The Buddy Project 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 16th August 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 16th August 2013 Written Update

Guilt ridden, Ruku back hugs RV and apologizes profusely. RV wipes his tears and turns around and tells her to slap him hard on the other cheek as well. When Ruku asks why, he replies teasingly that at least after slapping him she hugs him which prompts Ruku to raise her hand as if to hit him and he flinches as he smiles (*sigh* there go all my hopes for seeing a RaHi track. And I can’t seem to like VeeNi at all…kahan phas gayi main? ) Ruku just lightly touches RV’s cheek and hugs him (But I must say, Sonal has already improved so much! Or maybe she does well in dramatic scenes but not in romantic ones…jo bhi ho, at least she wasn’t as uncomfortable to watch as she used to be ) When the hug is over, RV says in a light manner that today’s broadcast ends today and tells her that he’d drop her to her hostel. But Ruku says if she heads hostel at this hour and someone catches her, she’d be immediately kicked out! RV puts on his thoughtful face and says he didn’t think of that and asks that after slapping him, she was heading somewhere so he will drop her there. Ruku hits him and he laughs asking so where would they go from here? Ruku asks doesn’t his big house has two rooms, one for him and one for her? RV is shocked and asks is she planning on slapping him again? Ruku retorts if he won’t open the lock of her room, all’s fine else she’d hit him with slaps, kicks and chappals all together. RV chuckles and promises not to do anything inappropriate and leads her to her room (waaahhh!)

ICC. Piddi is kissing two roses and tell the girls and RV that’s how boy and girl used to kiss in old movies. KD comes there and asks what’s going on and RV replies that Piddi is giving them all knowledge. Piddi then says now there’d be a demonstration as to how boy and girl kiss nowadays which disgusts the three girls. Piddi clarifies that he meant Kiya would demonstrate it on KD and all Buddies agree and Kiya pecks KD on the cheek. Piddi has FB of the girl who kissed him (AmBy’s tune…my most FAVORITE BG tune in TBP! ) and he goes all dreamy. Then suddenly, he excuses himself and rushes away. Panchi gets a call and she walks away as well. RV invites Ruku for coffee and she agrees. He asks her which kiss does she like? The old age one or 21st century one? Ruku retorts which chappal does he like, the old age one or 21st century one? RV fumbles and says he likes coffee and marches away with Ruku following him.

KD asks Kiya about her plans on the day after tomorrow and Kiya excitedly STTC that it’s her birthday on that day, he remembers! To him she says all coolly why is he asking? KD replies that it’s a holiday on that day so he was wondering if she’d accompany him to meet Shubh that day (Le! Inke syape khatam hi nahin honge ) Kiya STTC in a mad way that he remembers holiday but he doesn’t remember her only girlfriend’s birthday! She says to KD that she’d love to go with him but she has some personal plans on that day so she’d like to be excused. KD is disappointed but lets it go and says alright and asks shall they move? Kiya tells him to go ahead and he does and she angrily STTC that he’s a duffer for going away just she cuz she told him! Couldn’t he have insisted or something?! (Kiya, you’re a darling but not the best girlfriend in the world )

Piddi goes to that kiss wali girl as she’s drinking water and starts being all hinting towards that kiss. The girl ignores his antics for a while but when he doesn’t stop, she just smiles and pours the water on his head. Flowers fall on Piddi (It’s a full on copy paste AmBy scenario..I agree I didn’t like AmBy that much but still, I don’t like this. But again, Piddi’s one-track romantic mind is only capable of such reactions I guess ) The girl all coolly walks away and Piddi just dreamily watches her go.

KD is checking the notice board when Piddi comes behind him and excitedly hugs him, asking for his help? About what. Well, about how to take a girl on date, how to talk to them, approach them and all that jazz. KD is surprised at this and says for all this, Piddi needs a girl. Does he have a girl in his life? (Look at KD being all cool. Kal tak he was begging Piddi for all kinds of girl issue help and ab acting all cool. Similarly, kal tak Piddi knew everything about girls and today he’s back to square one! Love! *huffs*) Piddi becomes all dramatic and asks can’t he have feelings like a normal being? KD says he was just joking as it’s a surprise news for him but he’s proud of Piddi. Piddi says yesterday while joking, something beautiful happened to him and he gets all dreamy again. KD slaps him to bring him back to earth and Piddi asks for tips again. KD becomes all energized and tells him to have a grip on himself! Piddi says he ain’t going to war so that he’d need a grip on himself…times like these, it’s alright to just slip. KD laughs and Piddi’s caresses his kissed cheek. KD turns his attention to notice board while Piddi, not looking at him, urges him to say something. When Piddi notices KD, he becomes all dramatic that if KD won’t help him, he’d kill his own love before his next birthday. KD tells him to calm down and notices Kiya’s DOB on the notice board and realizes that her birthday is on 15th! (YA ALLAH! KD! TU KAISA BOYFRIEND HAI?!?! ) KD curses and Piddi asks what happened? KD tells him about Kiya’s forthcoming birthday and Piddi smirks that even he knew about it and KD is realizing it now. KD ignores it and takes out his cell.

