Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kamal locking the door. Poonam is shocked and looks at him. She asks what are you doing, why did you close the door. He praises her and says you look good when you act innocent. He says he loves her since he saw her changing clothes in her room. Poonam thinks about it and asks him are you in your senses. He stops her and runs after her. He tells her he was the one who tried to see her in the bathroom. She says this is your truth, I m your brother’s wife, how can you think this. Kamal says its not mistake, you are so beautiful, your body is so nice, shall we………

Poonam says let me go, else you will regret. He says I have this chance. She says when Akash comes to know about this, he will not leave you. He says Akash already knows about it, I spoke to him infront of him, he has sent you to me, I have given him Rs 30 lakhs and he has given me you as the gift. Poonam is shocked. Kamal laughs. Poonam thinks about Akash’s words. Akash is upset that no one is helping him. He says I spoke to Poonam in anger, I should tell her sorry. He checks his phone and sees her message. He thinks about Kamal’s words that he lied to him.

Akash gets worried and says he has lied to me, but why. Who is this madam who will give them money, where did Kamal take her. Akash calls Poonam and could not connect. He says I will reach here soon. Akash leaves. Kamal asks Poonam to understand Akash’s helplessness. He says he has given you to me for money. He says he has sold you. Poonam cries. Kamal laughs. Kamal says don’t be shocked, your husband has sent you to me, we are family, if we all stay happy then its good. He says I need you.

Poonam slaps him. Poonam says don’t dare to lie about Akash to me, you think you will say anything and I will believe it, even if the Lord comes and says this, I won’t believe as I blindly believe him, he can sell himself but not me, only a cheap man can tell this. Kamal says relax, now you are mine. Poonam says leave my hand and runs. Poonam knocks the door. Kamal laughs. Kamal holds her. She pushes him and runs. Poonam hides in a cupboard. Akash is on the way. Kamal comes and sees the cupboard open.

He comes near it and opens it. Akash calls home and asks Mangla about Poonam. Mangla says she did not come back, what is the matter. Akash ends the call. Poonam beats Kamal with a vase. He falls. She tries to run from the window but he catches her leg. She runs out. Kamal runs after her. Akash is stuck in traffic. Akash is coming to Poonam running. Everyone are home are praying. Poonam runs a lot and is about to faint. Poonam falls and Akash holds her.

Kamal sees Akash. Akash holds Poonam. Poonam cries and hugs him. Akash says don’t tell me anything, I understood everything. Akash sees Kamal and he runs. Akash runs after him. Akash beats Kamal and scolds him. Akash brings Kamal home with Poonam. Everyone are shocked to see Kamal’s state. Shashikant asks what happened. Poonam cries.

Mangla scolds Kamal and blames his upbringing. Vimla cries. Ravikant asks Akash to call police.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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