The Buddy Project 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 18th April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 18th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts from vaani’s cafe.. Vaani and piddi come to kd n ask what happened..They see that he broke his phone..Kd asks them not to touch his phone I am very disturbed from this..He is very angry because he is getting more calls .. Everyone needs something at the same time..How can i do that??Vaani says its for sometime KD .. everything will be set soon..Piddi asks kd to come with him outside..But kd denies as he has so much much who will do that..Piddi takes him forcefully..Vaani seeing his phone n she remembers how KD repaired her phone before.She takes it..

Outside kd is with piddi…Kd thanks piddi ..he is feeling better now..Piddi says i got my first income today..Kd scolds him that he is giving only tea party..Piddi says i will give you treat dont worry..Kd says i m feeling better here…Piddi says we solved so many problems taking tea here. Do you remember?? Bhai you are missing all..Kd says yes, n noe jetli sir is also going.. Piddi tells him that no one stops for others..we all have our individual needs..Kd says I was thought that we all live together when i was in college..but now i got everyone have their needs and commitments..Piddi says we all love each other n panchi send me email daily..Kd says yes moti missing me us so much..he says you are changed where is my old piddi.. Piddi says i am matured now..Kd tries to kiss him but he stops n says do this to kiya..
Kd comes to his office n he sees , candle are lightening there , he calls vaani..Vaani asks how is the surprise?She tells she feels that he need a friend thats why i did it.. Kd says not to do so much for me…She says i am doing cooking practice..Kd says your boyfriend will be lucky .you cook really yummy. He thanks her… She hugs him.. Kd is not feeling good…Ranveer comes there n shocked to see them together and goes back from there.. Kd ran after him…
He says there is nothing between us ranveer…Ranveer asks how you can do this to other girl. you have kiya..he saya i was wrong as i thought you are helping vaani because of jetli sir.. and other i thought you will do some work but i was totally wrong..Vaani is listening them…Ranveer says i dont care you can do what you want.. Kd says not to take it wrong .. there is nothing between me and vaani I swear..Kd says I am your friend, believe me..Ranveer says how can i believe after seeing this..kiya is also my friend.. I cant bear if you cheat her..Kd says i am not cheating her.I care about her..Please dont involve kiya in this..Ranveer asks him what are you doing here late night?? Id you came here to do work , then dont fool me you can work from home..there is no need to come here late night..Kd says he came here to take his laptop.. Ranveer taunts him ..Kd asks him to shut up.. you have gone but I wan handling evrything here alone.. I did it as jetli sir asked me but now i started loving my work..and anyway who are you to order me..When i need you most you were not with me .You dont know ground reality.. How much problems we got here..? have you asked me ever? no .. because you want everything ready..And you will take credit of it..I am not your servant.. this is our business..
They both fight with each other.Kd says dont blame me without knowing truth…

Ranveer thinks every word of kd..
Kd comes inside..Vaani asks him, is this true there is nothing between us.. He tells her there was nothing between us.. I love only kiya..She stops him n says i thought i m special…Kd scolds her.. vaani asks will you come back?.. Kd says i dont think so…

everyone waiting for kd n ranveer but kd comes alone ..jetli asks him where is ranveer but kd replies he dont know..Ranveer also comes there..Jetli says why are you upset so much.. Oh get it i am going US thats why..Jetli shows them pictures of all of them.. All get emotional seeing it..Jetli comes to know about their fight n says them to solve it within one week otherwise i wont show my face you again

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Update Credit to: priya

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