Amrit Manthan 18th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 18th March 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 18th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Nimrit asking Agam if he really won’t build the restaurant.Agam replies he won’t and asks her not to worry about her dhaba.Nimrit thanks him and Agam says he did it for the kids as he promised them and not for her. Nimrit says that Bani said it right that you are a good human .Nimrit tells Agam that he looks tough from outside but cares and respects for others emotions and it must be linked with Love.
Agam denies and says that he doesn’t believe neither in love nor emotions. Nimrit replies it’s because he was cheated by his love. She further adds that her kids says that every human needs to get a second chance and inspite of all his bad motives Bani trusted him to be a good person and her belief changed everything today for them. Nimrit tells Agam that somewhere in his heart even now some emotions and Love are left in him.Agam’s emotions all stirred up from Nimrit’s talk just walks away from there.
Banjo getting prepared to go to camp and discussing how they can ride pony’s and play in the swimming pool.Nimrit comes and givem them instructions on how they should not talk to strangers,have the phone list in their pocket always etc…Seeing Nimrit worried, Banjo asks TejNi to come to the camp as well .Nimrit says it’s a kid camp and she cannot come but will come to
pick them up. Before going they give their mom a kiss and ask her to come to pick them up.
Whole parivaar discussing on Agam how he backed out from building restaurant.
Mahiji says he cannot understand Agam as sometimes he threatens and sometimes he helps.
Sunitha ji says that Agam came across as a nice person when she met him in the hospital but there is some hidden pain in him.Tej says there must be something that happened to him in his past and Nimrit agrees saying when she sees him it feeels like he had a deep wound in his heart
which keeps giving him pain.Tej says whatever it is, there is no harm to their dhaba now and Nimrit says it’s all because of their kids.

At camp, Bani comes and asks Jo to play with her and sees JoJo doing Pooja ( Shiv ka Abhishek).She asks why she is not wearing camp clothes and Jo says that today is maha shivratri and first they will do pooja and then play.Bani says then it will be too late and JoJo asks her if anything happens if one day they don’t play ?
JoJO says that all girls and ladies who do this pooja will get good husband and who already has husband will get lambi umar.Bani asks if she is doing the pooja for ranbeer kapoor and JoJO shyly adjusts her ghugat and says that she always wish him to be happy
Bani’s phone rings and it’s Nimrit calling. Bani tells that they are following all her instructions and she is with JoJo but unable to play as Jo is busy doing pooja. Nimrit says that the festival is not today but tomorrow and they should play today.Nimrit tells bani that she will go to mandir and will pray for her kids and parivaar’s happiness. Bani Asks Nimrit if she will pray for her dadda’s lambi umar as Jo said that ladies pray during this festival. Nimrit who gets emotional looks at Agams photo in front of her (Agam looks darn cute in the picture )and says she will . Jo says she wants to talk to her mamma and tells Nimrit that she should pray to Shivji that Bani’s dadda should come soon. Nimrit tries to change topic and asks the kids to play and will talk later.
Agam on phone with Amrit saying that he will do whatever he feels is right and the decision he took not to build the restaurant is Final . Agam wonders what he should do with Nimrit and recollects the conversation Nimrit had about him being a good human and recollects all
the events with kids and the conversation he had with Bani that he will always respond to her phone call.He decides to change his Mumbai sim card in his mobile .
Banjo at camp talking to each other that they are missing their mamma and Bani phone rings. Her face lights up when she sees angel hero uncle calling her.She puts on the speaker and bani and Jo tells him non stop how much they missed him and they called him many times and couldn’t reach him and so on.Agam on the other side listens to their sweet talk . Bani asks why he is not talking and he says that he is listening to them. Jo asks him How he is and Agam says he is doing ok.Bani asks why he is not feeling great and just feeling Ok and Jo asks if that means he is not happy? Agam says that he wished he was also a kid as the bade log are not helping him much Jojo says that she knows a person who has all answers and it is Bhagwanji. They tell him about maha shiv ratri and ask him to go to temple and he will get his happiness and all his prayers/questions will be answered. Agam says he will go to the mandir.
Next day at mandir , Nimrit comes with her parivaar and does pooja.The priest says that he know her as she comes every year and does pooja and she offers the prasad to the poor . Nimrit says that her husband always believed in seeing god in everbody and she follows the same . Priest blesses her husband and says that her husband has very good belief and there was just one another person who had the same belief as her husband and points to Agam sehgal who is at a corner talking to somebody.Nimrit and Agam see each other and Nimrit leaves thanking the priest.
Yug asks the servant where Agam is and he says that he went to mandir. Yug phone rings and it is Amrit. Yug says he is missing her and when she will be coming.Amrit says she is trying to reach Agam but he is not lifting the phone.Yug says he went to temple and he keeps changing his plans and gets side tracked from his goal.Amrit says that she is coming back and will make things go on track . Yug excited that Amrit will be back
At mandir, Nimrit prays to Shivji to keep all her parivaar happy. She prays to Shiv to keep Agam happy wherever he is and she always considered only him as her husband and still coniders
Agam’s suhagan. She prays to keep Agam’s memories alive in her heart forever and they show Agam standing behind Nimrit ringing the temple bell.A flower drops from the Shivling and falls and Nimrit and Agam both try to pick up at the same time. They both look at each other with BG music playing.Nimrit leaves the flower and stands up when Agam picks up the flower and hands it over to her.Nimrit takes it and leaves from there with Agam watching her

Precap: Nimrit and Agam praying at temple when a snake enters. Agam sees the snake.

In today’s episode we heard Amrit’s voice after a long time. Guessing Adaa Khan will resume her work soon after the break. Best wishes to her and hope she is doing Ok and coping well with the loss of her mom.

Update Credit to: saina

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