The Buddy Project 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 1st November 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 1st November 2013 Written Update

Kiya comes running to KD and apologizes for coming late. However,KD gets up and turns to leave but she says sorry again. KD gets extremely angry and shouts at her for coming late even though she knew it was an important day for his and her career.He says that he can’t understand why she is so irresponsible towards her career.He also says that she acts like everything revolves around him. He tries to leave again , but kiya stops him and says that she didn’t even want to apply for the fresh face and KD didn’t even ask her before suggesting her name.She did this only because she cares for him.0 She agrees that KD means more to her than her career.She also tells him that she bought a mouth organ for him just because she thought it’ll bring a smile on his face.KD says that this is wrong…She should concentrate on her career,it’s not like she is going to succeed in her life by just running behind him all day. He tells her to get serious about her career and give him some breathing space.Kiya is hurt hearing that. At kiya’s home, Mrs.G scolds her for spending her pocket money recklessly.She asks her why she bought a PS3 and mouth organ. Anya cuts in and says that it must be for her boyfriend and his little brother. Kiya argues that Mr.G never says a word to Anya even if she does the same. Mrs.G says that its because Anya earns her own money.She tells her that she’s blocking her credit card and leaves from there. Kiya gets upset and thinks about her mom’s and KD’s words.

ICC. Piddi gets punished by Dean for saying that this diwali he will do setting with a patakha >_< (It was a pretty long scene but I am skipping it in WU as it was just fillerish :P). RV is in the Radio rooom, crossing out days on calender since Panchi went to Delhi. KD walks in and RV closes the diary hesitantly. KD notices this and picks up his diary. RV begins saying that he was just checking when Diwali is. KD asks why he is justifying himself when he didn't even ask him anything? He adds that it's been 10 days since Panchi left.Kiya is thinking about her fight with KD yesterday and she bumps into KD. KD says sorry and Kiya replies him that why is he saying sorry when whatever Keshav Desai says it always right. KD says that he said sorry just because he ran into her. Kiya says it's okay . KD says that nothing is ever okay with her. Kiya adds that the "its okay" was just because KD ran into her and said sorry. They both leave.KD tells RV and Kiya tells Rukmini about their fight. KD says that he is right and Kiya must pay attention towards her career. Kiya tells Rukmini that she was talking about emotions and feeling but KD was just saying about career.She even bought a mouth organ for him but he doesn't care.Later, RV and Rukmini meet at the canteen and talk about Kisha. Rukmini says that Kiya is right while Rv says KD is and they start fighting over this. However they realize this and smile at each other wondering why are they fighting . Rv says that Rukmani should smile like this forever...He aska her to promise that she will always smile, Rukmini says that she promises so, but RV has to promise that he'll keep smiling too.Precap: Kiya is looking at her and KD’s photo and remembers about her fight with KD.Kiya sees the website of California Music University (Or something like that xD) and thinks about joining it.

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