Beintehaa 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Beintehaa 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Beintehaa 16th April 2014 Written Update

Zain and Aaliya are walking towards their house. Zain says their partnership always works. A tempo comes with Saira and Abdul’s marriage furniture. Aaliiy and Zain get shy when Fahad and Usman tauntingly asks who are Saira and Abdul. Tempo guy asks if Saira an Abdul stay here. Usman points at Zain/Aaliya. Tempo guy asks why did they come without taking their marriage furniture. Usman asks him to check with Zain/Aaliya. Usman and his family enter their house with Barkath. Surayya says Barkath she must not be remembering, but a lot of memories are there in this house. She asks Fahad to show their house to Barkath. Tempo guys counts the furniture and asks Zain to sign. He says Zain/Aaliya that their owner is a good guy. Aaliya taunts that we work for Usman Abdullah and he is a good guy. Zain gives tips to the tempo guy. He gives him back and says it will help them in their marital life and goes from there.

Zain asks Aaliya why did she lie that they are servant of this house. Aaliya says if he would have heard that we are not servants, he would have felt bad. Chandbibi comes and sees furniture and asks who furniture is this. Zain and Aaliya does not say anything. Chandbibi says driver is about to marry and she will gift him this furniture. Zain and Aaliya say no. She says she will keep it in store room. They say no. She then asks where to keep. They say to keep in their room.

Surayya and Usman show Barkath her childhood clothes. Abhi mujhme kahin….. song plays in the background. Barkath picks her clothes emotionally and thanks them saying abbu and ammi. Surayya asks her to tell the word again. Barkath calls her ammi again. She happily looks at her clothes and toys. Zain and Aaliya walk from there and see Usman and Surayya happily talking to Barkath and get happy. Surayya sees them and asks them to come in. She holds Aaliya’s hands and thanks her for bringing back Barkath. She says Usman and she is very happy. Aaliya says her happiness is in their happiness. Surayya says she could not even thank her. Usman comes and says Aaliya Surayya wants to thank her. Aaliya says she did her duty. Usman says these qualities are found in good people like her. Surayya says Usman saheb is right. Barkath thanks Zain and Aaliya for finding her. Aaliya says Barkath that she had to come back as she has such a lovely parents and brothers. Barkath hugs Aaliya.

Aaliya is trying to put bright bedsheet on Barkath’s bed. Zain says sober bedsheet will be good as Barkath will get nice sleep. They both start fighting. Barkath watches them fighthing. Zain and Aaliya see him and asks which bedsheet she likes. Barkath says she likes both bedsheets as they both look cute to her and asks them to look after their marriage furniture. Zain and Aaliya come and see their marriage furniture. Zain says he wants to tell her something. She says even she wants to tell her something. They both ask to tell first. Zain says he will tell and then says their tuning is very solid and nobody can defeat them. Aaliya says when they are together they don’t even fight. Aaliya asks he told about the team work thing even outside and asks what he wants to tell now. Zain says they both can stay as a good friend. They both look at each other romantically. Zain asks if she likes being his friend. She says she accepts his friendship in the name of Allah. Zain also says even he accepts her as his friend in the name of Allah. Ishq ishq hai… song plays in the background. Aaliya tries to hug him and he tries to shake hands. They both then shake hands and say friends.

Precap: Meer Khan beats Barkath asking for money. Zain saves her and warns him.

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