The Buddy Project 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 18th March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 18th March 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Newspaper clippings of board exams results out, KD topping the boards, and then news of Kiya Gujral becoming the youth singing sensation and then news of college admission open and new scholarship schemes
2 months later
Piddi does pooja of the ‘junglee’ written stone and takes its blessings in his school uniform, he wears his shoes and calls out to his mom that he is going to school, Mrs. Punj cums hitting with the spoon and tells him mistakenly he passed out of school and its been two months and he forgot he is going to college wearing school uniform
Piddi says correct and Mrs. Punj goes off hitting him again
Piddi to the camera: Bhai it’s a mistake, he is so used to going to school that he forgot, he will miss Royal a lot, but now he is going to college so ‘naya raita pehlayenge’ (new mischiefs), he will go and change in two min
Choomantar, Piddi changes to casual clothes and screams out to his mom he is going to college, Mrs. Punj comes hitting him again saying ‘her dumb son control your emotions’, she reminds him college is from tomorrow not from today, she goes off hitting him
Piddi says correct again and tells his mom he is neither going to school nor going to college
Piddi to the camera: Big bro, I’m just going
Next scene KD in the car beside a girl working on the laptop, the girl asks him how long will he take to install the cracked version of the software, KD by that time hands her the laptop saying its done, she exclaims he is a genius
KD takes off his shades(Aaahhh damn he was luking soo HOT and i luv the bg tune during his intro total Masht) and tells her 4000, the girl tells him from where she remembers they had a deal of 2000 and hands him the money, KD says no problem coz till where he remembers he has activated this software for 3 months, so he will see her after three months, KD tells the driver to stop
The girl tells him to wait and hands more money and asks wat about the rest of the 9 months, KD takes the money and says not to worry he installed it for one whole year and gets off
He counts his money
KD to the camera: just 7000 more and the whole 20000 he will throw at RV’s face, all richies are rich from pocket but poor at heart but when he becums rich he will show them what it is ot be rich from the heart
RV spins the ball in front of his face and says ‘Challenge’ and throws the basket ball to Panchi who catches it and says ‘Accepted’
Panchi and RV start playing basket ball, until finally Panchi hits it to the basket and screams in joy and tells him she won, RV becomes serious, Panchi exclaims it was fun and tells him again she won, RV goes to her and says no he lost again
Panchi sighs and tells him to chill in life and says doesn’t he think he is taking board results too seriously, RV says frustrated just 3 marks and he was behind otherwise he would have shown him
Panchi tells him KD prepared for boards from a long time back and he started studying during exam time and the marks he got is a big achievement for him, RV says second best is not good enough for him
Piddi finished his karate class and calls KD, he tells him he learned back kick today
KD says now he can start his dad’s scooter turning it the other way round, Piddi says LOL and tells him that in college this karate will only save him, if someone takes panga then ‘maar dalunga ghaad dalunga ukaad dalunga’(yayyy Piddi ka signature dialogue…kitne dino baad), KD says why is he taking ragging so seriously, imperial college should be saved from Piddi
Piddi gets serious and asks does he want to go to that college as they will also be there
Scene shifts to Panchi-RV, Panchi irritated says does he have any topic other than KD, Panchi then asks what did he think about college, RV says he did think and he thought that if KD is there then whatever he couldn’t do at school he will do it here and show
Scene shifts to KD who tells Piddi on the phone he has moved on in life, he doesn’t care what people think or do and cuts the call, he looks at a news stall beside him and looks at the magazine with Kiya’s pic(their bg tune damn KiSha…i so cant wait for their meet)
Aanya sees the same magazine and throws it off in frustration saying its disgusting, just then her phone rings, she luks at the caller and exclaims its Mr. Bhatia, she picks up the call and says he called for the show, its been a month since she did a show so she is all free, but Mr. Bhatia replies at the other end that he wants to talk to Kiya for the show(OMG ye kab hua… sab kuch ultaaur piche Mrs. Gujral cooking in the kitchen)
Aanya frustrated replies to him he should have called on her cell and tells him off not to call in her number next time, but Kiya stops Aanya and snatches the phone from her and says she guess its for her (the Kiya Gujral attitude is back)
Kiya tells Mr. Bhatia she would love to do his show, he thanks her and she tells him not to call on Aanya’s number as she will message him her number, Kiya keeps the call and goes to Aanya and hands over her phone who luks at her frustrated
