Dil Dosti Dance 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Taani questions Swayam why he didn’t take her seriously and when he doesn’t answer, she tells him to speak up. Swayam tells her that he isn’t because he doesn’t know what to say! (as he hadn’t expected this response from Taani). Then he apologizes for not taking her seriously. Taani says they aren’t taking NDC seriously to which Swayam shows her ‘stop’ with her hands and questions, “You think we’re not taking this seriously?!”

The boys comes and from behind while hiding, they watch the scene. Swayam turns to Sharon and says they needs the rehearsal hall as eliminations are in two weeks. The boys say now a huge fight will come in SwaRon. Sharon proves them wrong by agreeing to it as it is important and D3 team doesn’t have event right now to focus on. The boys are shocked. Swayam thanks Sharon and says Taani is just hyper, to make Swayam understand. Taani intervenes saying she isn’t hyper. Sharon says she is but Taani refuses to accept. Swayam stops them both from going on continuously on their stance. He leaves. Boys hide. Taani too leaves. Sharon gives a shake.

Boys wonder how the battle between Sharon-Swayam is going opposite. And then on how come the calm Taani is suddenly being like this. Dream sequence: Tug-of-war between Sharon and Taani. Taani yells she is GS. Sharon strictly tells everyone she’s the manager. Everyone is running from one end to another

Rehearsals begin. Swayam watched Rey being distant. Rey asks Sharon that Taani was coming? Sharon says she said she would but maybe isn’t as it’s early in morning. Sharon takes over while Swayam goes to talk to Rey. The boys are planning something. They get Sharon busy with girls and discuss Rey’s situation as they cannot see Rey sad. They decide to bring them together in a different way.

They go to ReYam and tell them to meet in the canteen. Then the boys tells Swayam to come as a friend, not as a brother, to which Swayam gets confused for a while They make him promise. Rey asks Vicky what he’s planning.

The plan goes in action. They secretly follow each move of Taani. NiCKy in piggy back ride!! The boys, minus ReYam go talk to Taani and ask why she didn’t come. They themselves answer that she is upset na. ReYam ask each other if they know what they’re planning. Neither of them know. Vicky tells Taani they want to talk to her about Rey.

They tell her Rey isn’t bothered with this fight at all as he’s casanova. Rey hears and wants to go kill them but Swayam stops them. Taani, pareshani, naadani, janani. They’re all rhyming to explain to Taani. Rey tells Swayam they’re spoiling his image and Swayam advises him to wait and see. He asks if Rey ‘true love’. Rey blasts saying ‘Of course yaar’. Swayam tells him to chill

Taani is all confused. She says they’re all gone mad and leaves. Boys follow her. Vicky says it’s reverse psychology and tell them to meet in atrium. They force Swayam to say Rey is a Casanova Taani refuses to believe and leaves.

The boys, including, Swayam dance to a song. (Can’t remember the song name. I know I’ve heard it before…) Rey is watching all this and so wants to go kill his friends but due to their threat, he has to stay hidden.

The precap was Sharon tells the dance team (I don’t think rey was there) that D3 has got an offer, first everyone gets excited but then they all stop an stare at swayam, swayam wonders now will they rehearse for D3 or NDC

Update Credit to: Khushii

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    the song name is Kikli Kaler Di from chicken khurana 🙂

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