Main Naa Bhoolungi 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Main Naa Bhoolungi 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Main Naa Bhoolungi 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Samaira tears the contract and says she is not involved with Jagannath group anymore. Madhu gets angry and Aditya is surprised to see that. Samaira then gets back into her car. Neeraj asks how was it. She says it was nice. He asks what did Aditya say. She says Aditya could not tell anything because of Madhu.

Madhu says Mohanto that she wanted to sue Samaira, but she came and tore the contract in front of everyone. Jai says it is obvious that Samaira is angry after the book incident. He says Madhu that she would have apologized her instead.

Neeraj looks at Shikha’s pic and says he loves her. Avinash comes to his room and thanks him for helping him and his family. He says his parents would be proud of him. Neeraj says he has no one behind him. Avinash says not to tell like that as his family is his family now. He asks Neeraj how did he get the money. Neeraj tells all the details. Avinash prays god that their mission should be succesful.

Jai says Madhu that Samaira was their brand ambassador and why did she let her go. samaira comes there. Sunaina says it is good you came. Madhu asks why did she come here. Samaira says she came to say bye to them as she is going back to Switzerland. She says she got attached to them in 2 days, but after these incidents she does not want to stay here. Sunaina says you are upset after this book incident, so I am sorry for whatever mistake happened from my family. Samaira says she will go back to Switerzland now. She sees Manav with nanny and hugs him. She says Sunaina that nobody can take care of Arnav like her and asks her to give good upbringing. Madhu says Arnav is her son she knows how to upbring him. She asks her to leave. Samaira says bye and goes.

Shikha comes back home. Sudha sees her tensed and asks what happened. Shikha says she is fine and says she wants to tell them something. She gives Avinash tickets and says it is ticket for him and his family and asks him to settle in another city for sometime. She says she has arranged everything. Sudha says we met after so many months and now you want us to go. Samaira says she does not any trouble for them because of her. Avinash says he cannot leave her alone in her fight and go. He asks Neeraj to explain it to Shikha. Neeraj says Shikha is right, Aditya can do anything now, so they cannot take the risk. Avinash says he cannot go like this. Shikha says the stage she is in now has a lot of difficulties, so it is not safe for them to stay with her.

Aditya remembers time spent with Samaira and Madhu telling Samaira and Shikha’s DNA does not match. He remembers Samaira telling that she is going back to Switzerland tonight He gets ready and heads toward airport in his car hurriedly. Madhu coemes home in her car and sees Aditya going, she starts following her. Neeraj calls Shikha and says Aditya has left in his car and Madhu is following her. Shikha gets tensed and says if Aditya gets to know that Madhu is following her, he will not come. She asks Neeraj to stop Madhu following Aditya. Neeraj overtakes Madhu and does not allow her to follow Aditya. Madhu overtakes Neeraj. Shikha is waiting for Aditya. She sees Aditya coming, gets in her car and asks driver to leave. Aditya follows Samaira’s car. Madhu follows Aditya. Aditya thinks he will not let Samaira go today. Neeraj strikes Madhu’s car. They both get out of car and start fighting. Madhu says she has to go now and asks him to take his car out. Neeraj holds his hand. She asks him how dare he is to hold his hand, if he knows who she is. Neeraj says he she is a superegoistic woman. Neeraj takes her car keys. Madhu tries to hit him. Neeraj holds her hand and says he will take her to police. He drags her in his car to go to police station.

Aditya overtakes Samaira’s car and stops it. He gets out of his car and takes Samaira out from her car. He asks driver to keep her suitcase in his car and go from there.

Precap: Samaira says Aditya that they are not college going kids now. They have to take decisions and asks him to go home back to Madhu. Aditya says her I love you.

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