Sasural Simar Ka 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Mata ji asks simar and roli to come with them they’ll drop them.
Anurag is with jhanvi he says everything should be of your choice. She says thanks for wearing the shirt i gave you. he says i am taking a girl first time on a date. Forgive me for any shortcomings. Anurag gets a call from hospital its an emergency. Jhanvi says there are no worries. Drop me to bharadwaj house.
Simar calls jhanvi to let her know. Suddenly simar sees jhanvi coming to the house. Rolu says what should we do now.
Simar goes in to stop the family. Mata ji asks why are you so scared. Simar says you asked to place silver coins in the gifts. I think i forgot to place in some of the gifts. Lets check in all the gifts. Sujata says how could you ? Simar says I am sorry. Mata ji says no worries lets check together.
Everyone starts checking the gifts. Sujata says all of them have coins. Simar says let uma bhabhi and pari bhabhi come then we will leave. Simar thinks roli will make jhanvi understand.

Scene 2
Jhanvi tells roli that anurag had to go for an emergency and she wanted to meet all of them. Roli tells her all the story and asks her to hide.
Khushi is so happy to find that simar and roli won’t be there. Suddenly she sees them in the lounge. She asks mausi ji that verma aunty won’t allow roli and simar in the kitty. Verma aunty comes an says they can help you before the kitty. Simar and roli says we are known for hospitality. We arranged so much for you.
khushi calls and informs juwala devi’s man. She says i will still go.
Mausi ji tells everyone jokes. Everyone is so happy with the kitty. Khushi says a special guests in coming today.Its a surprise. juwala comes in khushi says she is the guest juwala devi.khushi says she wanted to spend time with ladies of her area. Roli wonders how khushi know her. Juwala says hello to the people. She says real minister should know the problems of their people. I wanted to know your problems. Verma aunty tells her that men annoy. They start telling different problems. Juwala says its everyone rights. Vote me and all your problems are mine. Simar says she is so worried for people. Kinjal says some people took land of a man i know. How will you help such people. Juwala says all the power is in the hands of you. Use your vote. She says I have to leave.

Scene 3
outside juwala says i want that patel house for the party office. Khushi says kinjal is my friend she just came here. Juwala says you want friends or kinjal ? Khushi wonders how will she do that.

Scene 4
Everyone is enjoying the kity. Kinjal tells roli that she and khushi have become such good friends. Dance starts in the kity. Roli an Simar dance on ‘ All meri tauba’ . Khuhsi is looking for a chance to talk to kinjal

Scene 5
Khushi goes to kinjal and says you have to listen to me with a very cool mind. Roli and simar asks mausi ji where is khushi and kinjal is not here to. Khushi asks that how much will your house cost ? Kinjal says why would I sell my house. Khushi says because juwala devi wanna but your house. This is the right time. She is even ready to buy on dual price. Kinjal says I won’t sell my house. how can we sell it. kinjal says this house is specail to us. Roli says khushi,.

Precap- Mata ji and the whole family come in. Sujata tells them that mata ji is not well. When they come in the see the kitty going on. Mata ji shouts whats going on here.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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