Saraswatichandra 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 22nd April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Saras bringing Kumud to the Desai house. Everyone are happy seeing them and smile. Kumud runs to them. She starts crying seeing her family. Kusum hugs her first. Saras looks on. Kusum asks where did you go. Everyone hug Kumud and are very happy. Guniyal says how could you go without telling anyone. Kumud says I did a big mistake, I won’t go again. Vidyachatur asks what happened with you, where were you all these days. Badimaa says see her face, first let her have food and rest. He says yes, sure, come, we will talk later. Saras greets him and hugs him. He says Kumud was not with me, but I was sure you will bring her back. Badimaa comes to Saras and hugs him. Saras wipes her tears and asks why are you crying. She says let me cry.

She says my both children came home, my Saras and Kumud. She takes them inside. A car comes. They turn and look at it. Its Danny. Danny runs seeing Saras and smiles. Everyone are angry seeing him.

Guniyal asks Danny did he come to make the house vacant. Badimaa stops Saras and says this is not your brother, but Ghuman’s son. Saras and Danny hug and everyone are surprised. Saras and Danny are very happy. Saras tells he is my brother first, I left everyone here on him, he took all the responsibilities. Vidyachatur says Saras knows everything. Badimaa asks whats going on. He says don’t be angry. Danny says Kaka, I know whatever happened here was wrong and you all got hurt by my words, so I apologize to you. He sits on his knees. Vidyachatur lifts him. Guniyal asks Danny whats all this. Danny says when I saw you all insulting my mum, I really got angry, but when I told you to leave this house, it was an act.

He says I heard mum talking on phone. Flashback scene shows Danny hearing Ghuman planning against them. Danny says I could not believe it and he called Saras. Saras tells Badimaa that he asked Danny to do the drama to know about the original papers and who is helping Ghuman. Danny says the thief is in this house, so I asked Kusum to keep an eye in this house. Kusum says yes. Danny says then mum brought fake papers. He says I found the original papers and Saras asked me to tell Kaka everything. Danny gives him the original papers and hugs him. Vidyachatur blesses Danny.

Danny says he loves them all. Guniyal asks Vidyachatur why did he hide this from them. He says the thief can be in our house. He says Kumud and Saras are back, that time you both would have got worried. Badimaa says who is helping Ghuman. Danny says who helps us always, and gave me this original papers, Kabir. Everyone are shocked. Saras says Kabir? Everyone sit to talk. Saras says I don’t knpw he stole it and brought it back. Kabir comes to them and says there is only one explanation, that I m doing good for this family, trust me please. Vidyachatur says we trust you, there might be some reason, thanks for returning the papers. Kabir says I got so much love from you all. Kumud thinks why did Kabir do this, is this his and Ghuman’s plan.

Kabir leaves. Guniyal says lets have food now. Kumud says they are fine. Vidyachatur says we will have food together today. Badimaa asks them will you have Sheera. Saras signs yes and smiles. Kusum looks at Danny. Badimaa thanks AmbeMaa. Ghuman is exercising at home. She says I will wear red today and says someone told me red color is made only for me. She gets Kalika’s call and Kalika tells her everything. Ghuman is shocked. Ghuman looks at the red saree in anger. Danny says why did she do all this, for one property as she hates this family and I married you. Kusum says even I don’t know. Danny says I want to ask her. He says she is perfect mum for me, she loves me, I want to know from her, but don’t know why Saras is stopping me.

He says I will talk to her today. Kusum says maybe there is some reason that Saras stopped you, wait for some time, we have to be patient. She holds his hand and gives him strength. Kalika laughs and Yash’s mum asks why is she laughing alone. Kalika says what should I do, its a good day. Yash’s mum says yes, its good Kumud came back. She asks why are you happy. Kalika says you know me more than Yash, Danny brought good news for me, by bringing original papers, now we will always stay in this house. Yash’s mum says yes, everything will be fine. Kalika says don’t be much happy, till the papers are on Vidyachatur’s name, anything can happen, ask him to do the house on Yash’s name, he can agree, talk to him now. Yash’s mum leaves.

Kumud says Kabir made Danny caught in drug case and then he freed him, I saw him in Menka and he acted at home as if they don’t know each other. Saras is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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