Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2014 Written Update

Baa says Rashi that though Kokila thinks her as her sister Jigna, she is a bahu of this house and houw can she remarry. Rashi says she is thinking of someone else’s marriage as Kokila may remember her past if she sees the marriage. Baa priases her for her idea.

Kinjal is arranging clothes in cupboard. Dhaval sees that and gets tensed as she might see the money he kept in cupboard. He asks her to get him tea before arranging clothes. Prateik asks Kinjal why is papa angry today. Dhaval asks Pratiek to study for his exam than thinking all this. He checks money and feels relieved.

Gop is serving food to kids. Kokila comes and asks where is Meeti. Gopi says she is drying clothes. She asks where is Mani. Just then Radha comes. Kokila scolds Radha for lazying around without working as Gopi is working instead being a guest. Rashi says Radha is kaamchor. Kokila asks Jigna/Rashi not to get well dressed as servants come inside the house pointing at Jigar. She says she will give her different clothes and takes her. Radha thinks I should remove this trouble out of the house first.

Radha brings soup for the kids and asks them to drink. Gauri looks at the soup. Radha says Gauri she will not get soup. Kokila sees that and scolds Mani/Radha for not giviing soup to Gauri. She asks her to bring soup for Gauri. Rashi comes dressed in shalwar/kameez. Kids says Jigna maasi is looking like Mani/Radha. Rashi says Kokila that she does not like these dresses. Radha mixes chilli powder in Gauri’s soup. She comes out and does not see kids. Kokila says we wil not waste soup and keeps kid’s bowls for Hetal and herself, she asks Radha/Mani to drink chilli powder soup. Radha drinks chilli soup and starts drinking. Kokila asks why is she crying. She says she is crying looking at her affection. Kokila asks her to drink the whole soup then.

Dhaval hides money in flower pot. He tries to remove money, but Prateik sees him and asks what is he doing with flower pot. Dhaval says he is trying to fix it and asks him to go and play outside. Prateik goes out.

Raashi asks kids if they don’t want her to wear shalwar/kameez and if they want kokila to get well soon, then they should help her. Ahem comes. Rashi asks him also to help. She says they will do toy’s marriage. Vidya says toy’s marriage is boring and does not want to do it. Gopi goes into flashback about toy’s marriage. She says kids even if they don’t like toy marriage, they have to do it for Kokila’s sake. Ahem says even he attended toy marriage once. Vidya sees she does not have doll. Gopi says she has doll.

Urvashi hears sound from bedroom and goes to find it. Dhaval had removed tile and hidden money in it. Urvashi asks what was he doing. Dhaval says he was repairing tiles. She goes, Dhaval feels relieved.

Ahem searches for toy/doll and finds it in a trunk under the bed. He picks the doll and remembers Meera playing with it. He starts crying remembering Meera and says he misses Meera a lot. Gopi sees him crying holding doll and goes to console him. She keeps her hand on Ahem’ shoulder. Ahem holds her hand and starts crying. He sees it is Gopi’s hand and pushes it. He goes out of the room with doll and clashes with Meera/Gauri. Gauri sees him crying and wipes his tears. She holds his hand, takes him near Gopi. She wipes Gopi’s tears and hugs Ahem and Gopi both. They all hug emotionally.

Precap: Radha alleges Gauri that she was trying to steal Gopi’s jewelleries.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. My god am gettin soo angry wid radah plz kick her out from the house enough is enough hw much more u ppl gonna drag the show if lot run out of ideas then finish it wid happy ending

  2. writers dont have any more idea so they are repeating storyline. It is high time this serial was packed off.

  3. please make it fast that everyone should know that gouri is the real mira . and show radha’s real face to everyone

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