Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 14th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rukmani and Ansubaa having a talk. Rukmani says I m proud of you as you have taken care of everything, tell me what tension you have, you should retire now, even Parul got a bahu now, Dhara is Bhoomi’s xerox copy. Ansubaa says it means Parul called you here. Rukmani denies and says every mum wishes her son’s marriage to be held with all rituals, don’t forget to call me when jai gets a son, I m happy with Dhara. She leaves. Ansubaa thinks it looks like Parul called her here. Everyone are packing Rukmani’s bag. Parul and everyone are in the hall. Parul asks Rukmani where is Ansubaa. Rukmani jokes. Parul says I will go and call Ansubaa.

Ansubaa is thinking about Rukmani’s words. Parul comes to her and says we have packed Rukmani’s bag, you come and see. Ansubaa says you called her here right. Parul says I …… Ansubaa is annoyed. Parul signs yes. Ansubaa says what do you think, if you asked me, I would have said no, then why did you not tell us. She says I love her, but I became sad what she said, I forgot to call her, she will feel that I did not wish to call her. Parul says no, I wanted her to be a part of this marriage. She makes everyone smile, thats why I called her, jai’s marriage became wonderful in her presence, if you think I did a mistake, you can punish me.

Ansubaa says no, I would have got punished if you did not call her. I would have not come in jai’s marriage if she did not come, I understand that every mum wants her son’s marriage to take place with everyone’s blessings. Parul smiles and hugs Ansubaa. Ansubaa says what you did was right, I pray to the Lord that jai stays happy. Rukmani says Dhara will be lucky for our family that everyone will see. Dhara gives sweets to Rukmani. Rukmani recollects that Bhoomi also gave her sweets like this few years ago. Rukmani asks Ansubaa to say her bye with a smile.

Rukmani blesses everyone and smiles. She asks jai are you coming to drop me. jai says yes. Dipika says I will also come. Rukmani says Dhara should also come if jai is coming, let them go on a long drive. Dipika gets angry. Its night, jai and Dhara are coming back after dropping Rukmani. jai drives faster to annoy Dhara. Dhara says drive slowly, if anything happens. jai says why, are you scared, I m not, as my shield is with me. Dhara locks her door and says I m having fun to fly in the car, drive more fast. jai drives slowly. Dhara says I understand how to deal with you. jai says she is not scared at all. He drives faster again and knocks a person down.

jai gets down and says there was someone hit, but what. Dhara asks what happened, can I help you. jai looks around. jai says I have hit someone. Dhara says what, but there is no one here. She says maybe it was a stone. jai says no, there was someone. Dhara pulls jai seeing a motor cyclist. Sajna Ve……………. plays………… They have an eyelock. jai says thanks. Dhara says its ok. jai says english, where did you learn this, She says from you, I have heard you saying this. She says I think its was imagination, maybe it was a stone, if you had hit someone, he would have been here. jai says its not my imagination, I have hit someone.

He asks her to sit in the car and drives from there. Dipika is at home tensed. Ketki comes to her and says why are you so tensed, have some food. Dipika says I m not hungry. She says its too late, jai and Dhara did not come back. Ketki pacifies her. Dipika says jai could have called me. Ketki says maybe his phone’s battery went off, but why are they late. jai and Dhara come home. Dipika talks to them and Dhara says there was some accident so we came late. Everyone are shocked.

Parul says what, accident, and asks jai what happened. jai says it was not a accident, it was so dark, I thought we have hit someone, maybe a stone. Dhara says yes, we did not see anyone, jai says nothing was there. Parul says Dhara, its good you were with him and asks jai to stop driving for some months. jai is angry and says I will do one thing, I will stop living my life. Dhara says why are you saying this. jai says problems have increases after you came in my life Dhara. Ketki says jai is right. Parul says this is not happening because of Dhara, its good that Dhara is with jai being his shield.

jai says Dhara, what was the need to tell this, can’t you be quiet. He goes to his room. Dipika comes to Dhara and asks did it happened like you said, why did you come late, was there any other reason. Dhara looks on. Dipika says you became serious, I know he is my jai, you won’t forget this. jai is upset with you, I will go and talk to him, you do the kitchen work. She leaves. jai is thinking about the accident and Dhara’s words. He says what should I do about Dhara, why did she tell everyone about accident, Ketki was right, Parul does not understand this. I have to keep Dhara away from me.

Dipika falls on jai and hugs him. Dhara looks at them and is shocked..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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