Panchi is all sad in the canteen when she gets Avi’s call. She quickly picks it up. Avi is all cheerful on the call as he asks her how she is? Panchi replies fine and asks where is he? He says he just entered college. Panchi says she’s in the canteen and Avi drops the call saying he’d be right there. Panchi can’t wait so she stands up and turns around to leave, only to come face to face with Avi who is standing a few feet away from her, smiling at her (I’m a hypocrite I don’t like VeeNi but I like ViChi. Le! Whattay RaHi fan I am! xD) She smiles at him and rushes to hug him (d’awww!!!) She is all happy in the hug and Avi calls her attention to the fact that everyone is watching them. She gets a little embarassed and asks if he’s still mad at her? She called him and texted him as well but she couldn’t reach him the whole night. Avi replies his phone’s battery died so he couldn’t take any calls but he did read her texts. She asks why did he not call her back and Avi says he was with some friends and he got a little busy so it slipped his mind. Panchi is still not convinced that he forgave her and he assures him that he forgot all about that incident and asks her to give him that cute smile of hers. Panchi gives him a small smile and he says he’s off to class but they do have a outing plan for the evening, right? Panchi nods and he walks away. Panchi is not entirely happy with things turned out cuz she was worried the whole night and he didn’t bother to call her back.

Kiya comes in the washroom and sees a sadly thoughtful Panchi standing there. She asks her what’s wrong? Panchi avoids the subject at first but at Kiya’s insistence, Panchi tells her everything about the fight and how she was up all night worried while Avi forgot all about the fight with his friends. She’s sure he didn’t even think about her as well! (Darlin’, you kind of did the same ) Kiya flares up that all boys are like that, taking us for granted! Panchi asks did KD mess up again? And Kiya angrily says he so conveniently forgot her birthday and planned to meet his brother on that day! Panchi is shocked and gets mad as Kiya and curses the boys! She tells Kiya that she’d go and get KD on the line but Kiya stops her from going saying that right now, she just wants to wait and watch if KD remembers her birthday at all or not. The girls are NOT pleased

The boys are on the stairs and KD is all in Majnu mode for forgetting Kiya’s birthday. RV says it’s good that he remembered it else Kiya would’ve killed KD. KD says he’s an idiot and RV thanks God that KD at least admitted it but wipes that smile off his face at KD’s glare. KD gets up saying he’d go to Kiya right now and tell her that he remembers her birthday and then plan a surprise for her! But RV stops him saying that he should let this game go on like this. Let her be mad at him for not remembering the birthday and till then, he should prepare a nice surprise for her. Then on the D-Day, he should just tell her that he never forgot it, he just didn’t want the surprise to be spoiled. Piddi is surprised at RV’s skills but KD says the last surprise wasn’t so pleasant and he has no clue what to do now! RV suggests throwing a party at his place for Kiya which Piddi turns down cuz according to his experience, the couple’s first birthday should be private and quiet. RV sarcastically asks when did Piddi get to experience such stuff anyway to which Piddi has no reply. The kiss girl pass them by, saying hi to Piddi. Piddi gets excited that the girl only greeted him and not them and rushes after her. RV is confused at his behavior and KD tells him that Piddi is in love. RV nods thoughtfully and KD turns his attention to his problem. Before RV can say anything, he gets a call from Ruku who informs him that she’s been waiting for so long for him in the library. RV rushes from there and in reply to KD’s problem, he just tells him not to say a word to Kiya and by tonight they’ll cook up a nice surprise for Kiya. KD is thoughtful and then gets an idea which excites him but then he sits down again, more lost than ever.

KD in his hostel room at night, cursing RV for not calling back. Just then, his roomate comes in with a girl. KD is not that pleased but the guy tells KD that he wants to spend personal time with his GF and if KD’s GF was to come tomorrow, he’d gladly vacant the room for him. Disgusted, KD leaves the room in silence and sits outside. He STTC that after the flop date show, taking Kiya out is a bad idea. He looks around and gets an idea of bringing Kiya over to the hostel! It’d be simple and sweet and a new experience for Kiya. Brilliant idea overall! (Chalo ji, ye birthday tou gayi paani mein )

Precap – Same as yesterday.

Update Credit to: Spicysugar

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