterday’s matter.RV taunts KD that just to trouble Kiya this time.KD tells RV that he is the one who create problems and puts blame on others.RV asks what he mean and KD replies him that he kissed but when the video clip was out, he put the blame on him.RV is about to punch KD but Panchi stops RV.Panchi tells than it is not about their stupid fights.

Piddi and Kiya in chorus asks the Dean whether he is getting them out.Principal Assistant say that they are just shifting one from entertainment batch to journalism batch as one is more in entertainment batch.Kiya tells that as a singer it is important for her to be in entertainment batch.Piddi comes and sits before Dean.All stare at him.After that he gets up and says that he was more entertaining in Royal and asks him to check his records.Kiya tells it is more important for her career and she will not leave this seat for him.They keeps on arguing.Asst. tells that someone has to go but piddi&kiya again fights.Dean shouts at them.Dean asks them to go out and tells that they will take their decision and inform them.

They both comes out.RV asks the reason and Kiya tells that only one can be in Entertainment and other one has to go to journalism.Piddi tells that he wants to be there and Kiya tells him that anyway he gonna fail so it does not make any difference.KD reminds Kiya that Piddi got more marks than her in board exams.RV asks Kiya why is she worried? She is singer and also talented so they gonna chose her.KD tells that Piddi has better marks and Piddi tells that he is entertaining too.Piddi and Kiya again argue.RV defends Kiya and KD asks RV what talent he has.And taunts him saying that he can only fight on small issues and put blame on others.RV tells that he does not know to make money like him or backstab friends like him.

Avi and Omi comes between them.Avi asks any problem.All again start arguing.Omi asks piddi not to take any tension and Avi tells kiya that they are with her.

Dean comes out and asks what is happening.Omi and Avi threaten Dean to not throw Piddi and Kiya respectively.RV,Panchi and Kiya are in canteen.The Chintu bhai offers them juice and asks them not to be tensed and also asks kiya to be cool.Avi comes there and tells RV that he handled everything.Avi tells the Dhakkans about Kiya getting shifted from Entertainment batch.On the other side,Omi is telling Piddi to not worry.Avi tells talent matters and Kiya deserves this seat a lot.Omi tells that piddi got more marks and he must get the seat.Avi tells that they will stand up for Kiya while Omi promises Piddi that he will get the seat.

Avi is explaining something to RV in laptop.Omi is in boys hostel with KD,Piddi and Chillars.He is telling something to all the chillars (not audible to the viewers, only the BG music).Avi and RV plan out something while the chillars plan out something.

RV thanks Avi and Avi tells that that’s what brothers too and it was the meaning of their group.Avi tells that they are with him even if he is with them or not.

Piddi is punching the boxer bag.Piddi tells that KD rescued him in school but in college what will happen.He also tells that Kiya is rich and also famous.Piddi worries that his game will be over.
Kiya wonders how will anya react if she gets to know abt this.Anya tells Kiya that what happened and whether a pop star balloon bursted.And also tells that she does not have talent and also does not deserve stardom and she is loser.Kiya shouts anya di and then realizes that it is just her imagination.Kiya thinks about KD’s & Omi’s words and is worried.

Dhakkans & Chillars are protesting for Kiya & Piddi respectively.Dean shouts at them asking for the reason.They both shout at Dean and he tells that they have not took any decision yet.Avi tells that they will take a wrong decision and Omi tells yes.Dean is worried.Panchi tells that there is one solution.

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