The Buddy Project 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 13th March 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 13th March 2013 Written Update

Samar continues that he thought if everyone knew his reality, no one would talk to him, no one would be his friend. That’s why he spun this whole lie. But he can’t carry on with this lie anymore and he doesn’t care if his friends start hating him now. JJ hugs him and says if anyone learned anything from this Buddy Project, it’s Samar and Samar smiles gratefully. Juhi says, starting with her trademark OMG, that everyone is telling truths and she can’t hide her truth anymore. She goes in front of Samar and says, “I love you.”

Samar’s reaction – HAIN?!

Kiya’s reaction – disbelief followed by cheers.

Piddi’s reaction – equivalent to being struck by lightening.

Juhi hugs him and says she doesn’t care if his father is a sweet shop owner or scrap collector or whoever, for her he was a Nawab, he is a Nawab and will always remain a Nawab (blo*dy HELL!! Just goes on to say how my adored TBP canon couples are nothing short of magic ) Samar is confuzzled. He breaks the hug and asks isn’t Juhi that? Juhi asks what that? He wants to say the L word but can’t so he just asks about her relationship with Panchi. Juhi goes to Panchi, hugs her and says Panchi is her best friend. Samar can only say Okay in disbelief. Juhi asks him what ok? Does he feel the same way about her? Samar says dramatically if he’s Saleem then she’s his Anarkali.

“Juhi Sahiba, I love you.”

Buddies cheer and applaud while HiMa hug (if this is their end, I don’t mind them not being in season 2. I’m happy with this, truly I am! At least someone got their no-drama happy ending ) Girls tease Juhi while Boys tease Samar about his Saleem-Anarkali confession. Piddi hugs Samar saying that he loves him as well. Then he calls everyone off for being senti and brings their attention to the gifts.

Bobby is the first and she gifts JJ a sports shirt saying she took her first step towards achieving her dream. She has joined a Football Training Institute where the women team is really good. JJ says that’s great and wishes her all the best. Panchi gives him a sheet which is more like a rolled up sheet which just keeps going on and on. JJ laughs reading it and RV asks what’s in it? Panchi is crying and JJ tells everyone that she has written her plans for the next 25 years as well as her New Year Resolutions for the next 25 years. RV’s mouth is a perfect “O” hearing this but JJ calls it “cute”. Panchi asks him to promise her to stay in touch so that he knows she has fulfilled everything. She is openly crying and JJ hugs her in a consoling manner (it’s like how friends hug you when you are having that one moment of crying and they just say, “hey…it’s alright!”) JJ says of course he’ll do that, if he won’t these Jokers will do God knows what. He then says that he stopped them from getting all cry cry and now he’s getting senti. Panchi smiles and they shake hands as he wishes her luck (RaHi and PanSh alert people! RV has such a cutesy glow in his eyes when he sees her all emotional and KD pats Panchi on the shoulder because he is standing behind her )

Piddi has made two stones and carved “Junglee” and “Junglee Bakht” on them. He hands the Junglee one to JJ and keeps the Junglee Bakht for himself but JJ exchanges them and they hug. Piddi wipes his tears during the hug.

RV steps forward and takes out a watch. He says it’s his father’s watch. JJ is shocked but RV doesn’t let him say anything and puts on the watch on JJ’s wrist (I can see KD wiping his tears in the back…I could be wrong as I myself am crying ) RV hugs JJ and breaks it off without saying anything and takes his place. JJ sees KD crying and asks him why he’s crying? Angry Young Men don’t cry, it’s bad for the image. JJ tells everyone that KD already gave him his gift. Juhi asks what was that but JJ says he’ll tell them later at the right time. KD has a fb of him telling JJ about what TSG wants him to do. Then another fb of KD and JJ with a policeman who is warning KD that the job will be dangerous. Then the third one of TSG handing KD the fake ID and money but just then, police come and catch TSG. JJ is also there (it’s been what 8 months since TBP started and this is the first time I’m saying it – I’m proud of you KD )

Back in present, JJ hugs KD and thanks him for his gift. After that, JJ says that you Jokers have become all great by giving their gifts, now it’s payback time. Wait and watch. He takes out a champagne bottle, much to Piddi’s excitement who says that they don’t drink with a gleeful expression. JJ says he knows they drink and it’s something he doesn’t approve of but they are all adults and can take their own decisions. Besides, you don’t have to drink this to enjoy it and he pops open the bottle and showers them with it. Buddies enjoy this masti.

