The Buddy Project 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 16th April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 16th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts from Vaani dancing at her cafe.. She says to buddies, we have to decide about innaugration ceremony…Kd thanks vaani for pastries.. Kd wants to go for a meeting.. vaani advices him to make his office at her cafe.. because she has very much space. She shows him the cabin..Kd gets mr. kumar’s call and tells him address..

Mr kumar comes there for meeting..He says its very good office very nice…Sheeba calls piddi.. She asks, Are you getting what was there inside when they are cleaning the house..She says she thinks there is something between vaani and kd.. Piddi says are you mad? he loves so much kiya..there is nothing like this..

Kd says Sir really looking forward next meeting.. Vaani asks about meeting.,.He says this cafe is very lucky for me..Sheeba calls vaani she wants to talk about kd..She tells her that you also know,kd is in serious relationship.. you are really nice girl but i think you like KD.. She explains her not to cross limits..Vaani says i know sheeba but i m not doing anything .. I am just his friend.. she says dont worry i like KD but i dont do anything wrong..
Later she thinks i cant change what i feeling for him.. I m seeing he likes me why should i stop myself..

Next scene maya is in meeting ..she lost in thoughts. Her colleagues ask about project but she excuses herself and goes to her cabin..She is very upset as jetli is leaving her..She thinks why dont he tell me this? i was negative because of him once he thinks i will do again…Why cant he share this to me ..She decides there will be nothing wrong happen…

Here Jetli thinks he had hurted maya a lot.. She was living in pain for 10 yrs. she dont deserve that..He says my friends need me in US but maya also needs me fact i need her ..I promised her not to leave her alone..

Jetli gets bob’s call from US .He denies to go there..He says he will solve all problem remotely..he says its not possible i cant come..Bob agrees.. He thinks to do something special for maya..

KD asks vaani not to do anything for him..she says you are special so i did all this..piddi comes n tells he got an offer for vaani’s cafe..Kd asks how would you convince others.. Vaani thanks piddi.. she says you all did ..piddi is nervous.. kd asks what happened.. Piddi asks vaani He wants to work in her cafe as a proper employee..kd says what about your dad’s business.. piddi says i want to earn my own .i will work temporary right now because i need experience.. vaani says i cant pay you proper now.. Later she suggests him to work in partnership with her.

Jetli comes to cafe piddi thanks him to show him right path. Jetli congratulates vaani as she got new business partner. vaani asks about maya.. He asks them for a favour..Kd says what kind of favour..

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Update Credit to: Priya

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