Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st November 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 1st November 2013 Written Update

War starts. Yallakoti chants ” Jay Malhar”. All the villagers including women, Yallakoti start fighting bravely against Malla’s army. Mhasa & Martand’s Khadag kills many. Pradhan, Lakshmi, mai, Banai are watching this war on Earth & Brhmaji, Saraswatiji with Naradji from Brhma loka. Maratnd & Mhalsa look at each other, decide on making the final move. While fighting Mhalsa finds Malla in front of her. She remembers how he trapped her in Kali form. Malla too sees Kali in Mhalsa. Both start fighting, with Mhalsa proving stronger. She is abot to hit him with her Khadag, suddenly Mani in Malla starts doing his special mata mata mata mata. Mhalsa leaves him & turns her back. Malla it seems was pretending to be Mani, picks up his sword, hits Mhalsa. All are shocked seeing his swords could not touch Mhalsa, Martand was holding it’s edge.
Martand tells Malla, you were given enough opportunities, with this all your Punyas are over. Now it’s time for your end, by Martand Bhairav, with his Khand. Malla hits him with his sword. But Martand gives him good fight. He finally gets his Khang in his hand. Pradhan tells Lakshmi Mahadev has his own Khand. Malla’s body is pearced with the Khang. Maratnd picks up Malla’s body up, with Khand pearced in it. Pradhan announces, this form will be known as Khandoba. Yallakoti says “Shree Martand Bhairavaya Namah: I “.
All are happy seeing Malla dead. Mai thanks Mahadev, due to his blessings, she is able to see, this day. Mhalsa tells her the aim of my life is fulfilled. One of the villager woman, tells Mhalsa, some years back, you’ve vowed to kill Malla, Mani. Today you’ve done it finally. She wants to touch her feet but Mhalsa stops her says, Aadi Shakti’s ansh is in all the women. Whenever you’ll will unite against injustice, fight for your rights, the Shakti in you will be awakened.
Yallakoti looks at Martand, says he may not get this opportunity again. Martand nods. He with other villagers, carry Martand on their shoulder, chanting his jay Jaykar.
Finally Martand asks Mhalsa in front of everyone, since her aim is fulfilled, will she accept him as her husband? Pradhan, announces , they will get married tomorrow. All are excited.
At Brhma loka, Naradji says now one important part is left. Brhmaji says it’s about to begin.
Mhalsa comes to Martand, asks him to forgive her, she doubted her sister. You were only helping in controlling her tremendous force, so that she was able to come on Earth. Martand says, at that time, you would havn’t listened to anything but the fact is I am known as Gangadhar, not Paravtidhar. I can carry/ hold, one from whom I am separate. But you were never seperated from me.

Precap: Mhalsa & Martand are getting ready for marriage. Vishnuji as Pradhan, tells Martand, today, while getting you married, I am as happy as your first marriage to Parvati.

Update Credit to: mnx12

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