Ek Hasina Thi 15th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Hasina Thi 15th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Hasina Thi 15th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shaurya playing golf with his friends. His friend says this girl is impressive but does not look your type. Shaurya says two girls are of type, one, easy type, and the other is tough type but I get both. Shaurya scares one of his friend and pushes him from the terrace. His friend says this time you will be gone. Shaurya tells his friends her name is Durga. Shaurya sees her profile and says I will be her friend, no one can say no to Shaurya Goenka. He says where will you Durga Thakur. Durga gets a friend’s request from Shaurya.

Rajnath meets Mathur and asks him about the news. He says the land is yours now, we got the permission. Sakshi comes there. He greets her. Rajnath says he did the job. Sakshi says let me decide he did the work or not. He tells them about Dr. Dayal Thakur, a cancer specialist, who wants to open a cancer hospital in Kolkata. Durga comes home and meets her dad. He tells her that you have to win by mind, not by heart. He says what you are doing, its necessary that Goenka’s have to think that you are their friend. Mathur tells Sakshi about Durga is a social worker and runs a NGO. He says she does not have a mum.

Sakshi says I want to know about Durga. Durga cries and tells her dad about Payal, how unfair, how can a person get so much pain. He says patience. She says Shaurya was infront of my eyes, I thought to kill him. He says then what? Maa does her puja 5 days and you in one day. She says then what should I do, give him a chance. He says truth does not win by killing lies, but you have to cut the roots of lie. He tells her about 18 days Mahabharat. He says the first day is not over, its only the circumference made and from here you will begin to win.

Shaurya asks his friend his new bike. His friend says if you make Durga your friend then. Shaurya shows him that Durga accepted his friend request. They have a bet. Shaurya gets a call from his girlfriend. Raj sits to eat his fav food but is stopped by Sakshi. He is given salad. She asks did Dayal Thakur’s invitation come?

Shaurya sees Durga not accepting his request. He calls her. Durga thinks about her dad’s words and takes the call. Shaurya says I can’t live without you, I m going to suicide and flirts. She asks who is it. He says what, you forgot me, I saved your life. He says lets be friends. She says oh Shaurya, how did you get my number. He asks her why did you not accept my friend request. She lies. He flirts with her. She says I m going to sleep now. He says can we meet tomorrow for lunch, now our fate are linked. She ends the call. Shaurya smiles drinking wine. Durga says you are right, your fate is written by me.

Rajnath plays tennis. Sakshi talks to her friend who says I m taking divorce from Jatin. Sakshi says I will ask Mathur to find about him, then you will win the case. Raj comes there and he says two gorgeous women. She says tomorrow is Thakur’s party, I m sure you got the invite. Sakshi and Raj are shocked as they did not get the invite. Shaurya tells his friends that Durga is ignoring him. Dr. Dayal Thakur calls Raj and invites him in the party. He says I m opening a cancer research centre and I want you to come and be a part of my celebrations. Raj says sure and ends the call. Raj eats his fav food. He tells Sakshi that they got the invitation.

Dayal tells Durga that they will come in the party and we did good by inviting them last. He says will Shaurya come. Shaurya comes home and asks which party. Raj tells them about Dr. Dayal Thakur. Shaurya understands and says I will surely come. Durga comes to meet Payal and cares for her. She cries seeing Payal and hugs her. Payal sleeps. She makes her sleep. Durga sees a empty bottle and is shocked. She goes to the loo and is shocked to see Shaurya pic made by medicines which Payal made. Durga thinks about Shaurya and says Payal he is coming tomorrow.

The Goenka’s come for the Thakur’s party. Durga says Shaurya came.

Update Credit to: Amena

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