Balika Vadhu 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 16th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Anandi hugging Amol’s clothes and starts crying. Saachi comes and tries to console her. Anandi asks Kanha ji, why Amol is being punished? She prays to the Lord to take care of Amol. Amol is missing Anandi and says I know you are praying for me. I want to come to you. He sees beggars having a laugh. He misses Anandi. Rakhi comes to meet Saurabh in Jail. Saurabh gets happy to see her. He asks when did you return home? Rakhi asks, did you really rape Saachi? Saurabh says if I enjoy with her then what is the issue. Rakhi says, it matters. If anything happens to me then…….Saurabh asks her to shut up. Saurabh says, she framed me in the case. Rakhi says, you are sick. I would have support Vivek bhaiyya if I had been here.

She says, everyone are suffering because of you. Rakhi informs him that Vivek got married to Saachi. She says, I am so proud of him. She hopes that Saurabh changes for good. Saurabh is shocked to know about Saachi and Vivek’s marriage.

Gehna and her mom comes to meet Kanchan at her inlaws home. Dadisaa asks, why did you call us? Manish’s mom says, we don’t need a daughter in law who can’t give us a heir. She asks them to take Kanchan back. Dadisaa says, you can’t do that. Manish’s mom says, take your daughter. She is not having any relations with my son anymore. Gehna’s mom pleads with her and asks her to keep Kanchan. Manish’s mom says, we don’t need her. She begs infront of her. Dadisaa feels helpless. Manish’s mom asks them to leave. Dadisaa warns her to keep the stuff down. Dadisaa says they are not worth of Kanchan and says let’s go. Kanchan leaves with family.

Dadisaa brings Kanchan to her haveli. Kanchan is in shocked state. Gehna asks her to have tea. Kanchan is still silent. Ganga comes and asks her to take care of Abhi for sometime. Kanchan asks, will you leave your son with me? I can’t become a mom again. Ganga says, our thinking is not so old. She asks her to take care of Abhi. Gehna watches this.

Kanchan talks with Abhi and says we will be friends soon. She asks Abhi to smile. Abhi smiles. Kanchan smiles too. Gehna and Ganga are happy. Lady beggar comes to Amol and threatens him. She says, I will teach you the tricks of begging and gives him food to eat. Amol sees her slapping a boy for getting less money. They lock that boy with Amol. Amol looks at him.

Ganga speaks with Jagya about Kanchan’s condition. She says, is there any way with which she can become a mom. Jagya says, you know very well about Kanchan’s problem. Jagya asks him to talk to Manish and Kanchan about surrogacy. Jagya says, Dadisaa will refuse surely. Ganga says, it is the only way out. We will talk to Dadisaa. Jagya agrees.
That boy sees Amol’s id card and says you go to school. He says, I know you. Sonu told me about you. Amol recalls him. He says, they kidnap me as well when I was very young. I cried for my parents. Amol asks him to help him. He says, it is not easy to go from here. Amol says, my mom freed Sonu and some kids from here. My mom will freed us too. You will also go to school. That boy says, lets see what we can do.

Amol’s school friends distribute pamplets about Amol to the people. Shiv tells his family that Inspector get a boy but don’t know if he is Amol. They go to see the child.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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