Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the sage announcing the winners of the first day work. He says Ambika and Vidya are the winners. Kanno and everyone are shocked. The sage says Vidya’s idea of using baking soda was good. Vidya thinks it was Poonam’s idea and tries to tell it to the sage but Poonam stops him. The sage asks everyone to have rest and be ready for the next day. Akash comes home and says I missed the results, who won. Kanno taunts Vandana and Akash that Poonam has lost. Akash still praises Poonam and says I m sure Poonam can’t lose. Ambika and Poonam are outside their room at night. They see Aarti going somewhere at night alone. They think where is she going. Aarti goes to a room.

All the women are in their room. Parulben scolds Naina. Poonam interferes in their

fight and asks Parulben to stop fighting. Parulben says the sage has seen me fighting but he did not see that Naina has made me Chandan fall. Poonam says she can’t see, she did not do it by purpose. Parulben says she did it by purpose. Parulben throws a clock to hurt her but Naina catches it. Everyone are shocked seeing that Naina is not blind. Naina leaves the clock. They discuss how did Naina know that the watch is hurting her. Naina fools them saying my ears are my eyes.

Parulben says Naina is not blind. Poonam looks on. Akash is missing Poonam in his room. He thinks of his and Poonam’s moments and music plays……………….. He says how would be Poonam and what might be she doing now. Poonam says Naina it would be good if you tell us the truth. Naina says I m blind and you all are partial towards me. Parulben says you are acting, I will see what you do now. Parulben takes a fire wood and moves towards Naina. Poonam is shocked and comes in between them.

Parulben catches Naina and says tell us that you can see else I will keep this fire near your eyes. Naina admits that she can see. Everyone are shocked. Vandana comes to Akash to talk to him. He says come inside, sit. Vandana says I need your two mins. She says as Poonam went to ashram, I was thinking I should go to Lucknow. She says now Poonam knows everything, we will live at Monica Didi’s house. Akash says you won’t go anywhere, you are my responsibility, if Poonam knows that you went to Lucknow, she will get worried thinking about you, and she won’t be able to focus in the competition. Vandana says I want her to win. Akash says don’t worry, I m with you.

Poonam asks Naina why did she cheat everyone saying she is blind. Poonam scolds her and says you have insulted the blind people. Naina cries. Aarti comes back and scolds Naina. The sage comes there and Parulben says the sage came. The sage asks whats happening. Parulben says Naina is not blind, she is a liar and a cheat. Parulben says I have ended her acting. The sage says I won’t say what you did is right, your way to find out the truth was wrong, and Naina has cheated us. He says you have to be truthful to be a good woman.

He asks Naina to take her belongings and leave from the ashram. Naina falls on the sage’s feet and says I m sorry, I did a mistake, I won’t do this again. The sage says you have lied, I can’t forgive you. Naina cries and takes her bag. Poonam feels bad for her. Parulben is happy that Naina left. The money giver says I told you that you won’t get any good qualities in women. The sage says we will get those qualities, but if anyone from them lies to me, I will end this competition.

The next morning, Mangla talks to Shashikant and asks him to meet Prathna. He asks how are Poonam’s parents and till when will they stay at our house. She says you come home, then we will think how to get rid of them.

All the women discuss about the sage and think they will win. Parulben says the sage felt what I did was right, so he kicked out Naina without thinking. Ambika asks Aarti where were you going yesterday night, Aarti lies and Ambika catches her lie. Poonam looks on. Aarti argues with her and says are you spying on me. The sage comes and everyone greets him. The sage says whatever happened is just over, we have to go ahead. He says today you have a task and thats talking. Everyone are amazed.

They ask everyone to come to a different hall. The sage says every human has some good and bad qualities. He says today you have to tell about other’s bad qualities and what you dislike and feel wrong about each other. Ambika says we are ready. The sage says you will be shown live on tv, so think and speak. Everyone get ready. The sage says I hope that everyone tell the truth. Mangla, Vandana, Kanno, Akash and Dadi are watching this on tv.

Kanno says lets see what Poonam does today. The sage calls Tanya first. Parulben says Tanya is beautiful but her heart is not good. Tanya is angry. Ambika speaks against Tanya too calling her over ambitious. The sage sees Poonam quiet. Tanya backbites about Pinky. Everyone speak against Pinky. Poonam does not say anything bad about anyone. Mangla says what happened to Poonam. Akash says why is Poonam not saying anything. Kanno says she is unable to speak, she will lose today also. Akash looks at Poonam.

The sage announces the winner of Day 2. Poonam looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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