Saraswatichandra 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 18th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Danny coming to meet Kusum. Before he could say anything, Yash’s mum comes and taunts him. She asks him to spit more venom on them. Vidyachatur comes and sees Danny. He says don’t come here often, we will leave from here soon. Guniyal comes and asks did we give less love to you, everything is yours, what is the need to snatch it from us. Yash’s mum says we forced Kusum to marry you, he is a cheater and won’t respect and value us. Kusum asks Danny how did he do this, she loved him, trusted him. He made them homeless on Ghuman’s words. Everyone leave them alone to talk. Kusum asks why did you come here, I will live alone and will take care of my family. He says I came to see whether you all are fine. She says we are not fine, but will be fine soon.

Kusum sees everyone gone and stops acting. She asks about papers. He says I did not get the papers, who is it who is helping mum. Kusum says someone from our home is helping her, I will find out. Danny says no one should doubt on you. She asks him to take care. Majnu tells Saras that Kusum wants to help us, she will surely come. Badimaa calls Saras and asks did you get Kumud, how is she. Saras tells her everything. Badimaa is shocked and cries. Badimaa says what is this happening with my daughter. Saras says we will get her soon. Badimaa says we all are coming there, its too much now. Saras says I m finding her as Sheikh, if they know who are we, it might be risky for Kumud. She says you have to be strong. Saras ends the call.

Badimaa gets sad and says Kumud, come back soon. Kumud cries being in Jugnu’s house. Jugnu comes to her with tea. She says Saras. He is shocked and says Jugnu. She moves away. He says you did not eat food till now, have this tea. He says fine, have it later, I will go and get sindoor mangalsutra. She says I m married, I can’t marry you. He says as you love your husband and can’t live without him, you feel this, when you marry me, you will change and forget him. No one can love you more than me, we can’t be late. He leaves. Kumud says where are you Saras.

Menka talks to Kabir and asks him what are you doing. Why are you waiting, Danny and Kusum are away, Danny and Saras are apart, we should go ahead now. Kabir says one last work pending, then I will do your work, don’t worry, what we want will happen. Kusum brings Kajal to Saras. Kajal smiles and says you could not be far from me, right, I knew you will forget Kumud seeing me. Kajal asks how can I serve you. Majnu gives her money. Kajal smiles and comes to Saras. Majnu says tell us where is Kumud. Kajal is surprised and says so he called me here. She throws the money and leaves. Kusum says listen to them once. Please help them.

Kajal says they have cheated me, Sunanda will not leave me if she knows this. Majnu says she will not know about is, please help me. Kajal says let me go. Saras stops her and removes his beard. Kajal is shocked and says you. Kumud cries feeling helpless. Piya……………..plays………………..Saras talks to Kajal and says I love Kumud a lot, she is not only my wife, but my reason to live, I don’t know you value love or not, but love is my life. He requests Kajal to help him. Kajal agrees. Saras smiles and thanks her.

Kumud cries and tries to run but fails. Saras takes Kajal’s help and looks out for Kumud. Kajal shows him some places. They don’t get Jugnu anywhere. Kumud makes a drawing. Kumud draws Saras’s eyes. Kajal says this is the last place which I know. She says its a lock here, lets ask the tea vendor. Saras looks at the lock. Majnu asks the tea vendor. Saras breaks the lock and its a different house. He gets upset. Jugnu comes to Kumud with sindoor and mangalsutra. He says you will like it. He shows her the mangalsutra and asks did you like it. He says this is the sindoor. She says why are you doing this, I can’t marry you, please let me go.

He says when I saw you first time, I think only about you, how can you let you go, I have sold my everything to get you. He says I don’t have anything except you, see love in my eyes. He says fine, I promise that we will marry and I won’t touch you till you say. He says if you love me, you could have let me go and send me to Saras, this is not love. Jugnu gets annoyed and leaves. Kajal says where did Jugnu take Kumud. She says maybe they are leaving out of city. She tells Saras we understand what you are going through, he loves Kumud a lot, he will not hurt her. He goes to temple daily. Saras gets the idea.

Kumud says Sars can’t live without me, he will be worried. Jugnu says even I can’t live without you..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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