Kiya calls out to her mom telling her she is going, Mrs. Gujral calls out sweetly to Kiya and tells her to drink this honey with milk she has prepared for her as it will help keep her voice clea(rubbing my eyes Mrs. Gujral ke naye rang), Aanya irritated tells Mrs. Gujral she asked for tea 10 min back and she didn’t get it yet, Mrs. Gujral replies back to tell the maid cant she see she’s so busy, she then turns back to Kiya and tells her to finish the milk quick and she will be back
Kiya tells Aanya no worries if she cant get any show then she can work on her show as a background worker, Aanya angrily asks her what does she think of herself, Kiya drinks a spoon of the milk and replies sweet and leaves while Aanya is left more frustrated
Next scene back to RV-Panchi, Panchi calls out to RV and he calls her ‘moti’ and says not to give too much knowledge, Panchi then tells him she has to say two things, frst he wont call her ‘moti’ in the college, it was fine till school but not in college as she is anyways so conscious about it, she doesn’t want people to see her that way how people in school used to see
RV agrees and asks for the second thing, Panchi says to remember JJ’s words to take your own decision yourself, until when will they react, they need to initiate things, Media college is her first decision she took in her life, it was difficult but finally she convinced her parents, but now she has to prove herself and she has to make a mark for herself
RV goes to her and wishes her all the best, and says ‘moti’ at the end which irritates her and she runs around trying to hit him(awww that was soo cuteand OMG Panchi luks soo damn adorable)
Next day Imperial College is shown and RV-Panchi-Kiya stand admiring it at the gate(yaayy its Royal set changed to IC-Imperial College, luvd the new luk though), all three head in together smiling, Kiya says its awsum, Panchi says everyone without school dress is so cool, RV says not bad
Scene shifts to a nerdy boy who says its bad, a group calls him ‘bookshop’ and indicates to come to them, another group calls him out and tells him to come to them, RV-Panchi-Kiya look from behind
The nerdy boy asks them where should he go, one of the group says to come to them and if he goes to the Dhakkans(the other group) he wont be able to walk then, the boy goes shocked, the Dhakkans group guy tells him if he goes to the Chillars(the other group) then his legs will be tied to the bike and they will go in the opposite direction, the nerdy boy freaks out more
Panchi exclaims ‘Ragging’ and RV says to lets go but is stopped by another guy who tells them not to go there as there’s ragging going on, RV says he doesn’t care, the guy stops RV and says those guys are very mean and he will take them elsewhere they will be safe
RV asks why does he want to help them, the guy says because he even went through the same last year and he doesn’t want them to go through the same
The Dhakkans and the Chillar group start fighting, Kiya tells RV maybe they should follow the guy and they head off
KD and Piddi admire the college and Piddi exclaims ‘It Rocks’ again and again, KD asks him what happened to his language, Piddi says they are in college now and every good thing in college ‘rocks’ and every bad thing is ‘F*’
A girl passes by Piddi and he gets excited and says to KD she rocks pointing at the girl, KD tells him to control but Piddi goes on and on ‘she rocks’, the Dhakkans start making fun of Piddi
KD gets angry and moves Piddi aside and asks the guys their problem, the guy mocks KD saying ‘angry young man’, he tells KD its his days of drinking milk and mocks him not to do like that, KD pist raises his fist when he is stopped by another hand
KD looks angrily at the guy who pulls KD and turns him around and holds him by the neck, KD tries to hit with his other elbow when the guy stops him and throws him off, Piddi scream out KD’s name (Looks like tough times and tashans ahead)
All the other guys cheer, the guy who threw KD down lights up his lighter and introduces himself as Avijeet, shortform Avi and blows out the lighter and welcomes KD
On the other hand RV-Kiya-Panchi is taken to the caf where ‘Nayak nahi Khalnayak hai tu’ is played in the background and people are made to dance, the guy who brought the trio calls out to Omi and says new dhakkans are here, Omi replies he will get his reward, he gets up from the cart where he was laying down and welcomes the trio
The guy pushes RV forward, Omi looks at the trio and asks RV why is he staring is he going to fight, is he an undertaker, RV is about to pounce at him when Panchi stops him, Omi says how sweet at the two and says undertaker has a bodyguard too and offers a toffee to Panchi
From behind Avi calls out Chillar and Omi makes a face and turns around to face Avi and his group of Dhakkans
KD and RV see each other and epi ends

Precap: Avi tells Omi to pick some newbie to represent his group, Omi points at KD, Omi asks Avi which dhakkan will come from his side, RV says he will go’both RV and KD head towards the bikes with their helmets (Yippeee Bike raceee cant wait)

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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