Amita Ka Amit 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 16th August 2013 Written Update

Amit is at home when Amita (holding her teddy), Jigna and Batuk come home. Amu is surprised to see him here. Batuk explains teasing him as a hubby who is found at home after office. She again turns to Amit. You said you had so much work in office then? He says it was but now its done. She is surprised. If you would have told me then I would have asked you to pick us from there. He says I was tired wanted to come home directly. She cutely says you are forgiven. Now tell me about what MIL said. You must have told her I would be Radha. You couldn’t have held it back. He declines saying I dint tell anything you only tell. He leaves from there quietly. Right then Fallu comes asking as to what happened. What were you about to tell me? Now you wont be a gopi even? Amu sadly agrees with her I am not a gopi….Fallu says (upset) I knew…Amu happily shares she has become Radha. I only told Amit when I will tell you, you would be super happy. fallu is indeed super happy. She calls out to everyone. They all come there hearing her. She tells them my daughter-in-law has become Radha. Tina and Ria go blank while everyone else is elated with the news. Tina would you not wish Amu? Regaining their sense Tina and Ria wish Amu. Nani calls for a snacks party. Batuk sides with her instantly. Amu goes to call Amit.

Everyone is seated in the living area. Jigna is complimenting Sid saying he does have an eye for talent. He knew how to bring out her inner Radha. He is so intelligent…Batuk adds hot. Everyone looks at each other’s faces and Batuk diverts it to samosa. Amit is sitting with a sad face. Nani teases Batuk about eating samosas. He too agrees with Jigna. Tina too is amazed how in a night Amu became Radha from gopi. Amu agrees to it. He is very good….a little different. Amit listens to all this upset. He excuses himself to get water. Amu notices this.

He comes in the kitchen and Amu’s words echo in his head. The real credit goes to Siddhant Sir. He only made me Radha. He is clutching on the chair and is visibly upset. Tina’s comment too reverberates in his mind. Amu comes there for some work but stops on seeing Amit looking lost. Why are you here? You came to get water. He agrees I am going. Looking around he asks for glass. She asks him when you don’t know where glasses are kept then why you came to fetch water for yourself. He doesn’t know what to say….if you want to help then do or I will do it on my own. She stops him. What has happened to you are you upset over something? He declines. She tells him he can lie but his eyes cannot. Hope you are happy that I became Radha? He consents. She still insists to know. He puts it on office work. She isn’t convinced but he stays put. Finally she has a naughty smile on her face. Agreed but I have something to ease your tension. She asks him to look someplace and sweetly plants a kiss on his cheek. He goes all shy / embarrassed. Batuk coughs. She thinks of glasses and hastily goes to get them. Batuk comes closer to Amit and coughs again. Amit says fatty if your cough can be alright on its own or should I help? Batuk smiles in response. All is well after looking at you both. I had never thought you will be such a good husband who will support his wife this much. Amit is doubtful and asks him who said so. He takes Amu’s name. The moment she sat inside the car she was all appreciations for you. He starts mimicking Amu. Amit is too good I wouldn’t be able to do all this if he wasn’t there. She bored me speaking about you all the time. Amit stands lost in Batuk’s words. Fatty, you are telling the truth? Did she say it for real? Batuk affirms. I could dance too as I thought he was looking at me. She was missing you very much. If you could have stopped then it would have been very good. Amit has a calm smile on his face.

