Dil Dosti Dance 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 13th March 2013 Written Update
Rey is in his home speaking with Taani.He says her voice is too good and with these sweet talks will make him sleep well.Taani asks does her taking sound so boring.He says its not so.She gets upset.Rey asks why so to which she says when the boyfriend feels the girls voice boring how will it be.Rey then makes her smile by saying that she is so cute and he speaks about her reaction now that she is blushing and so.Taani asks him to stop this.
Rey say Good night,Sweet dreams,Sleep well and I love you.Taani is silent when Rey asks her to reply saying I love you too which she does.The door bell rings and Taani asks who it is.Rey says he to does not know and asks her to wait a minute.Taani says its already time and she has to do house hold work..
He opens the door and sees Sharon.He asks her is she OK.She hugs him and cries.He gets worried and asks what happened.She says Breakup happened between her and Swayam..Rey asks her what happened to which she says its not Swayam’s fault.It was not meant to be be.Rey says it will be fine.Sharon says it will and cries.Rey wipes her tears and says that this is not the first time.Sharon says its permanent this time..
i just came to tell you that there can be nothing between me and Swayam.I just don’t want you to force this relation either directly or indirectly.Rey please promise me that you will never ask the relation.I cant lie to you and truth I don’t want to say you.So as A friend I need your promise.Yes or no you can do this much nah.Please promise me Rey and she asks him repeatedly to promise her until he says OK i promise you but Swayam.Sharon says she hopes he will be fine.She says Thanks and leaves the house.

Rey thinks that when Sharon is so upset how much will Swayam be.He wont share his issues with anyone but inside he will.
Swayam rings the door bell and Taani opens it asking what happened bro.Swayam says much has occurred but please don’t ask anything and moves top his room where he is thinking about the things that just happened in the college.He says I’m sorry Sharon.Sorry that I could not understand you.You hid so much from me.Taani thinks what happened to his bro when Rey rings the bell again.He asks why is he here now.Rey asks is Swayam in.She tries to ask what it is but Rey says later Taani,You go and sleep now.I need to go and speak with Swayam alone.He opens the door and sees Swayam.Swayam gets up and Hugs him cries saying everything got over.

A new day when Taani comes inside Swayam’s room with tea.She sees Both Swayam and Rey sleeping and smiles and moves towards Swayam moving the hair on his forehead.She smiles and carses Rey’s face.Rey catches her and asks what.She closes his mouth.Suddenly Swayam’s phone rings and Taani gets up.Rey phone to rings up and he picks up.Taani says that she came to serve tea and asks them to have it and moves out.swayam phone too rings up by Nilesh.Vicky asks them to put it up into a conference call.Rey says that he and Swayam are together.Vicky asks Nilesh to cut the call and both put up the phone on speakers.Vicky says that the offer they got also has been denied and they are not getting any new offers now.so they need to meet to decide what to do.Nilesh says that Sharon’s phone is unreachable and they do not know where she is,So they t5ook the initiative.Rey and Swayam look and each other.Rey says we all will meet in college and decide.Nilesh hangs up saying over and out.

Sharon’s car comes and halts at a lonely place.Simmi comes out of the car and says that it is clear.Sharon comes out dressed in a white chudidar.She asks Simmi to stand here and see.Simmi asks what has happened its so lonely place.Sharon tells she does not want people to see this and gossip around.Sharon enters the Temple and rings the bell and prays.

Sharon says that they have got a new offer.Each one in the team is excited.they go to a Haldi ceremony .Swayam asks why do girls get so excited in marriages.Neha says its a typical marriage.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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