Sasural Simar Ka 23rd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd March 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 23rd March 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Bharadwaj house
Naina says that sid is very true and sincere, and only lucky people get it, and roli didnt deserve his love, as the pain that she has caused to him, can only be erased by
her love. she says that she only has right over sid. she thanks khushi, who says that its not needed. naina tells her that on that night, he was only thinking about roli that night.

Khushi says that had he not been in roli’s thoughts, their plan wouldnt have succeeded. naina too agrees that he was missing roli real bad thaqt day. Khushi says that that was the reason she called her, when sid forgot everythng in his drunken state. Khushi says that she was waiting for this moment only. Naina says that according to plan, naina them mixed the pills in sid’s drink.(ITS SHOWN IN FLASHBACK) Soon the pills start working, and she too pretended to be drunk, and coaxed him into coming to her room, to leave her off, as she pretended to have a headache. But before she could say anything to him, he fell off asllep thinking about roli. She says that she tried to wake him up, but he didnt. Then, sid’s friends arrived, asking naina if she has seen sid. They find sid lying on the bed, unconscious. they ask what happened. She says that due to headache, sid asked for a medicine, and she got him up here, but he just dozed off. His friends take him away. Naina wonders how she would work out her plan now. she decided to call khushi.

Khushi’s idea changed the whole plan. Naina took sid into her room, before he could wake up, and also his belongings. she bribed the wardboys to get her to do it. she thinks that if she has to be with sid forever, she has to listen to khushi. She takes off his clothes and unbuttons his shirt.

Sid, downstairs tells the family that when he woke up the next morning, he realised what a grave mistake he had committed. Sujata gets angry and slaps him. all are shocked to see this. Sujata asks how could he stoop so low, and he didnt even bother to think about roli, as to how she would feel when she hears that the person she loves so much, her husband, was promiscuous. Mataji too reprimands him saying that he hadnt got such manners from this family. She tells him that it takes a whole life to earn respect, but it doesnt take one minute to lose it all. She says that he should have thought of this atleast once. She reprimands simar too, for being quiet after he betrayed the family, and most of all, her own sister. Simar breaks down saying that she didnt know about this earlier, adding that naina is the same girl who she had saved, and she got to know it from naina only. she says that she tried to tell the family and roli too, but she couldnty muster up the courage and couldnt figure out what to say, that the person who she loves so much, and trusts blindly, has broken her trust and betrayed her. Mataji says that roli wouldnt have been able to bear this, and maybe thats the reason she isnt with them now, as even th goddess didnt want her to see this side of her husband. Mausiji too tells him that roli even sacrificed her life for him, and he shamed them and her, like this. sid listens to all reprimands, with his head hung low, remorseful and regret in his eyes. He says that he didnt do it intentionally and that it was a mistake. His father comes and slaps him saying that its not just a mistake. He has committed a crime that is unforgivable and has shamed them in the society, where they cant walk with their heads held high now.

sujata goes berserk saying that he cant be her son. Prem stops her saying that she needs to compose herself. sujata says that today he finished everything. She breaks down into tears. Mataji says that he has led them at crossroads, where they dont know what to do and what not.

Prem tries to comfort sid, but is is unconsolable. Mausiji tells mataji that the situation is very critical and sensistive and that they would have to take a very wise and thoughtful step. karuna says that when society knows that there’s a unmarried pregnant girl in their house, what will they answer. Uma too agrees. Pari says that roli has been gone for just 3 days, and they can keep naina right now in the house. She says that maybe roli isnt with them, but wherever she is, she would be apalled to see this. Simar breaks down into tears and looking at roli’s photo and says that she knows that roli’s alive, but she doesnt understand why isnt she coming in front of them.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
Roli is lying unconscious on a hospital bed, while the doctor administers her treatment. The doctor tells viru that her ondition is improving now. Viru asks if she is improving, then why isnt she gaining consciousness for the past three days. He reprimands the doctor to tell him the truth, that if he in capable of treating her, then he should say it straight forward, so that he can take her elsewhere. the doctor asks him to calm down, and let them do their work. He says that the condition he brought her in, the very fact that she is stable, is an achievement. he asks viru not to worry as she would soon get conscious. After the doctor leaves, Viru comes upto her and tells roli, who is lying unconscious, that she would have to get well for him, as he wont let anything happen to her. The screen freezes on roli’s face.

Precap: Mataji says that till they dont find aother way to deal with naina, she would stay here only. Sujata tells simar that its good roli isnt here to see this day. Meanwhile, roli begins to regain consciousness in the hospital.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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