Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th March 2013 Written Update

Mohan says to think that the Mohan Bhatnagar who gave you guys so much pain is dead. Mohan storms out of the office. Navi is left speechless. Beera is observing Navi from outside the office. Navi picks up Addu’s picture.

Munna in Awaz India office and Mohan walks past him.

At night Navi in the parking lot. Beera comes and hands her the keys to the scooty. Beera asks her to go home alone as he is going to accompany Mohan. Beera says he thinks Mohan needs someone who understands him like he understands others. Beera tells Navi that she might have wasted 12 years in hating her step father unnecessarily. He says maybe what you think is wrong and what you understand is wrong. And maybe what you think is wrong is actually right.

Mohan driving having FB of his and Megha’s life. Mohan on the roadside drinking and whistling. Megha splashes water on her face and her nazm playing in the background. Megha looks at Mohan’s window and cries. Megha looks at Addu’s picture. Mohan has FB of Navi shouting at him to leave them alone. Mohan mentally apologizes to Guru for drinking. Beera comes there and Mohan shouts out his name. Mohan calls Beera to him.

At Awaz India office their is power outage (Munna’s work) Munna in MB’s office.

Mohan tells Beera that he needs to change is name as he is sick and tired of that name. Beera says lets go home. Mohan says who is the boss? Beera says you are the boss but this(drinking ) wrong. Mohan asks Beera to get onto the hood of the car. Mohan says he is sautela father and not sautela boss.

Munna looking through Mohan’s files . He finds Aditya Vyas’s file. He looks at MMNA picture and takes it out.

Beera says your love story was very dilchasp, you both loved each other very much. Mohan says no it was all a drama. Mohan says I used to scold, hit and scare an 8 year old kid. Mohan says he should kill himself. He says Mohan Bhatnagar should cease to exist. Mohan says I wish I remained a step father that day in school whose relation with his son is only for namesake. Mohan has FB of Addu scene with principal and slapping him. Mohan says what was the point of teaching him the right values.

Munna burns down MMNA picture.

Navi tries to feed Megha. Megha stops her and says just let it be today. Navi says after today he will never come in front of us as he told me. Navi has FB of Mohan shouting at her.

Beera driving and Mohan sitting next to him. Mohan says take me anywhere but my house as Guru will leave the house. Beera thinks that he is living where he(Mohan) should be living.

Megha tells Navi that today she understands how wrong she was in trusting Mohan. Megha tells Navi that it doesn’t matter how many times he(Mohan) comes in front of us. She says we’ve lost Addu and we will find him and we will be happy again. Navi asks will we find him? Megha says we will leave him no option.

Beera tells Mohan that as soon as Addu is found everything will be found. Beera says he has seen Addu somewhere. Beera has FB of a boy asking for a ball. Beera turns to see that Mohan is asleep. Beera say he solve this puzzle for him.
Beera brings Mohan home and he is unable to walk. RJ comes there and is scared looking at Mohan. Guru asks her to go inside when Mohan kisses her forehead.

Jiji standing in front of house mandir asking Shiv ji’s idol today is Shivratri and how can you make them meet and then separate them . How can he watch two people grieving their separation when the whole world is celebrating his and Parvati Maa’s togetherness.

Megha gets a call from RJ’s fathers number and picks it up. It is RJ on the phone. RJ tells Megha that she wants to talk to her about her father. Megha asks RJ what happened to her father?

Precap: Beera tells Navi that maybe there was a reason Mohan slapped Addu. Beera says you are a step daughter otherwise the pain of losing your brother and your father would have been the same. Beera says MB has spent the last 12 years looking for your brother and you’ve spent it hating. Beera says You are “sauteli”. Navi gets mad and slaps Beera.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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