Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 18th April 2014 Written Update

Scene 1
Khushi says to verma that all the burden is on you. Verma says no worries. Mausi ji says no one is talking about the real stuff. Roli says relax we have kept an eye on khushi. Khushi mixes something in the drink and plans on giving it to mausi ji. She gives mausi ji the drink. Mausi ji says yeah I was so thirsty. She gives it to mausi ji. Mausi ji says its so hot. Khushi says let me get you the ice. Mausi ji exchanged it with another one. Roli and simar are happy at her wise decision. Khushi comes with the ice and thinks masi ji will be faint now. She leaves. She wonders why nothing happened to mausi ji. Roli says khushi took the same glass mausi ji left. Simar says don’t know what she mixed in that. She is pregnant. Roli asks mausi ji to stop her but khushi is done already. khushi says it was tasty to I drank.

Scene 2
Bhagti has made lunch box for both jhanvi and anurag. Anurag says she really likes everyone to eat her dishes. She used to bring her dishes for me in the school. jhanvi feels left out. He asks what happened ? Jhanvi says nothing. I try a lot but I can’t even cook for you. Bhagti says this is so normal. It takes time to be perfect. Now smile for anurag.

Scene 3
Khushi says mausi doesn’t even know what is gonna happen to her. Why is she still standing up. she feels something in her stomach. Roli and simar laugh. Verma asks are you okay ? Khushi says its important she goes running to washroom. Roli says this is to worry about. Mausi ji says it won’t effect the kid. Khushi wonders why is this happeneing to her. Mausi and verma comes and asks her why is she here. she says I can’t come. Mausi ji says you have to come. Khushi says I can’t come. Verma aunty asks what happened to her ? Simar says mausi ji take care of khushi. This will effect the kid. Mausi ji says to khushi lets go home.
Khuhsi says what will happen when juwala will know about this.

Scene 4
Some people are pasting banners and posters on the walls. An old man says remove them. All the ladies of bhradwaj family come out and ask whats going on ?
Roli stands in frobt of them and says so this is how you’re going to ask for vote and he was right yiu have not right to paste them here. Roli takes them off and tears the poster. The man is about to slap her roli stops him and slaps him instead. They all stand united. Simar says don’t even dare moving forwarsm he leaves saying you will pay for thia slap.
Khushi says they will know whom they have messed up with when juwlaa didi will know about it.

Precap – juwala didi comes all along with ger thugs to Bharadwaj house. Roli opens the door and she is dazed..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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