The Buddy Project 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 17th April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 17th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts from Vaani’s cafe..Buddies are decorating it.. Vaani cooks dishes for buddies.. Jetli thanks all of them .He says this is the best date ever.. He asks them to go inside as maya is might coming…Buddies go inside..Sheeba asks piddi, Do you remember what you have done for me last time? She says if i was your girlfriend then you will do but now i am your wife.He says to take dinner together.. KD gets ranveer’s call..He asks about work progress. Kd says dont order me please.. multitasking is difficult.I have other work also. And you are forgetting this is our business not only yours.n cuts the call. vaani says he will understand dont worry..Kd says i am working so much… N he is only taunting me..Kiya is not with me and panchi also..I am feeling alone.. Vaani says you are not alone i am with you.. Kd says he has to understand my situation.. Kd says i was thinking i will be free after college but right now i am very busy…Vaani suggests to go outside as they want to give privacy to maya and jetli..

Maya comes to cafe..Maya asks this is for whom..Jetli jokes this is for reena and teena….Maya wants to tell him something.. Jetli also wants to tell her.. But maya tells first..She gives him an envelope..This contains US tickets.. Jetli is shocked. Maya says you have to go… Jetli thinks maya have seen on laptop that day I was booking US tickets..Maya insists him to go..She tells I called my friends in US, they told me about your friend and their company..They are in problem so you have to go… And you know why i love you so much because you always help others.. Jetli says i am not going anywhere.. He says ,there is no need to go I can handle here remotely..
She says you cancelled my plan..that I will propose you for marriage.. then we will go together US..She shows him ring..They both exchange rings. they hug each other..Jetli asks when we are going..Maya says we will go after inauguration..Jetli is upset for buddies. Maya says they will understand we will talk to them

Sheeba n piddi are fighting about their furniture of house.. He says we will sell on OLX..Sheeba says i like it.. Kd also comes their as maya mam called all of them .. they guess why they called them.. Jetli and maya come. he say we want to share something..maya says we are engaged.. they all congratulate them…they all plans about party..Maya says there is no celebration.. we are not marrying so early..kd asks i m feeling there is something else.. Maya tells yes we want to share with you, we are going to US within one week.. Sorry but we have to go urgent…Jetli says we are not going for forever just for 1 year..Kd gets upset n says wow panchi had gone kiya also.. jetli says if ranveer calls you after 10 years you will surely help him try to understand my situation..Kd says we are happy for you but little upset also..jetli says we will come online ,will do chatting..KD goes from there ..vaani comes n asks why piddi n kd had gone..Sheeba tells that maya n jetli are going US.. she is also shattered.. Maya explains her we will come back soon..

Vani says to piddi i know you are very close to jetli sir n upset as they are going so you can rest can take leave..but he denies.. Vaani says we have to handle customers..piddi agrees.. Vaani says I am so excited for license of community center.. Someone says OH SHIT.. vaani and piddi look at each other…

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Update Credit to: Priya

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