Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 13th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with where virman is having dinner and remembers jeevika. At vadhera house, viren is sitting on the bed and jeevika is standing near the dressing table. Viren is talking, but she’s not listening. She is holding the 100 rupees note, manvi gave her and remembers manvi giving her the money. Viren asks her where she’s lost. She replies she’s just listening to him. He says he gotto tell her something and calls her near him. He gives her a box and asks her to open it. He says it’s a gift from him. She opens it and admires it. But asks today is neither her birthday nor their anniversary, then why did he give her the gift. He replies that it’s because she made such wonderful food and took good care of his client. She replies but that’s her responsibility. He says then it’s his responsibility to give her gifts like this. He asks how did she like it. She says it’s very pretty and says thankyou. He hugs her from behind and asks her to say thankyou more lovingly. He tries to romance with her, but she says she has works. And leave to give medicine to dadaji.

Sunder comes there with juice for viren. Viren asks him what’s the electricity bill. He replies that it’s 7100. Viren gives him 7k. But he doesn’t have a 100 rupee note. He looks around and finds the note jeevika left there. He takes it and is about to give sunder when jeevika sees it. She runs to him and ask him not to give that. When he asks why she mumbles and says she’ll give another. She goes to her cupboard and takes her handbag but she has only 500 rupee notes in it. Viren is wondering what’s she doing. She says she’ll have change. And give 80 rupees. For the rest 20 she gives coins. Finally she gives full 100 to sunder. Viren wonders what’s happening. Sunder leaves and viren asks her what was she doing. Instead of giving a hundred rupee note you gave so much change. Is there anY diamonds on that note. Jeevika replies that it’s more to me than diamonds. This note is really precious for me. Viren says the day when we guys understand you ladies fully the next day must be a national holiday. And he leaves.

At hrishikesh, madan chachù and beeji are having dinner. Beeji complements the dish pinky Chachi made. Chachi thanks beeji and says she saw the new recipe in tv yesterday and made it. Chachù asks for dabbu and sweety. Beeji’s expression changes. Dabbu comes with a plate and goes to kitchen. When he comes back chachù asks him why he isn’t having dinner. Dabbu replies that he and sweety went out and sweety was pretty tired. So they had food in their room. He leaves. All are upset. Beeji says what’s happening in this home. Before everyone used to have dinner together. And after sweety came, things changing so much. And dabbu instead of making her understand he’s supporting her. All are sad about the current happenings.

Jeevika looks at the clock and it’s 7. Viren is still sleeping. She goes to wake him up. He opens his eyes and looks at her romantically. He pulls her towards him and tries to romance with her. He says now he saw her he doesn’t feel like getting up. She asks him to control his emotions and to get ready for office. He says he’ll take holiday for today. She immediately says no. He asks why. Did she get bored of him. She covers up saying his office is important. He defends him saying he’s just bunking for a day. But she insists saying atleast for his clients he gotto go and finally he gets up and she pushes him to the washroom. Viren’s phone starts to ring. Jeevika says sorry virenji. I can’t tell you the truth. I have to go help manvi. And he comes out. She asks what and he asks her to fetch his phone. She gives him the phone. It’s a reminder call for an important meeting at 9. And he goes back to washroom. Jeevika says to herself. It’s already late. Manvi won’t forgive you and ‘ll fire you Dhannu. So you better hurry.

Manvi is lying on the bed. And virat is combing his hair. She says these days he doesn’t have any time. Music classes, house hold works . Everything keeps him busy. He replies he gotto make money also. She asks him not to forget his dreams in between all this. He says trying hard to do it. But it’s really difficult. She says he doesn’t believe in himself. She gets up from her bed. Goes behind virat and calls him. She’s about to fall down. Virat rushes to her in time and holds. He scolds her asking what was she doing. She replies that she knew he would definitely save her and would never let her fall down. Like That she’ll never let his dreams and efforts go in vain. He comments that she ‘s saying a lot of philosophy. The duo hug.

Jeevika is changing to dhannù’s costumes. Sunder comes there and tells her that there is noone in the hall. She wears her veil and goes out. He says this is the clay pot for which she gave money and gives it to her. They move out. Kadambari chachi sees them and asks whether it’s his sister working At manvi’s place. He replies yes and she came to take this clay pot i bought. She asks them to leave. They are about to leave when she stops them. And asks sunder isn’t his sister’s veil a little longer than usual.Sunder replies that it’s their custom and she lets them go. When dhannù walks chachi sees jeevika’s bracelet hanging from her dupatta and stops her. Chachi goes to her and takes it from her dupatta. She asks whether she came to rob here. Sunder says it might have stuck onto her dupatta by mistake. Swamini bua and another servant comes there. Other servant says why only bracelet costing lakhs got stuck onto the dupatta. Why not anything else. Sunder asks him to stop saying such wrong things. Swamini bua says he’s saying the truth. From the first day she’s roaming about in our home. I don’t think her intentions are right. Chachi says there’s something hidden behind the veil. Now i won’t let her go without seeing her face. Sunder tries to protest saying it’s their custom. But chachi says veil should be worn only in front of guys and not in front of ladies. Jeevika is tensed and wonders what to do. Chachi is about to lift the veil when viren comes there and stops her. He says it’s not good to play with customs followed by people. We got back the bracelet and there’s no proof or witness with us to prove her guilty. So let her go. Jeevika heaves a sigh of relief. She leaves with sunder and viren looks at her leaving.

Dhannù reaches at manvi’s home. And manvi asks her is this the time to come for work. My husband had to go for work by just having a cup of tea. She asks her to start her works now that she had come. Dhannu gives her the clay pot and show actions that she got it from outside. Manvi first thinks virat might have brought it. But then she feels jeevika might have brought it. As we don’t have fridge here and she might have kept it outside. But If virat comes to know about this he’ll be really angry. Dhannù is leaving to kitchen when manvi stops her again and asks whether she brought it. She says no. Manvi says she’s a duffer. Why would dhannù bring it. She’s not even related to her. Jeevika feels sad hearing that, but goes to kitchen. Manvi comes there and says she must be late because she has to walk so much to reach there. Manvi asks her to make tea and have it and get fresh first. But dhannù replies that she’ll make the food. Manvi replies as she wishes. Manvi says she has the habit of talking a lot. She’s alone and can’t talk to the walls. And also she’s not well. She doesn’t know when her hand’ll be alright. She has to wear this sling and roam about. If she doesn’t talk she’ll feel more ill. Manvi turns her hand and cries in pain. Jeevika is about to hold her hands. But stops soon. Manvi feels something and she looks at dhannù. Episode ends on manvi’s face.

Precap: dhannù is cleaning standing on a furniture. Manvi sees the furniture about to fall. She asks dhannù to be careful. But by then dhannù slips and manvi holds her. Jeevika’s veil falls down. The sisters are hugging each other and jeevika wonders what ‘ll she do.

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