Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th August 2013 Written Update

Please note that the snake in question and mentioned in my update is the cobra or Naga in Indian languages

The show starts off with an agitated Gopi asking for Radha’s whereabouts and Kokila calming Gopi with Radha would be somewhere around. They go and look for her.

Savita with her daughter in law – correct me if I am wrong – having a small talk with the snake charmer. Well he is searching for his run away snakes. Has a bit of argument with Savita.

Meanwhile one snake slithers away inside the Modi Home. And one snake stays put somewhere inside the compound.

The snake charmer is worried about his missing snakes, finally finds one and is about to leave, Savita questions whether all snakes are found, the charmer leave that he cannot find other, and leaves. Savita looks upset.

Inside the Modi home :- Radha is walking, holding some puja materials, Gopi and Kokila coming in the opposite direction, towards Radha. Cutting across is the snake. Scared Radha joins equally scared Gopi and Kokila. Snake goes into the kitchen.

Hetal calls Ahem and Jigar. Kokila calls Raashi, informs of the snake and asks her to stay wherever she is. Raashi in turn asks if full snake family invaded the home.

Ahem Jigar come and the search begins. Snake has got into the vegetable cart. After some search, including Jigar mistaking a rope for the snake. Ahem sees the snake, gets a basket made from bamboo shoot type material. Asks Jigar to tilt the vegetable stand, which Jigar does ad snakes falls into the basket.

As Ahem and Jigar take the basket out of the home ; in comes Madhu and crashes in the brothers. And as it happened the snake escapes. Kokila angrily admonishes Madhu who looked piqued, small faced.

Everyone is scared gets on top of the furniture ‘ sofas, chairs etc. Urmilaa and Kinjal too have come along with Madhu.

Madhu begins her lecture on good things of puja, vows and Naga pleasing’s. Kokila has opposing views and stops Madhu further speaking on the virtues of pleasing the snake.

Finally the family decides to call a professional snake catcher.

In between, Urmilaa moves away from Raashi, because Raashi supposedly smells of the snake – she held it in her hand. Also Raashi applies some moisture of cream to her hands to get the smell of her – Raashi.

Radha feels uneasy and Gopi offers water, but Radha refuses water and break her vow. Madhu too supports Radha.

Meanwhile Jayanthilal calls Gopi and gets to know of the problem. He assures her that he would get someone.

Jayanthilal brings a snake charmer, and this charmer is out to loot and fool Raashi.

Lights go off and Snake charmer blowing his instrument catches up with Raashi ; after some persuasion Raashi parts her valuable ring for a fake ring which has a fake ruby supposed to control snakes as well as human beings.

Gopi and Kokila find Raashi and finds Raashi calm ; Raashi had screamed for Jigar when the light went out. Raashi gives some odd excuse.

Episode Ends On Gopi’s Anxious Face ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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