Dil Dosti Dance 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 1st November 2013 Written Update

Swayam goes to Sharon to talk about Sita’s role.Sharon thinks Swayam finally noticed her.He asks her why she wanted to be Sita first and now she is backing out.She says she thought he understands her.Swayam says he dont want to talk about personal things.Sharon says he asked her answer.She cant play Rey’s wife role.Swayam says its a play and its Ram’s wife not Rey’s wife’s role.He says her sudden back out is creating problem for team.Still time is there to say yes.Sharon says if he says yes ,they can act together.Swayam cuts her in between and asks her what is her answer.She says if he dont want to change his decision even she wont change hers.Swayam leaves from there.

Gang is discussing about dance form.Rey asks them choose between fast and slow dance.Swayam enters the RH during their discussion.All asks him if Sharon accepted the role.He says no.Gang is worried about the role.Swayam says now Rinni,Simi or Aashi has to do the role.Rinni says she can try.Guys start making fun of her.Amar says if he would have been Ram she was perfect Sita but now she cant be Sita.Vicky says she will forget lines.Rey tells Rinni can help in stage setting.Simi suggests Aashi’s name as her hindi is good.Aashi gets uncomfortable due to the gossips about her fake admiration towards Rey and says no.Simi says she can help.Nilesh makes fun of her says she dont know hindi and audience wont accept a Sita who is having tattoo on her body.Girls get angry on boys and leaves RH.Swayam and Rey ask boys they made fun of girls so they must be having some idea.Boys casually says they dont have any plans in mind and leave RH.Rey says Swayam now they have to do something.

In girls room,Sharon is thinking about Swayam.She is upset that she is doing so much effort to get his attention but he is not noticing her.She recalls the moment Swayam told her taht he didnt even notice her in traditional attire and anklet.Than she thinks Swayam came to talk to her taking initiative from his side.She recalls Swayam having breakfast made by her.So she gives hope to herself saying he is getting affected by her actions.He will come to talk to her about them soon.
She is thinking about her and Swayam’s relationship and problems when Rinni and Simi enter girls room.They inform Sharon that team is not having Sita.Sharon says not to make her feel guilty.Rinni-Simi tell her they wanted to help but boys made fun of the,.They decide now boys have to come and request them to play Sita.

Guys are sitting in canteen discussing about Sita’s role.Rey and Swayam join them in a jolly mood.Boys ask them if they got Sita.They suggest Rey and Swayam to drop Ram leela idea and say no to VP sir.They see Swayam and Rey smiling .They think Swayam and Rey got new Sita.Rey says in ancient times when girls were not allowed on stage who used to play Sita and Draupadi .Boys get scared of their idea. Swayam and Rey tell them they can act like girls as they have done it before .One of them has to enact Sita.Vicky,Nil ,Bharat and Amar start running from there and Swayam and Rey chase them.They says boys dont have any option.Rey says there is one condition.They need to convince Simi,Rinni or Aashi to play Sita or else tone of them has to play Sita.Guys imagine themselves in Sita’s attire and get scared.As they insulted Simi Rinni so they have to pay for it.Boys get scared and say they will convince girls.

Boys think if they will say sorry to Simi-Rinni ,it will be their insult .So they decide to target Aashi.They go to Aashi and tell her she has to play Sita for Rey and Swayam.First she says she cant play Sita.They say Rey has helped her so much so she has to play Sita.Aashi gets irritated with their speech about being Rey’s secret admirer and accepts the role.

Swayam and Rey are making fun of guys .They say Simi or Rinni has to get convinced.Guys enter the boys room and tell them that Aashi will play Sita.Rey is shocked to hear Aashi’s name.

Precap: Sharon wants to be Sita again.VP sir informs them a new director will come.

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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