Madhubala 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Madhubala 16th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with RK standing infront of the truck. The truckdriver scolds him. RK leaves his bag there and leaves. Madhu and RK look out for each other. RK and Madhu are near. A truck comes in between them and they don’t see each other. A man tells Madhu that RK came infront of the truck but was safe, he left his bag there. Madhu gets RK’s bag and hugs it. She sees the wallet in it and thinks of him. RK sits in a hotel and asks for food. The man says give me money. RK says I don’t have money. The man asks him to leave. RK wants to drink water but the man does not allow him to drink.

Bittu is worried about Madhu. Bittu asks Sweety whats the address of Madhu’s office. Sweety says let me sleep. Bittu says come with me, Madhu did not come home till now, its 2am. Mami says Madhu always come late. Mami is shocked to see Abhay’s call. Abhay says now everything will happen tomorrow. Mami says Bittu wants to see Madhu. Abhay says bring him in tomorrow’s party. Mami is tensed and says but. Abhay says bring him, it will be fun. Mami tells Bittu that Madhu is busy in office, so her boss called to inform us, its his birthday tomorrow, he called you too. Bittu says yes, sure, he has given money for Dida’s treatment, Madhu is lucky to work with him.

Madhu comes to police station and tells about RK being missing since 7 years. They laugh on her and ask her to come after 24 hours. Madhu thinks about RK. She gets Abhay’s message that are you finding RK. She comes back home and looks for RK at home. RK is not in the room. She gets worried. Abhay comes there and says only that happens which I want. Madhu is shocked seeing him. He says I m surprised that you tried to make me away from my fan, but he came back himself. She says make me meet him once. He says wait till evening. Madhu says once. He says he is getting ready for my birthday party. He says meet him in evening, don’t worry, I m not lying, its my birthday.

He says its a gentleman’s promise, go and get ready, as its not less than 70mm film, everything will be there. He says Kanha also can’t change what I have written. He sings happy birthday to me.

The party starts. Dolly says its not a good day, its sad day as Abhay will lose all his property. Pam and Nikhil are worried about Abhay’s surprise. Ananya says Abhay is not here till now, all the guests came. Tamanna comes wearing a saree. Madhu talks to her and asks about RK. Madhu says RK is not at home, please make me meet RK. Tamanna smiles and says Abhay has promised you that he will torture you, so he will keep it. She says just chill and enjoy the party.

Abhay comes there dressed as a groom. Everyone are surprised. Abhay tells them that he got married. Abhay looks at Madhu to hurt her. Pam and Nikhil are shocked. He says I m no more single now, I m married. The media asks about his wife. Abhay says you have to wait for that, when she comes infront of you. Madhu asks Abhay about RK. Abhay says you are so selfish, can’t you say congrats to me. Abhay says he will come soon. Madhu is worried The media asks Pam about Abhay’s marriage, who is she feeling. Abhay says she is very angry knowing this, after all everything is taken away from her. Abhay smiles.

Abhay asks Madhu to do as he says. Abhay asks Madhu to do the bride’s Mu dikhai. Madhu and everyone are shocked to see the bride.

Update Credit to: Amena hasan

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