Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 1st November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Shivani coming to Sumitra’s home. Sumitra sees her and gets angry on her. She asks her to leave. Shivani says she wants to talk to her. Sumitra says she would not forget her doings. She says you did a sin, you ruined Raghu and my life. You are enjoying to make him puppet. Shivani is shocked and asks her not to get angry. Sumitra says you snatch my Raghu by faking the marriage. You took my rights being a woman. You didn’t feel ashamed. Sumitra’s mom asks her to leave. Shivani says she wants to clear the misunderstandings and says she wants to tell the truth. She wants them to be one. Sumitra’s mom asks whether her marriage is fake. Shivani says it is indeed the truth. Gini asks, what are you saying? Sumitra’s mom asks then why did you keep the fast and why you didn’t eat anything when you felt hungry. Shivani says she didn’t eat it as she heard the katha. Sumitra says it means you didn’t have any objection to live with unrelated man. Shivani is crying and feels hurt. Sumitra says she didn’t know that rich people are characterless. Raghu shouts at Sumitra and asks her to say to him. He says he won’t listen anything against babyji. Sumitra’s mom says that Shivani is puppeting him. Raghu asks her not to tell anything against babyji and says he can even give his life for babyji. Shivani is shocked. Raghu asks her to come with him. Shivani asks Sumitra to listen to her once. Raghu asks her to come. While Shivani is still adamant to clear the misunderstanding and stands still there. Raghu holds her hand and takes her home. Sumitra is shocked.

Abhi thinks he has to support jazz and Mahima’s duplicate “will” as he wants to acquire Dadaji property and hotel project. He thinks he have to get the original “will”. He wonders about the whereabouts of the original will. He recalls going to the xerox shop and his conversation with Baburaam. He thinks Baburaam didn’t see the original will or else he could have reach the haveli with the original will. He thinks to meet him without wasting any time.

Raghu comes home with Shivani and asks Gini, why you took babyji there. Gini says she wanted to clear the misunderstanding. Raghu asks her not to do next time. Gini cries. Everyone comes out of their room. Shivani goes to her room, Raghu follows her. Raghu tells her what was the need to go there. I told you I will handle everything. You got insulted. Shivani asks him to stop and says she can’t see him sacrifising for her.

Raghu asks her not to worry and take rest. Shivani is troubled. Lata and Bella asks, what is the matter? Gini tells her that babyji took her forcibly to Sumitra’s house. And Sumitra and her mom insulted her. Bella asks, did she told them about their fake marriage. Maya thinks Sumitra’s mom will tell the neighbours. Baburaam accuses Gini. Lata asks him not to scold her. Bella tells Lata what to do next?

Sumitra is teary eyed, Raghu and Shivani are tensed while the song Hain aisa kyun bezubaan saa yeh jahaan hain plays in the BG. Sumitra thinks about Raghu’s words that he can’t listen anything against babyji and can even die for her.

Mahima tells Jazz that they didn’t get any profit with the original will. She says that the fake will is profitable. jazz says they shall get the will from Abhi else he could expose us. Mahima says it is his loss and he would not do anything. Jazz thinks he will give the original will. Mahima says it is better that they shall do everything in partnership. She looks at the shadow and goes to find the servant. She asks him whether he is hearing them. He says no and says that he got fruits for them.

Raghu comes to Shivani’s room. Shivani asks him to come in. Raghu comes inside and says your breakfast is ready. Raghu asks her not to think much about the yesterday night. He says it is not your mistake. Shivani says she has decided what to do. Raghu asks, what do you mean? Shivani declares that she is leaving this house, shocking Raghu.

Raghu asks her to think and says you need money to stay at the hotel. Shivani says she will get the money after selling her wedding jewellery.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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