Sadda Haq 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 17th April 2014 Written Update

Parth calls on his number and to his surprise, it’s Sanyukta who picks it up. She says she will return it tomorrow morning. A guard goes in the lab, but Sanyukta and Kastuki hide.

Next morning, Sanyukta is waiting for Randhir to come in the lobby. Parth comes. She stops him and asks him to move on a side. Then comes Randhir and she smiles. Randhir irritates seeing her looking at him. He continues walking and slips and falls in Sanyukta’s feet. Everyone laughs. Randhir looks back and can’t see anything. He wonders how he fell down. Sanyukta teases him and Kastuki takes Randhir’s photo. While Randhir is leaving, he hears Sanyukta returning phone to Parth and telling him he forgot in chemical lab. Parth asks Sanyukta if all okay. She hides the truth from him. Sanyukta and Kastuki celebrate. Vardhan is coming. Sanyukta gets down and cleans the floor from where he’s passing. Vardhan asks her if she’s okay. Parth wonders what’s happening. Other side, Randhir checks his shoe and figures it out that it was planned by Sanyukta. He also thinks that Parth supported her as he works in the chemical lab.

Kastuki is talking on the phone. YoYo is passing by where the chemical was. Kastuki asks him to stop. He gets excited with Kastuki taking his name. He runs and slips into Kastuki. Both get close. Jiggy sees it. He comes running and he too slips and kicks YoYo. YoYo is still happy.

Kastuki and Sanyukta are in the canteen. Randhir comes and to Sanyukta’s surprise, he apologizes to her for his yesterday’s behavior. He asks them if he can join them. He talks sweetly and tells her that she didn’t even ask for credit after doing so much. Even if her dad finds out now, he will be proud of her. Kastuki tells Randhir that he doesn’t know what all Sanyukta did. Sanyukta tells everything to Randhir how she accomplished this. Sanyukta’s father is there and he hears everything. Randhir smiles recalling how he called Sanyukta’s dad. Her dad scolds her despite her saying she just wanted to help him. Randhir says in his mind, if he can go out of the way to help her, then to take revenge, he can do anything. He then says, this will be fun. Sanyukta’s dad’s health is worsening, but he continues shouting at Sanyukta. He says, he will have to rectify his mistake, she did all she wanted, but not anymore. Now he will do what he should have done long time ago. He leaves. Randhir smiles. All students start gossiping. Sanyukta is hurt. Kastuki goes to her, but she doesn’t say anything. Kastuki then leaves.

Randhir tells Sanyukta, he is feeling so bad for her, but her dad is right. Girls shouldn’t get involved in business and they definitely don’t need to make someone fall in their feet to show their position. Sanyukta realizes that Randhir called her dad. He leaves. He is walking and says in his mind, she just made him fall in front of her, but he made her fall in front of her entire family. YoYo comes to Randhir. Randhir asks him to sit. YoYo says he can’t sit, he has a problem. Randhir asks why he’s smiling then. YoYo says, it’s such a pain in which you smile. Randhir says in his mind, right, even I smile in pain, but in that special pain which you enjoy giving to some people.

Sanyukta is searching for Randhir. Parth sees her and calls her, but she ignores. He follows her. She goes in the boys hostel and to Randhir’s room, but he’s not there either. Parth continues following. They come outside. He asks her what happened. She asks where is Randhir, he won’t be able to save from me today. He asks her what’s the matter. She asks him to do anything and calm her down. He says he won’t let her go in this condition. She asks him to leave her. He comforts her and she cries hugging him. She says she just wanted to help her dad. Randhir couldn’t even see that. He’s so coward that he can’t see his family problems and he’s creating so many problems for her. Both hug again. He tells her all will be okay. Both have a long and an intense eye lock. Phone rings and they realize it. They leave from there.

Randhir is now searching for Sanyukta. He wonders how is it possible that she didn’t come to fight with him. She should have been searching for him like crazy by now. Parth is sitting on stairs and is crying remembering him comforting Sanyukta. Sanyukta, on the other hand, is thinking how Parth comforted her. Parth looks at Arpita’s photo and says, please forgive me. I only (love) you. I am sorry.

Precap: Randhir sees Sanyukta and Parth together. He taunts that it’s not even an hour after family drama happened, and all this started. Some people have no shame. Parth comes forward and warns Randhir, he said this time, but don’t say anything like this about Sanyukta next time. Sanyukta feels happy.

Update Credit to: Tina

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