Madhubala 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 13th March 2013 Written Update

PART 1 :

Madhu shows RK the door. opening it, says LEAVE. RK goes out, stops n comes back, saying that he aint J n she wud never forgive herself one day for talking to him so.

She says that i regret everything realted to u but i promise, i will never regret this

He says she wont be able to hide him, She askes him to keep his voice down, He leaves.

Paddo is seeing all this.

Paddy asks her whats happening n Trish gets them both inside.

Sultan is working out…pushups. In white vest n making Aryan pich up dumbell Tells him to continue till he says. poor baby is tired, but doesnt give up

SS askes him whe

Ramukaka says that Bhujang had called n will arrive tinight. He asks why did he go to town, no one knows his face, but ppl know his name.

Not only police but others will alos be currious that he is back in India.

(i misses what AR said here)

Aryan is told to continue his workout even when RK objects, AA says that in this house only enemies are weak.

He asks Aryan to give 10 more

Madhu tells Paddy about SS n the truth about teh other night. Paddy is angry at being lied to n slaps Madhu.

SHe says that she went beacuse of teh kid.

Trish says she shudnt have lied.

Mb says he thretened me that is she reveals then he wud kill.

Paddy says that still u went with hi? and Mb says that he took me forcefully n that his boy was ill and he us innocent. paddy blasts at er for being a fool and tries to drag her to the police statation.

MB stops, saying that nothing can be done coz if they do than Ayan wud fall into trouble. She pleads that she will forget it all n never meet them again. to forgive all this.

Padddy angrily says do whatever u want to, u have become big to take your own decisions. She says a mothers has full risghts on her child always n dare madhu put herself in danger

Trish asks her what happened, Madhu refises to anser.

RK is punching hos punching bag, remebmring snipets of his dream n teh times he say Subala together. Madhu saying the NO HAQ dialogues,,,,,

He is angry and frustrted, breaks the bag!

Bittuji watches him seethe in anger n offers water.He pours the water on his face and asks BJ to find out about the MAN

BJ smirks n stands there irritaing RK n RK blasts him, but BJ says has he ever said no in his life to him?

Bhujang entry. Aryan is eating.

He asks about his BABA, and aryan negates he aint his BABA but sultan.

SS comes in, and tells Aryna to go to his room.

WHy have u come, asks SS

and BJ answers that after 9 he doesnt like it outside.

Aome people are sitting around SS n BJ says, so u are our new MALIK n asks him waht do we call u? BHAI ya BOSS.

He answers, my work will not TELL but SHOUT it.

He asks about some job, and the guy says that its done n gives SS his part of the deal.

BJ does pooja of food and eats it. SS is watching him while he priases the Khichdi.

SS asks about the ‘maal’ and BJ ansers


He says even woman dont want diamonds. and he has found a new monetyed party. Only one grm can make any man mad. he is talking about drugs. Heroin. and then something with S …

SS in angrily looking at him and grabs him, BJ keeps asking what happend but SS drags him to some storeroom sort of thing n douses his head inside water. he keeps repeating this till BJ is breathless.
and says its called ECSTACY. And asks wheteher he enjoyed, Drugs are the way to death.

He shouts there are two rules in my dhanda. First is NO DRUGS. we have kids, i dont wnat to destroy someone elses kids. I harm those who harm others. i dont want “harraam ki kamai”

BJ asks Sultan u said u have two rules, one is this which is teh second?

Sceen freezes on SS ka s*xy face

Madhu talking to aryan when RK snatches her phone and says if u ever call between RKs shot again, i will hit u so badly that U WONT EVER BE ABLE TO WALK.
Aryan hears this and is scared, phone drops down. SS sees aryans scared face n enquires what happened, SRyan says thta “he said u wont ever be able to walk” and when asked who siad it, he replies RK

Update Credit to: Loquacious_Aash

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