The Buddy Project 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 22nd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts from ranveer is working on laptop. Kd asks why are you so upset? Are you not happy with piddi?..Ranveer says of course i m happy but i will be more happy if our work had done..Ranveer confronts KD for not taking initiative for their business..They have an argue about their business..Vaani calls kd n he goes. Buddies are sitting near pool, kd asks why they called him. sheeba says we plan to do inauguration of cafe in front of maya mam and jetli sir before going to US..They will feel happy to be a part of it..Kd likes this idea..Sheeba wishes that vaani gets licence of the restaurant..Kd says i dont think we have any problem to get licence as we fulfilled all requirements..Vaani asks that is fine but what will we do in inauguration..KD says to make it rocking..Ranveer gets jealous to see all buddies doing fun..Ranveer thinks nothing will be same between us kd ..everything will be changed.I can feel it.

Next scene its morning , kd wakes up .he goes to bathroom but ranveer is already in..So finally kd have to wait ..They again have an argue about bathroom issue..Vaani is throwing papers continuously piddi comes n asks her not to waste papers..Vaani says that these chairs are old fashion and not comfortable too so she want to sell them but dont know how..Piddi suggests her to sell on OLX…piddi says why are you in stress what are you writing..He sees all papers n reads them.. vaani n piddi discuss about inauguration..kd comes and asks vaani that he wants to talk her .. Kd tells her to solve the issues..He tells her that you thought i like you n yeah i like you but not that type.He says sorry if she gets wrong impression from him. He says actually i love kiya very are good girl n i m sure you will have good boyfriend too. Vaani says not to say sorry as i took it wrong..She learns about Kd and kiya’s relationship..She says kiya is very lucky to have you..KD says if we love someone we will always happy..Vaani says i am really happy for n kiya make a great couple..she says sorry for that night…

Piddi is working n calls ranveer. he tells him about his idea to recycle waste papers by gathering in box.I m saving trees. Ranveer asks about kd..Piddi says he is with vaani..Ranveer says oh i see he doesnt have any work except vaani..I have to do something..Kd is asking the kids who are you .The kids tell them , they came to see only n say sorry to them. Vaani asks their names..their name is jay(boy) n veeru(girl).vaani says them to visit whole cafe..Kids are happy to visit..They go from there..Kd says i think you like kids very much..Kd gets an idea. he says he wants to help the underprivileged children with the help of a NGO ..Ranveer says its not so easy..Kd asks to go NGO to talk to them..Ranveer says we have meeting in an hour.Kd says i will be back n goes…
Kd comes n asks ranveer about meeting..He says sorry for not attending the meeting.. Kd says by the way our meeting is good for our cafe..Ranveer says thats not our cafe..its vaani’s cafe..Ranveer asks him to search associates for our business too..Can we concentrate a bit on our business?? He tells his about that investors who came to meet them..this deal could be done..but you dont have time for our team.Because you are busy in others..He congrats him as vaani’s business is successful and our business is flop. He says i did alot. I searched investors, conducted meetings, I pushed you to do work. He blurts out that he delayed licence of vaani’s cafe..KD gets shocked and ranveer too..

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