The Buddy Project 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 14th January 2014 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 14th January 2014 Written Update

Harsh is surprised seeing RV at his door. He asks him why is he here? RV makes up an excuse that he came to discuss the strategy for the game. Kiya asks RV to drop her home and he agrees. Harsh holds Kiya’s hand to stop her from going but lets it go when he sees the stern expression on her face.In the car, RV asks Kiya what happened as she seems very disturbed. Kiya tells him that Harsh tried to kiss her and RV is shocked. She requests him not to tell KD as she doesn’t want to trouble him before the match. Just then, KD calls Kiya and worriedly asks her whereabouts. Kiya calms him down saying she is fine and is with RV.
Next day, ICC. A commentary type announcement is made that the much awaited match between and KD and Harsh is finally today.Kiya is with KD and is hugging him. KD is genuinely happy to be with her. He asks her how is the plan coming along and Kiya avoids the details saying it is going fine just a bit slow. But she will get to the bottom of the things soon. KD asks her to take care of herself as he keeps getting worried about her and Kiya assures her that she would.
Harsh arrives at the college and he is hungover. He goes to the canteen and demands a coffee. Piddi bribes the waiter and mixes in salt in Harsh’s coffee, saying that the royal dude is already in pain and some salt rubbing in the wounds is a must. Waiter serves Harsh coffee. Harsh takes a sip and pukes it out and starts taunting the “cheap college” that they can’t serve decent coffee. The waiter gets angry and retorts that Harsh may be a royal but at his own house, not here. If he doesn’t like coffee, he can make it himself. Harsh gets mad and gets up to thrash the waiter but Piddi intervenes and shoos the waiter away. He makes indirect taunts at Harsh’s royal status and the upcoming match and Harsh warns him that they will face bitter defeat.Panchi is telling RV to hurry up as they are already late for the match. RV asks her what are her plans for after the match. Panchi chirps that if she wins, she will party and if he wins, she will party so she is all sorted! RV likes this plan (AAAHH!!! MY PERFECT TWO!!!) Panchi asks him what will he gift her if she wins? RV replies that an outing at a fine restaurant. Panchi is impressed. He adds that if he wins then an offer only for her exclusively that she can also eat at the fine restaurant. Panchi narrows her eyes at him but smiles saying it’s a deal. RV asks if they can seal the deal with a kiss but she refuses and runs away. (*sigh* the bliss of seeing them Piddi is distributing eggs to some guys and RV comes there. He asks him what’s with all the eggs? Is he planning on sabotaging the match? Piddi replies that he is just supplying protein to his team and there’s nothing fishy here. KD also comes there and asks the same question and Piddi replies the same thing. RanSh hug each other and wish each other luck and RV goes from there. KD asks Piddi if he has seen Kiya?A girl bumps into Harsh and her phone drops. Harsh doesn’t apologize and the girl hotly taunts Harsh that he is so gonna lose. Harsh is majorly pissed off at the negative reception he is getting before the match. Piddi comes there and again intervenes, seemingly resolving the situation but in reality he is riling Harsh up. Harsh walks away from there and the girl and Piddi give each other a thumbs up for ruining Harsh’s mood.Harsh catches up to Kiya and wants to talk to her but she is avoiding him. Harsh says he wanted to kiss her, she said no and all’s well. So why the fight? Kiya says Harsh doesn’t even have the decency to apologize. Harsh says she looked so beautiful that anyone would’ve wanted to kiss her, she should take it as a compliment. Kiya tells him to concentrate on the match else all his big talks will be for nothing. Harsh smirks that is she doubting his abilities and cheering for her ex? Kiya just says that it could be possible that Harsh is all talk and no work. They end up making a bet. If Harsh wins, she will kiss him. If KD wins, he will do whatever Kiya tells him to do and answer all the questions truthfully. Harsh agrees and Kiya prays that KD wins.As KD’s team is going out, Kiya catches up to KD and wishes him luck. She tells him that he has to win today, for her. KD says they have no other option. All players are on the court. the match is about to start when some boys start hitting Harsh with eggs. Harsh gets mad at them and JJ reprimands the culprits saying if anything rash like this happens again, the match will be called off.The match starts and Harsh is on the lead. KD only manages to score once while Harsh keeps on scoring. Kiya is worried.

Precap – During the match, Harsh pushes either RV or KD (not sure) and KD falls on the ground. While Harsh gets to score, KD gets hurt very badly.

Update Credit to: SpicySugar

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