The Buddy Project 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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The Buddy Project 18th December 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 18th December 2013 Written Update

Panchi helps Piddi get up and they go to the CG as they are dragging Kiya away. Piddi warns them to stop and slaps one CG hard on the face. CG is shocked. Piddi tells him at his face to see who has more strength to last longer – CG’s fists or Piddi’s will power to never give up despite being beaten so madly.

The fight starts and woah! It’s worth seeing. CGs are thrashing Piddi but he refuses to get knocked out. He even beats them with a bucket. The girls beg for help from bystanders but they refuse to help saying who would want to get involved in the fights of goons? Piddi is being beaten real bad and he falls on ground. Seeing this, the girls pick up some sticks and start hitting the CG. While the CG are distracted by that, Piddi gets up again,

still standing strong and gives the CGs some well placed kicks and punches. Seeing his strength and endurance, the bystanders finally get into action and they it the CG with bricks and give them some thrashing.

Piddi emerges as the winner and the girls hug him in gratitude while the bystanders carry him on the shoulders, cheering for his glory.

At Punj Residence, Mrs. P is tending to Piddi’s wounds while crying and the girls look on. Piddi tells his mother to stop crying, she should be happy that Piddi did something so grand! RV comes there and sits beside Piddi. He asks her why is he so beaten up? Piddi warns him to not ask anything before he says, “Piddi is great.” RV just retorts what’s so great about being bashed up so badly? The girls laugh at this and Piddi becomes all hyper that no one cares that he fought with all his might to save the girls from goons, a statement which RV and Mrs. P find hard to believe ROFL RV says that Panchi told him about it but it seemed like Piddi knew those guys from before. Piddi tells them the entire story and concludes that he fought his fear of them and beat them. Mrs. P gets all emotional at her son’s wacky behavior and she walks away from there. Piddi just comments that mothers are just too sentimental. RV also suggests that they leave and let Piddi rest. The girls move ahead to hug Piddi but he stops them saying it hurts. So they just leave after telling him to take care.

Outside, Kiya suggests that they girl take a rickshaw to their houses which RV rejects saying he will drop Panchi home. Panchi gives him “the look” at this while Kiya silently giggles. He explains that Kiya would have to go way out of the way to drop her, they live in opposite places. Panchi suggests that RaHi can drop Kiya home but Kiya politely refuses that she will manage on her own. Panchi isn’t too thrilled by that but Kiya hails a rickshaw and she leaves.

RV also calls for a “Ricky” but Panchi asks if they can walk a little? RV jokes that every girl wants to spend more time with him and Panchi just rolls her eyes and drags him along.

RaHi are walking and Panchi says Piddi did such a great thing today, standing up to those goons. RV agrees and then adds that he wishes he was there as well. Panchi asks him why and he replies that she was in trouble, he should’ve been there to help her. Panchi gets a little annoyed at this and says this typical boyfriend behavior of his is very unsettling. It’s not his civic duty to take care of her whenever she gets in trouble, she can take care of herself! RV retorts that it’s not like he would be doing it for the first time. He has taken care of her ever since they were little specially in school. Panchi gets a little lost hearing this and RV pulls her out of her thoughts saying if they walk some more, they will reach his place. He doesn’t mind but she would have to come there and massage his feet. Panchi is surprised and wants to hit him but he dodges by saying if not massage then she can at least cook for him.

Just like that, while talking and joking, they reach Panchi’s place. RV becomes all dramatic that such a beautiful day came to an end. Panchi just smiles. RV holds her hand and kisses her softly on her cheek. Panchi is too shocked to react. He tells her to go in, have dinner and go to sleep. And yeah, dream of him.
(hayyyeee…! Day Dreaming)

Next day. Kiya is getting ready for college and sees the newspaper with the news of fake college scamming Indian students. She is surprised reading her college’s name. She tunes in to news where the report is coming on about the fake college and the testimonies of the students and that foreign minister is in talks with the concerned figures. Soon enough, that college will close down.

ICC. RV meets with KD at the Adda and congratulates him that all his efforts were fruitful. KD is happy but a bit sad as well. He’s glad that he got to save the career of many students but just that, Kiya’s dream was to attend a prestigious college like that. Seeing that dream shatter and be called a hoax must’ve broken her. He just wishes she is alright. RV agrees with it that Kiya must be disappointed but better safe than sorry.

Kiya is desperately trying to contact that college but no use. KD comes there and she wants to avoid him. KD says to her that he saw the news and he is sorry for her. Kiya retorts that he is just faking it. He isn’t sorry, he is ecstatic. After all what he wanted came true, she isn’t going anywhere now. KD is appalled at her level of criticism. He retorts that he isn’t that narrow minded! It’s true that he wanted her to stay only because he loves her and doesn’t want to stay away from her. But he would never, ever wish that she compromises her dreams and career for his sake. All he wants is the best for her but she refuses to see this! She only points fingers at him because of her presumptions. He isn’t that bad and she would realize it if for once, she stops and thinks about it.

KD comes in the canteen and is surprised seeing the level of excitement there. Panchi asks him about Kiya but he is too busy trying to figure out what’s going on around him to pay attention so Panchi leaves him. He goes to RV who was instructing a few students and asks him what’s happening here? RV says it’s all for Piddi! KD is surprised and clueless about it all.

Just then, a student announces that Piddi is on his way. As soon as Piddi enters, everyone cheers and applauds for him. Piddi is surprised at the reception. Dean comes there and says he is proud to have a student like Piddi. His courage and bravery set up a great example for everyone.

KD is still clueless.

Dean awards Piddi a small trophy as a token of his bravery and as a reminder to him of his great deed. Piddi is touched. RV and another student carry Piddi on their shoulders and they leave cheering for Piddi.

KD remains clueless.


Outside, the students gather around Piddi still applauding and cheering. RV asks Piddi to say a few words and Piddi thanks them all and says he realized that our fears may be big but within us lies the strength to overcome those fears. We just fail to find that strength. He found his and wishes everyone will get that strength. The crowd cheers and KD, who isn’t hiding his cluelessness, asks RV what the hell is this all about?! RV tells KD to ask Piddi himself and leaves from there.

In the canteen, Panchi is ordering herself a pastry and RV is grinning at her like an idiot. She asks him what’s wrong and he replies that it’s so wonderful the way she comes here and so lovingly orders pastries…cuz of her, the ever so gareeb him also gets the chance to eat a pastry. Panchi rolls her eyes at his nautanki and orders a pastry for him as well. RV is being all fun and flirty with her. He sees a poster for New Year’s Bash being hosted at ICC and asks Panchi if she has seen it as well? Apparently, it’s a couples only event.

Precap – RV is talking to the camera and asking should he ask Panchi out for the dance (yes). He has worked so hard to manage a comfortable space between them (still, yes.) What if it all goes wrong? (WHO CARES?! ASK HER OUT!!!)
Piddi is happy and hugs KD that his efforts worked out. KD is also happy that all his hard work paid and Kiya was saved from the fake college. Piddi freezes as he sees something and KD notices it as well. He turns around is shocked seeing equally shocked Panchi and Kiya standing behind him.

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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