The Buddy Project 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 15th April 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 15th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts from vaani’s cafe.. Mr Khanna comes and meets KD.. KD tells about khanna that he is manager who manages artists whom i want to promote through my website…..Kd says i m working here part time so i called you here if you dont mind..Mr khanna says not a problem its nice place… He says i cant see any artist.Khanna introduces shesha as artist..She sha tells about helself.She conquered 3 reality shows and all competetions in school. She says she can handle study and start up together easily but i came here only for khanna uncle.I dont need him actually he needs me ..He is my dad’s friend. Actually he wants to earn from my start up. Vaani comes and serves them coffee and pestries… vaani says shesha, you have achieved so much in this age , you are really incredible..Kd thanks vaani…
Khanna asks about the deal, how much you will pay to shesha?…Vaani says she is so good , She will be suparstar. This deal is nothing you can earn in crores in future..KD explains that this is startup company where we will promote artists and in future, you will get profit.. I guarantee .
Vaani asks shesha to decide about it..Shesha says to khanna, she wants to associate with them..They want to pay vaani for coffee but she denies that she has not started cafe yet..But shesha insists her to take payment..n goes from there.. Piddi n sheeba congrates KD and vaani also as she got her first bill… Vaani is looking at rupees. piddi asks if you are happy then why are you crying. Vaani says its very big thing for me..After so much struggle i HAVE OPENED MY CAFE..and these rupees proves that i didnt mistake.. Everyone discourage me including my family.But today I am near to my dream. She puts that money in a jaar..Sheeba asks pidddi what happened.. He tells that vaani is happy n emotional too..She is very happy as she got first bill of cafe..He asks is there any problem with me.. Sheeba says you have your dream will take care of others. he says i want to be like vaani..want to earn my own money..Sheeba says I have full faith on you, you will earn 10 crores n kisses him.

Next scene jetli comes in his room n checks laptop.. He thinks I hope maya didnt see that tickets… Maya is walking on road and crying ..She comes home n cries thinking all moment with jetli.. She looks at jetli’s photo n says everything was fine. I want to spent my whole life with you but now you are going away from me I am so shattered.. She gets jetli’s call But she breaks phone..

jetli goes to maya’s home and says, maya, what happens? I am calling you alot but you didnt pick. Maya says, i was busy alot and then my battery got dead and i forgot charger at your home then i was so tired, ok you wait there. I will be back. Jetli says to himself, i thought she didnt see anything on laptop, i pray to God that she didnt see it. Jetli sees maya’s photo and says to himself, she really loves me alot, i am not feeling good to leave her alone. Maya see jetli then jetli says to maya, come and join me on dinner. Maya says, why did you bother. Jetli says, its never enough for me to spent time with you. Jetli and maya then takes dinner. KD reaches his home and his brother says to him, dada, today you again gets late. his brother see the KD’s gift and see pastry and a letter in it. KD read letter and gets tensed. KD says, i love kiya and i cannot do this to her. KD see kiya’s photo and says, please kiya come fast. I am not complete without you. KD says, this is not what it looks like. Ranveer is not with me that why i cant do work. There is nothing at all, i am just over reacting. I just helped her so that she can feel like this. Kd again goes towards kiya’s photo and says, i going mad without you, please come fast.

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