Dil Dosti Dance 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 15th April 2014 Written Update

Rey says I love you to Kriya. He asks her was she surprised at how easily he could express his feelings. He was continuously thinking about it when she was away, but he said it so easily today. He hugs her but she pushes him back. She says how easy it has always been for him to say I love you, how easy it is for him to express his feelings and emotions and then how easy it is for him to change his decision and move away. She says that he himself said that when he came forward, she had backed up and when she tried to get close he change his mind. They better should remain apart now. Rey tries to speak but she asks him not to say anything about it.

Ruhi’s behaviour suddenly changes
Sharon wakes up and sees Ruhi standing beside her bed. She smiles at her and gives her the

medicine and the juice telling that doctor instructed her to give it immediately as she wakes up. Sharon was reluctant to take but she says she can taste it if she doesn’t trust her. She was very polite. Sharon was about to ask when she tells her Swayam was in the washroom and is coming. Sharon takes the juice and medicine. Ruhi says sorry to her for hurting her in any way she did. Sharon thinks about how doctor had worried if she was taking her medicines in time. Swayam comes there asking had she taken the medicines. Ruhi tells him she gave the medicines, he should take Sharon home now. Sharon thinks how she can get so normal so suddenly. Ruhi urges them to leave as it was closing timings and leaves.

Kriya denies Rey’s love
Rey asks Kriya why she was saying like this. Kriya says because it was so a month ago, he said to her that he just considered her a good friend. Rey says that he didn’t understand it then. She says that they have long been in a relationship, how could he not understand. He confesses that he was afraid then, maybe. She says that love can never flourish with fear. Then he was afraid, now she is. He tries to convince her that their destinations are same, she objects saying they are here only for dance. As soon as the dance affiliation gets finalized, they will both go their ways. Rey ask her that when now destiny was bringing them to realization of each other’s love, why was she denying it. He holds her by her arms tight. She says he is hurting her. He leaves her immediately saying sorry for every time he hurt her. Today you are afraid just because what I did. Kriya says that they have to look after a lot of work related to musicals right now, they should both behave professionally. She leaves saying she has a lot to do, hides by the side of the door and cries. Rey stands still in the hall. He gets a call. It was Swayam; he asks ‘are you alright?’ Rey says ‘yes he is fine’. Swayam asks him for his car to drop Sharon home; Rey says he is just coming. Swayam hang up thinking there is something wrong with him.

The car arrives at Sharon’s place. Rey tells her that she could have stayed at his place. She thanks her. Swayam says he is going to stay with her tonight. She says they have much work to do, he must better leave. Swayam tells her not to talk much and asks at least he could drop her upstairs? She agrees. Rey tells Swayam to go inside as he waits in the car. After they leave, he thinks how they both don’t ever show but cares a lot about each other. He thinks how he can assure Kriya that he was really sorry.

Swayam and Sharon come to her room. She sits down and asks if Swayam would also sit down for a minute? He says sure. She thanks him. He asks what for? She tells him ‘for understanding me so well.’ He says he thinks he should leave now. He says he will ask her maid to cook ‘khichdi’ for her as it was being cooked at his place too. At least they will enjoy the same food. He asks how she got the asthma attack. She thinks what to tell him when Ruhi’s behavior had suddenly changed. She says one can get asthma any time, and urges him to leave else Rey will fell asleep in the car. As he heads to leave, she holds his hand. She gets up and says ‘Thank you for being there on my side’ He leaves.

Kriya was sitting on the sofa, thinking about Rey. She picks up a note pad and writes on it ‘I am sorry Rey. I can’t love you because I have always been very unlucky about loving someone. Firstly my mother got apart and then you. And I can’t give us second chance because I cannot think about losing you twice. We cannot love each other. ’

PRECAP: Swayam tells Rey to be there with Kriya and make her feel comfortable with him as he was sure she loves Rey. There, Ruhi calls Sharon and cries while apologizing to her. Sharon goes to see her, but Ruhi locks her up in the store-room. Ruhi laughs outside while Sharon gets another asthma attack inside.

Update Credit to: Niki

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