Amu is setting the bed when Amit walks in holding his stomach (as if in pain). She goes to him worried as soon as she notices this. He tells her about his stomach ache. He stops her when she thinks of going to check on medicines. I have checked in the whole house but they are not here. She thinks of talking to her MIL. He says I take a different medicine for my stomach. No one at home has that will have to go out to get it. He turns to go asking her to accompany her. She starts walking but stops noticing her nightie. I will be back in a minute. He says I have stomach ache and you are worried about changing your clothes? Keep sitting in the car I will get medicine. If I go out alone this late and if something happens to me then? She gets emotional telling him not to say such thing. They both go out. He is driving the car and she keeps asking if he is feeling pain. He doesn’t say anything just nods or blinks his eyes. Finally he stops the car. We came where we should have been. You wanted to dance before me but I left. I am sorry for that. She asks him if he brought her here to apologize. He replies I brought you here to say what every fan tells their artist after the performance. Once more! She is confused. He explains that he missed her special performance in the morning so would you again (dance for me)? She agrees nodding her head more than happy. But rehearsal hall is closed and I am not even wearing proper clothes. He fetches a bag from the backseat. She is very happy looking at the clothes. He tells her to not worry about entering the rehearsal hall. The gate is closed but there is no watchman. He suggests climbing over it turn by turn. As soon as he steps on the gate it slides open and he moves with it. They both get inside finally but the rehearsal hall is locked. He starts to pull at it trying to break open as she smiles looking at him. He stands back as the idea dint work. Do you have any other idea? She has! He enters inside through the large window but she is unable to. He bends down to help her climb over and enter but as soon as she steps over him (she is heavy). He stretches well before entering inside. She goes to change into her dress. She dances very graciously. He is all smiles looking at her. she dances very beautifully and they both get in to a sweet eye lock.


He says if I wouldn’t have seen your performance today then for sure I would have missed a lot. She thanks him. I could never dance so well. This is my best performance. If Siddhant Sir would have been here he would be so happy. amit’s smile disappears hearing his name. She hugs him but he doesn’t hug her back upset. She wants to dance this way in front of Sir once. He will be so happy. You too will have to come that day. He will praise me so much you will see. He stands still not responding and she asks him what happened. He says I was thinking something. The guard switches on the light. Who are you? How did you come in are you thieves? Amu tells him she comes here for rehearsal every day was doing that only. He asks her is this time for rehearsal. Amit apologizes. We shouldn’t have been here at this hour. He gives him some money startling Amu. The guard tells them to leave and they oblige.


Amit is already asleep which goes unnoticed by Amu. She is thinking of buying new clothes for everyone on Gokulashtami. She turns to him excited asking what you will buy for me. Asleep already? Am I so bore? Its not good to sleep without saying goodnight. She tickles him to say these 2 words. He gets up asking what happened Amita. She says said 3 words instead of 2 that too wrong? And why are you staring at me like this? Dint wish me goodnight and now you are getting upset on me. He wishes her so and is about to sleep when she stops him. Can I ask you something? I became Radha but who would be Kanha? Would I dance with any random person just like that? It would be better if it is some acquaintance. He replies why are you asking me for I am not going to be Kanha. She smiles. If you do then you will look very cute….my bespectacled Kanha. Plus you would look and expert in studies rather than in stealing butter. When you will come to rehearsal hall to drop me I will tell Sid Sir to take your audition as well. He wont refuse me ever. Amit goes quiet / hurt. I am not going to drop you my driver will. Take his audition. She quizzes him about it. He again cites urgent office work. Can I sleep now? Wishing her goodnight he gets inside the quilt.

Amit is working on something. He lashes out at his junior as Mr. Mehta is late for meeting. You should tell him about professionalism. I will cancel the meeting if he doesn’t come on time. The junior brings him back to sense. He is our old client this way we might lose him. amit exhales. He apologizes to him for shouting like that. Order my food as well when you are ordering yours. The junior exits.

Amit’s phone rings. He is not in a mood to talk to Amu but picks it up asking her to come say what she wants to. I don’t have time say it fast. She in turn asks him to guess it. He tells her not to speak in riddles. Please say it fast. She excitedly says, Krishna’s role has been finalised. She turns to see Sid Sir acting as a Krishna dancing happily amongst the gopi’s. Siddhant Sir has become Krishna. Amit is super shocked. Amu appreciates his dance. I am already nervous. His dance is amazing. Looking at him it feels Kanha is dancing for real. We cannot find a better Kanha than him. his grace, performance, energy (are unmatched / awesome).

Precap: Amu says I forget all my steps looking at his performance. It feels like watching him all the time. Can you please come to rehearsal hall after your meeting? I danced very well in front of you if you would be here then I would have moral support. Amit reaches outside rehearsal hall only to see Amu and Sid talking away happily amongst each other. He stands looking at them as they continue laughing.

Update Credit to: pooja

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