Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 1st November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with everyone stay quietly. Sheela says she knows that Rubel can marry after divorcing Latika, she says she will get a good daughter in law then. Adi says then he can apply the haldi to Rubel. Adi and Rubel apply haldi to each other and hugs laughingly. Pankhudi smiles. Dadaji blesses her and says Adi can’t keep his eyes off you. Kaira tells Pankhudi not to shy as she has already done the rehearsals. Avantika applies the haldi to Pankhudi. Harish says that he always desired for a daughter and Adi fulfilled his desire. Everyone joyfully enjoys the haldi ceremony of Adi and Pankhudi. Chachiji, Shanky and rest of the family apply haldi. Adi tells Preeti that he wants to apply haldi to Pankhudi. Preeti says she can’t help him. Harish asks him to apply haldi to Pankhudi as he is his son. Adi says he will do it as it is about his father’s prestige. Rubel says he can’t help him. Avantika goes to talk to Sheela. While Pankhudi is alone, Adi comes and says it is time to apply the haldi. But Kaira and Revathi asks him to go. Adi says he will sit under the sunlight until he applies haldi to Pankhudi. Rubel tells everyone that Adi is saying this while Adi is signing him to say. Kaira, Anuradha and Revathi plans to do the mischief to get away with Adi’s stubborness. Rubel says they didn’t believe in war. Adi acts to get unconscious. Pankhudi comes and asks him to apply the haldi. Everyone smiles as Adi applies haldi on Pankhudi’s face. Anuradha opens the tap and the shower splashes on Adi and Pankhudi’s faces.

Everyone enjoys the shower. Pankhudi takes Adi to a side, Adi says you are in a very romantic mood. Pankhudi says she will apply the haldi to him. She goes on to apply haldi on his face. Adi tries to get romantic but just then Ambika calls Pankhudi. Adi smiles looking at Pankhudi dancing. He joins her and dances with her.

Chachiji asks Shanky to serve the breakfast as they have to get ready for mehendi. Pankhudi says Dadaji will be back after the puja. Chachaji says it is a good thing in the morning. Latika and her mom comes and her mom shouts for Sheela and Rubel.

Latika’s mom asks, what do you think of yourself. Didn’t you feel ashamed for her condition. you mistreated her. How dare you touch my daughter. Rubel asks her to end her drama as he knows what she wanted. Sheela asks, why you came here? She says she came here to get the justice for her daughter. Adi says go to police. Avantika says it is 24 hours since they throw her out and you saw the marks today. Rubel says he expects this from her and says he wants to end the matter here. Harish asks Latika, did you came here to get the justice, we all know that you want compensation. Harish asks, how much money she wants? Latika says she wants her position as Latika Rubel Deewan. Avantika says they will not agree. Chachiji says she will talk to her and tells Latika that nothing can happen as her son Kapil told everything to police. She says because of her Kapil will be in jail after 2 days. Sheela asks Latika’s mom to go if they are done with their act. Harish says
he didn’t want any nonsense in between the marriage function.

Pankhudi tells Latika to change her thinking. Till when she will run after money. She asks her not to ruin her life. Sheela says she will deal with the contract marriage papers of Latika. Sheela worries for Rubel. Anuj says we have to sort out contract marriage. And says we will find the solution soon.

Latika mom tells her why she didn’t call the police. Latika says Police would be after them as she had an abbortion without any reason. Adi says we have to get out of the contract marriage issue. Rubel says he wants to free from the fake relation. Sheela says they will give compensation to her. Latika tells her mom that she is involved with Kapil in fake note racket. Anuj says they have to do after a lot of thinking. Adi says they will do out of the court settlement. Rubel says he will talk to her. Latika thinks to find a way out and says I won’t spare them. Avantika says she don’t trust Latika.

Kaira asks Shanky whether he talked with Dj. Ambika asks about Pankhudi. Rubel asks Latika’s mom to call Latika and asks her to sign on the cancellation papers of their contract marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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