Dil Dosti Dance 16th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 16th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 16th April 2014 Written Update

Swayam comes out of Sharon’s house cheerfully and asks Rey to leave. Rey asks him how Sharon was. He says she is fine but notices him a bit disturbed. He says he can share if there is a problem. Rey tells him he expressed his feelings to Kriya. Swayam appreciates him but he says that she rejected him. Swayam says he can understand it, she is the one who is most hurt at this time; she lost her mother when she go to England, then Rey had returned her love by telling her that she was only a good friend. Now she is afraid to suffer another setback. Rey was frustrated and asks what he should do about it. Swayam says he must stay normal with her, making her feel comfortable with him so that she doesn’t know what he is thinking. Rey says thanks man. Swayam boasts himself as cool. Rey suggests this formula can apply to him and Sharon as well. Swayam urges him to leave.

Ruhi locks Sharon in the store room
Sharon is in her bed thinking about Swayam when she gets a call. It was Ruhi. Sharon tells her she will talk to her in the college tomorrow but Ruhi was crying and insists her upon listening to her apology about what she had done to her. She was crying and tells Sharon that by tomorrow she might probably leave the world forever. Sharon gets worried, tries to relax her and tells her she was coming to meet her at her home. Ruhi says she was not home and gives her an address where she was now. She hangs up. Sharon calls Swayam but his number was busy. She thinks how stupid Ruhi was; she was going to suicide and also giving her her address. She thinks she should hurry to her and leaves. She arrives at the address Ruhi had given; it was a kind of store. Sharon shouts Ruhi’s name but there was no reply, she tries her number but there was no network. All at once Ruhi closes the door from outside. Sharon runs to the door and asks to open it. Ruhi calls from outside that now Sharon will have to leave the world till tomorrow morning as heavens have opened their doors for her. Sharon tries Swayam’s number but can’t get the signals; she throws her cell phone on the floor, and starts to pant while she cries.

Rey tries to get normal with Kriya.
Kriya was in the cafeteria worried had she said a lot to Rey. She thinks he might have minded it, but then shrugs the idea thinking he did it very abruptly. She was about to leave and drops her coffee cup when Rey gets hold of her. She asks him when he came her. He tells her by sitting just when she was deep in thought about someone, then suggests was it about him? He begins to leave saying she should be in time for musical practice and he was going to take class. Kriya wonders he was behaving quite normal.

Swayam gets the news about Sharon’s kidnapping
Swayam was on the stairs busy with the mobile when Ruhi taps him on his shoulder. She asks him why he looked worried. He tells her Sharon called him. She thinks how that was possible when the store-room did not have any signals. Swayam tells her that now her number was not responding. She was relieved. She tells him not to worry as Sharon might be asleep now. He says she wakes up by this time. She reminds him she was not well yesterday. He was not much convinced but lets it go. She leaves telling him she was going to library foe issuing some books before her class.

Rey comes to Swayam. Swayam says he was very cheery today. Rey says he was doing just what he had told him to and Kriya was getting impressed. Rey asks him where Sharon was. Swayam tells him she called at night but now her cell phone went off. Swayam gets a call from Sharon’s home. He says ‘yes Sharon?’ it was not her but Kaka. He listens saying what? Then tells Rey that Sharon had come home in the evening but in the morning she is not at home. Rey repeats ‘Sharon is not home.’ Then shocked again “Sharon is not home?”

PRECAP: They all including Ruhi were in the rehearsal hall wondering where Sharon could have gone. Kriya also comes worried. Nil suggest either she has been kidnapped or she ran away with someone. Swayam says had she run away with someone, atleast one of them had known. They tell VP about it, he was shocked and says they should call Police.

Update Credit to: Niki

  1. The ruhi is very irritating yaar thow this girl out of this serial but i love swayam nd sharon’s pair :-))

  2. Ruhi was nice but she I the villian .Ruhi’s episodes was too old.I like Sharon and Swayum but not more than Rey and kriya.

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