Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Mutthi Aasman 18th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Raghav says I don’t help people. if you are helpless then don’t go out of home at night. Kalpi says I hate you. Such a lout man you are.
Sahil Prem and Nettu along with police arrive at the chowl. Prem says this is kamla tai she stole the papers from our house. Paki says I have stolen these papers from my house. She tells the inspector whole story. He asks Sahil what should I do now? Prem says arrest Kamla. Paki says no i did this arrest me please. Sahil says I think there is some mistake. We withdraw from our complaint. Vitthal says but we want to fire a complaint they cu our power and water. He says to Sahil what you wanna show with all this? Sahil says I can’t do anything about this. Sahil asks inspector to leave. Nettu asks Paki to leave they leave

the place.
Kamla asks Pakiya what is he doing here she asked him to stay with kalpi. He says she can stay alone she is grown up now. Kamla leaves with Pakiya. They asks kalpi whats wrong ? What happened to your books ? Kalpi says few dogs came and I sent them away. Pakiya says poor paki she must be feeling bad. Kalpi asks did paki come ? Kamla says forget it go to home.

Scene 2
Prem shouts at Paki I asked you to stay away from my business. Nettu says is this the way to talk to your sister. Prem leaves. Nettu goes to Paki she says i am going to my room don’t disturb me. Sahil says to Nettu that i am scared of Prem’s behavior.

Scene 3
Vitthal and other people in chow bring kalpi a lantern and ask her to study well. She says this wasn’t needed. Everyone says you are the only daughter of this house who will graduate we all are so proud of you. Kanta says you are the only girl who will step out not to become a maid but a madam. Everyone wishes her luck.
Kalpi and Paki both are busy with studies. Pakiya makes kalpi a coffee. The theme song ‘thora thora kar k’ plays in the background. Paki is studying will all her facilities while kalpi has her family supporting her. Vitthal asks her to sleep.

Scene 4
Next morning kalpi wakes up and ouches Vitthal’s feet. Pakiya says I am here like a godd boy I will drop you college today. Kamla gives kalpi her favorite pen. She remembers Raghav who gave him that pen. Kalpi stops kamla and touches her feet kamla is about bless her with her hand on her head suddenly paki comes and says kamla maa. kamla turns she asks won’t you wish me i have an exam today as well. Kamla says my prayers are always with you. Vitthal says to kalpi all the best my prayers are always with you. Paki asks kalpi to come with her. Kalpi is about to say no but pakiya says yes you should not get late today in public transports. Kamla says yes you should go with her. Kalpi and Paki get downstairs. Paki goes to take her car suddenly she sees that the lawyer has come.
Lawyer goes in and Vitthal tells him that their power has cut too. He says I am going to get the papers ready for stay order. Vitthal says we have high hopes from you. Vitthal gives him the money and he says I am fighting this case just for humanity. Vitthal says to kamla look such a good lawyer is fighting for us. Kamla says this doesn’t look good. Why will a lawyer like him work for free. Vitthal says don’t think too much. He says to the people in chowl that I will look for the water connection. Kamla still wonders.

Scene 5
prem calls the lawyer who pretends to work for the people of chowl. He says to him that you will get enough money for it just don’t let them have the stay order. He sys thank you kapoor sir. He turns and Kalpi is standing there she hears all the thing. He pretends to talk in favor of people chowl but kalpi has understood all the game. Paki comes with the car and Kalpi sits and leaves.
Paki says to kalpi in the car that this last moment’s study is useless. Kalpi says don’t try to distract me. I never wanted to be in your car. I sat here because of maa. You got the love of my mom while I couldn’t get what was mine. I will win my mom from you.

PRECAP- Kalpi tries to go home as fast as she can. She tries to call kamla to stop them from signing the papers.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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