After that, JJ takes out a few rockets and says he has another surprise for them. He will make a wish with them, for them. Each Buddy will have their own wish upon a rocket which they’ll send it to Heavens. He first calls Bobby and holds her hand and wishes for her to be a good sportsperson much to Buddies applause. Then he whispers in her ear that she should become a better girl than a sportsperson, which she is. All she has to do is accept this reality.

Wish you to be happy and together and contribute in each others’ growth. Be happy always. (It’s like he is giving them his blessings for their marriage )

Wish you to acknowledge your inner beauty, love yourself. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

Wish you to realize that all the best things, all the great things in world come in small packages – like you. Give your creativity and imagination a right direction and be a good man.

Wish you to get love from everyone in life. Your friends, your family. You shouldn’t cage yourself in from the fear of being hurt.

Wish you two are never alone, never lonely. Let the world see what true Buddies are, what true friends are. Wish you two gain such heights that the world is left speechless.

They fire the rocket and have a group hug. They all hug each other, the boys carry JJ on their shoulders and they all dance around the campfire.

Next day, JJ is all packed. Princi asks JJ that has he taken everything? JJ says almost, he only wants a promise that Princi would attend the farewell on his behalf. Princi says that he will but it would be better if JJ came. JJ says that’s true but it’s better for him to leave. NM asks JJ she doesn’t get why JJ isn’t telling that Buddies that he isn’t going to settle in USA and will return in a few days. JJ says he never told them about the settlement, the buddies assumed on their own (Two words – blo*dy. Hell! ) NM says that he also didn’t tell the buddies that he wants to do something in the educational field that too in India (Three words – blo*dy. Effin’. HELL! ) JJ says it’s like NM always says, life is like a box of assorted chocolates – you never know which flavor you’ll get. So, let this remain a box of chocolates for his Jokers. They’ll know when the time comes. Princi says when they do, they’ll be majorly surprised and JJ says he hopes so. He takes their blessings and hugs them goodbye.

RA. Everyone is dressed up for the party. HiMa arrive with Juhi saying that Samar’s got a big news but he’ll only tell them when everyone’s here. Piddi jokes that is he going to confess that his father isn’t a sweet shop owner but something else? Samar slaps him RV asks what happened? Samar says he talked to his father about his future.

FB – Samar saying that he doesn’t lie anymore but instead, he says proudly that his father is the owner of the best sweet shop of the city. His father says and that’s why, he’s sending Samar to the best catering college in SWITZERLAND!!

RV thumps Samar on his shoulders and says dude, your father is a rockstar! Juhi has her blond moment and says that Samar’s father is a sweet shop owner, right? Everyone except Samar facepalms. Samar says his father was always a rockstar, he just never saw it before. RV hugs and consoles him saying it’s alright and Panchi tells them to hurry up else they’ll be late for their own farewell! RV says that’s alright and asks impatiently where is KD?! Piddi says he has gone to settle the money issues. RV makes a face which Panchi notices. Everyone leaves but Panchi stops RV and asks what’s wrong? RV doesn’t know what she’s getting at and she says that he knows he can’t lie to her so why does he even bother?!

FB – RV putting extra money in KD’s money box.

Present. Panchi has a wild moment where she grabs RV’s collar and shakes him saying how could he put money without telling KD like that?! RV says he had no choice! KD needed money and he would’ve NEVER taken it from him so he did it this way! Panchi says fine, out of all things he has done, probably this is the best that RV has done but he knows how KD is, how brittle is his self esteem. What if he gets to know?! RV says how would he know? It was RV who counted the money not KD and it’s all settled! Panchi is still worried so RV puts an arm around her neck and in the way of strangling her, takes her away saying that she should be more positive in life! (MERE RAHI!!!! )

KD is STTC that TSG was caught, police gave him 10k in reward. Even so, he is 10k short. If only he had some more time, he would’ve managed. The man comes and demands for the money. Before KD tells him about the shortage, he takes KD’s bag saying if he doesn’t give the money he’ll lose the house today. The man counts and KD is nervous. KD asks is the money less but the man says it’s 10k more than what was needed. KD is surprised. The man hands him the extra 10k and says the issue is settled and leaves. KD fbs to RV telling him that he has enough money to save his house and STTC that now he gets it, RV didn’t count wrong but added his own money in it.

Precap – JJ’s voice in BG saying his wish that RanSh remain friends forever while RanSh lunge at each other, wanting to fight but Buddies holding them back. RV says his mistake was that he took pity on a guy who deserved no pity. KD says that RV is alone because of this attitude of his and he will always remain alone.

Update Credit to: Mais

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