Sadda Haq 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 14th January 2014 Written Update

At dhabba, Sanyukta is searching for Randhir and two men at distance are watching her. Randhir returns back since the bus has an hour or two. He asks the owner to charge his phone. Sanyukta talks to Kaustuki who tells her to return next day when Sanyukta gets alert on her phone as Randhir cell has been switched on. Randhir is sitting when Sanyukta’s who is searching for him hits her foot with his accidentally and is about to fall when he 
holds her on time. She is relieved to find him and asks him to come back with her but he refuses. Sanyukta tells Randhir because of him YSA has been called and if he doesn’t have any responsibility towards other participants who badly needed this scholarship to which he replies he has not taken others responsibility and asks her to take next bus to go back. She says what will he do if she doesn’t to which he says he will call her brother inform him about her. Sanyukta talks to her conscience who tells her to use influence, money, fear of punishment or divide and rule to convince Randhir.
Sanyukta goes back and uses her strategy but it doesn’t work. Same two man watching her pass comments. Her conscience asks her to pick up fight with them so this way Randhir will drop her back till college. She slaps one of them but the two leave since the place is crowded and her plan fails.Randhir and Sanyukta reach bus stand and the two guys return with more people and corner them. Sanyukta hides behind Randhir. One man asks Randhir to leave or else he will bear the consequences. Randhir fights with the goons and gets injured in process. When Sanyukta tries to helps him pushes her away saying he doesn’t need it. He then blasts her for what she did at dhabba. As Sanyukta is injured he lifts her and comments how heavy she is. Both return back to dhabba. Randhir refuses Sanyukta’s help and does his dressing on his own. He decides to drop her till hostel. Sanyukta smiles as her plan worked.

Precap: Randhir drops Sanyukta at college gate when asked if he won’t come in he asks if she doesn’t know way to hostel. He turns to return and sees Vardhan. He asks Vardhan not to stop him. Vardhan says how wrong he was about Randhir who is running away instead of facing his problems and asks him to get lost. 

Update Credit to: Shruti

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